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Age: 25

Gender: male

Species: Shape Shifter

Allegiance to House: House Martell

Role to House: Anything

Daksh is a lot like his people, easy to anger and will hold a grudge, but it is normally easy to calm him down. He will not tolerate disrespect of him or his people and will often put a person down if they get out of hand. Most of the time Daksh will give a person one warning that they are angering or annoying him, what Daksh does if they don't listen often depends on where they are, though worst case he will wait till you are alone sneak up and stab you. He often views women just like men, because where he's from they often are just like men. He has no issues with hitting a women or fighting a women as long as they are attacking or fighting him, and he often gets annoyed with proper women who obsess with titles and such. On the same hand he respects women who are skilled with fighting, feeling that no matter whats between a persons legs a good warrior is a good warrior and is always smart to have around. He has little care for what most call honor and will use venom and poison to kill or really hurt someone if he is pissed off enough. He is single, though he has two kids, both of which he will kill for in a heartbeat.

Physical Description:
Daksh is tall and well built, he has black hair and dark brown eyes. He often keeps his facial hair the same way and rarely cuts the hair on his head. He has the sigil of house myrtle tattooed on his back, along with a large noticeable scar on his chest and a few smaller lighter scars mixed all over his body. If he is going to battle he will paint small dark signs on his face all symbols of power, strength, and protection.

Powers and Abilities:
Can shape shift into a Horned Desert Viper, and Falcon
He can change his eyes and ears into the eyes or ears of ether animals, though the rest of him stays human.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
He is very fast and agile but because of that he wears little armor which effects his abilities to take hits.

He is pretty strong though he knows a few people that could bet him in a test

His anger and pride are both a weakness and a strength, though most of the time they tend to get him in a bit of trouble

He is immune to a couple of poisons and venom's, and has a strong resistance to a few, though there are still many out there that can and will kill him with ease.

He knows a lot about poisons and venom's, including how to make them

He is skilled at hunting and surviving, knowing what almost every plant, berry, and animal is and does.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
He carries 2 spears (poisoned tips), Two curved swords (one poisoned tipped one normal), 6 daggers(3 poisoned tipped 3 none), and leather armor, though he doesn't often use it.

Background History:
Daksh was born in the land of Dorne to a military man and a high up prostitute. His mother was a fireball like most Dorne women and demanded respect of all, raising her son to be the same. His father left before he was born, and never came back, Daksh's mother assumes he is dead. Growing up in a brothel of Dorne gave Daksh the chance to meet many different and interesting men, and was even lucky sometimes if they showed him a few little tricks. Though his mother was a prostitute she knew a large amount about things like poisons, plants, and animals and taught these things to Daksh in many different ways, including poisoning him in small amounts. His body grew strong against the different poisons, and after awhile he started figuring out when she was giving them to him, and what symptoms meant which poison. She taught him to always smell a drink, and what different and more deadly poisons would give of small hints of scent.
He was 15 when he left his mother, going out into the world and surviving. He traveled around his land, meeting different people, learning different things. When he was 16 he met a female fighter, a beautiful women who taught him how to fight with speed. They stayed together for a year, then one morning he woke up to find her gone, a spear and curved sword laying in her spot. Not much time pasted before he ran into an other female warrior, tall and curvy with black thick hair and oddly enough blue violet eyes. She was kissed by the sun and very much stood out of the rest of the small group she was with, mostly because she was the only women. The group tried to rob Daksh's little camp set up, so he fought them. Them men were very easy to kill off, none of them really know how to fight, but the women, she was truly skilled. The two fought for hours slashing at each other, both barely able to even scratch the other. She finally got him, slashing deep down his chest, her poison racing into his blood. Daksh fell over, and before she could make a finally blow he cut her leg, sending his own poison into her. The two fell to the ground next to each other, both writhing in pain, both unable to really do anything. A day had passed before ether could really move, both were lucky they even lived, the gods truly seemed to love them. Daksh was first to get up, slowly making his way to the water in his tent. He drank half of it down, loving the sweet taste on his tongue. The other half he handed to her, and as soon as she finished the last drop she jumped on him. They made love right then, and multiple times after throughout the night.
Daksh woke up midday only to find she had already left, taking all but one horse, his clothes/tent, some food and water, his weapons/poisons and the weapons from her dead companions. Half a year went by before he saw her again, this time with a large belly. He knew she was with his child, and asked if he could be apart of it's life, she agreed and they stuck together after that. Sometime later she pushed out twins, one boy on girl, both had her eyes, and looked a lot like her, though he could see himself in them as well. Sadly their mother died giving birth, leaving Daksh to raise them alone. The night they were born was the night he went back to his mother, asking for her help. She agreed to help raise them, and has been from that point on, though he made her swear not to let his daughter be sold. They are now 7, and both skilled in fighting, along with knowing the different types of poisons, plants, and animals.

Daughter and Son:

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