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 [JACKOL69] Achak

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PostSubject: [JACKOL69] Achak   Wed Sep 05, 2012 5:57 pm


Age: 24

Gender: male

Species: Lycan

Allegiance to House: Wilderlands

Role to House: fighter

the silent strong type, who is very deadly when in battle. He is skilled with all types of swords and is even good with spears. He doesn't often talk much and doesn't often smile, but at times he has been known to. He doesn't make many friends and holds no one close in his heart. Things like blood and guts don't phase him and he is skilled at quick patch up jobs for healing. He never seems to be mad or sad or even happy. He never talks about his past other then simple yes or no answers

Physical Description:
very long black hair, skinny and toned body, black eyes with a light blue ring around them tan skin. He has a large scar across his back. He has a bone and tooth necklace that he NEVER takes off.

Powers and Abilities:
can turn into the last animal he see's

Strengths and Weaknesses:
very good at fighting, can take hits with little sign of pain, very good at hiding all feelings. He is pretty fast but is more of a head on attacker then anything else.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
he carries two swords, one he got from his father, the other he took from his first fight. He likes light armors but can still fight in heavy

Background History:
His mother was a Lycan wildling his father a normal human. He only knew his father from birth to age 7, after that his father disappeared, Achak doesn't know his fathers name and barely even remembers what the man looked like. All Achak knows is he thought him how to fight for the first 7 years of his life. His mother told him the day he was born his father put a dagger in his hand and started training. At age 15 Achak came home from a hunt only to find 4 men raping his mother. He snapped and attacked them, killing them all. His mother lived but was left pregnant. His mother died giving birth to his baby sister, who he fell in love with.
He named his little sister Leotie after his mother, and he raised her as his daughter. He was 21 and she was 5 when again he was attacked at home, only this time by white dead men. Achak did all he could to save his sister and they were lucky enough to get out alive, though she was injured. Afraid that she would die Achak did the only thing he could think of, take her to a healer. Sadly that night she died in his arms, then came back as the very same thing that killed her. With heavy tears in his eyes Achak had to not just kill her but burn the remains while they were still moving, in a way he felt like he was watching her burn alive in front of him. Achak had never been to mad or sad in his life, and never would be again. He left his home, taking with him a few of her things, including the necklace she made him from different animals bone and teeth, it was for luck she told him the day she place it around his neck.
Achak travels mostly, not wanting to really stay in one place to long, he has considered joined ether the Night's Watch (aka the crows) or the so called "king beyond the wall"'s army. In all truth he could careless who or what he was fighting for, he could care less if it was good or bad, all he wants is a place to be really.
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[JACKOL69] Achak
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