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 [JACKOL69] Zuni

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Age: 22

Gender: female

Species: shape shifter

Allegiance to House: Wildlings

Role to House: She is a loner really, though when needed a scout or swords women.

She is angered easily but would often rather talk things out then fight. She will only use fighting as a last resource but if that is her only chance she will slaughter anyone she has to brutally. She is very fast and very skilled at a mix of things like sword and dagger fighting along with archery. She is intelligent though more "street smart" or wise then "book smart" and she is very good at figuring out people. She care only for her little brother and her animal friends and will do almost anything to keep them safe. Though she is quick to piss off she will only verbally attack unless she has to do otherwise. She is known for her firey tongue, and most try to avoid it.

Physical Description:
She has long black hair down to the middle of her back, but she almost always keeps it tied up. Her eyes are a dark brown with a grey ring around the edges. Her sink is tan like her mother, but she has the physical build of her father. She often has her paint on, though sometimes it changes depending on what her mood was for the day.

Main Animal:


Powers and Abilities:
Can turn into both an owl and a ferret (the ferret will have white fur in the winter then shed to brown fun during summer)

Strengths and Weaknesses:
She is extremely fast(faster then most) and agile, but she bruises easy. It is very hard to catch her, and she is wise enough to change up her tactics depending on who she's fighting. She is wise and often knows if she can take on a person or not, she is also very good at reading people, and often guesses right with their personalty and history. She isn't very smart when it comes to books and things like that though, and she isn't very good at knowing what plant does what or things like that, she just knows what is ok to eat and what isn't

Weapons and Armour of Choice: Daggers, or bow, but can use a sword if need be, light leather or fur armor

Background History:
Her father was a crow(Nights Watch) ranger and her mother a wildling medicine woman. She knows who her father is and has met him a few times, though when around others he will act cold to her when they are alone he will be kind and loving, and at age 12 even taught her the ways of the bow. At age 7 her mother had a son then sadly died after saying what sounded like a spell, and though they have different fathers Zuni cares for him as if he was full blooded to her. She tries to teach him the ways of fighting but it just isn't his thing, he is skilled enough to use a dagger in self defense, but that's about it. Where she's the fighter, he's the healer.
Her father is still alive and she rarely see's him though she often fears one day they may have to fight each other. When that day comes she always prepares to honor her father but both giving him a worriers death and showing how well his offspring can handle herself. She often has to keep her brother safe and will yell at anyone that gets to rude to her brother. One day she hopes to see the other world, though only really out of curiosity more then anything. She had seen the Starks land a few times, though only in her owl form. Her father never really told her where he was from in the large land of Westeros, though she had seen enough men that looked a bit like him.

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[JACKOL69] Zuni
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