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 [JACKOL69] Thea Tyrell

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Thea Tyrell

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: Tyrell

Role to House: Youngest child of the house ruler

She is king and proper, often bowing to her elders and often rarely speaking in court. She is stern with her servants but never in a cruel manner. She is very smart and often seems like she isn't paying attention, though this is all a mask, she is very good at acting. Her TRUE personalty that only her maids know, which is she is very boyish and at night often sneaks out dressed in her servants normal clothing and walks around, doing hard work and getting herself all muddy, then she quickly gets home and her servants wash her off enough to look proper again. She is very smart and when no one thinks she is paying attention she always is, she has good hearing which is helpful. She often writes notes about what is going on around her, putting in all the details she knows, then she hides the notes in box she often keeps under a floor bored or behind a brick. She is really very close friends with all her servants but likes to keep the look of a stern leader when people are around. She often sneaks off and helps the servants do their work, when she's bored.

Physical Description:
Brown Curly hair, and brown eyes. Her skin very barely tanned and she is average height. She is stronger then she looks, but most don't know that.

Powers and Abilities:
Very smart, a very good actor and has a silk tongue

Strengths and Weaknesses:
She has a poker face, and can talk her way in or out of anything. Very good hearing and site. She is often tired in the mornings and weak if she doesn't have enough sleep, she often gets sick, but gets over her sickness quickly.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
A dagger she secretly on her person.

Background History:
Her family has always been prime and proper, so she does her best to act like that when she is in the eyes of others. She made friends with The Queen of Thorns, and often talks about the life of people in the land, though she doesn't always let her grandmother know if she knows things. Thea quickly learned to keep her secrets secret, and even if someone knows she always denies or says something to smooth over the subject. When nighttime hits and everyone is "asleep" she often puts on her servants clothes, her dagger with her hidden, and runs around doing small random jobs here and there, and often gets herself very dirty. She has yet to be caught by anyone, though she knows they all know or at least suspect what's going on.

When she was 16 she had her first moon blood, which meant everyone was trying to sell her off or bye her hand. After a month or so they agreed on marrying her to a Stark in the north, which meant she had to pack her things and chose which servants she wanted to take with her. She wasn't really sure if she liked the idea of moving to the bitter cold that was the North, but she knew there was no choice in the matter. She has reached the north, though the trip was a rough one, they were almost robbed, till she fought them off, not only winning but even killing a few, she was glad her parents were behind them far enough she could quickly hide her dress and look Innocent when they got there every time. She has yet to marry the Stark, or for that matter even meet him, though she should be sometime soon. She is a bit worried, and hopes that her new husband wont be cruel, ugly, or stuck up. She really hopes she will fall in love with him, or at least like him.

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[JACKOL69] Thea Tyrell
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