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 [BILLXNAMI13]Thea Toruun

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Winter is Coming.

Name: Thea Toruun
Age: 21
Gender: female
Species: oracle
Alliegence to House: the North (Stark)
Role to House: Oracle
Personality: She spent speak much, but when she does it is normally a riddle to understand. She is quiet but proud and curious, trying to go outside. Strong-willed and loyal, she may be gentle and dainty but she will always stand by those she loves and respects. Compassionate and kind, shedoes love to help, but always requires a gift, wether it be fruit, a great amount of snow, an oak leaf shaped item, or something completely odd. She has a soft spot for the poor, the wounded, the hungry, and Bodil Bera. She also loves the Stark family (and even Bodil has no understanding of this), dancing, singing, High Elf music, fruit, and catching snow flakes out her window. Wise and dainty, this is one moves as gracefully as a ghost. Touching things helps with her ' sight' and prophecies so she is always touching something or someone. Romantic and a daydreamer, she can't help but love a good fairy tale or listening to Bodil talk. Thea is greatly afraid of the Dark Creatures, their darkness blocking her Aura 'Sight'. She also hates being confined. Sometimes she will just say "Goddess", "Stars" or "Godswood".
Physical Discription:
Thea is a sparrowy, dainty woman, almost so to the point where she seems like she might blow away with the wind. She has long dark autumn red hair that she normally likes to wear with a headdress. Her cloudy blind blue eyes are deep and wise. When she looks straight at people sometimes they feel like she is staring right into their soul. Her skin as pale as snow and her dresses always images of autumn. The left side of her left brow and eyes is where her birthmark, shaped like tiny falling oak leafs, is. Her movements are always certain, graceful and even lady-like, her walk a mirror of mystery and wonder. She has a fondness for oak leaf patterns and shapes in her headdresses, necklaces, dresses and jewelry. She never wears shoes so her fear have danity and faint cuts on them.
Powers and Abilities:
-Prophecies (they can be changed however. Fate can be changed by choice)
-Aura Sight (the level of goodness, or Light, in all living things)
Strengths: Aura Sight, touch, smell, dancing, singing, listening to others, advice giving, fortune telling, sewing, mending, escaping
Weaknesses: fear of Dark Creatures because their darkness makes her aura sight weaken, fear of the other kingdoms invading, fear and the lack of desire weakens her prophecies, being blind, can't hold her wine, Bodil Bera
Weapons and Armour of Choice: a dagger hidden under her dress, a short sword in plain sight around her waist, her headdresses, her strong leather bodice, a bow and arrow if available
Thea was born blind to a poor farmer and his wife. She was a beautiful babe, but her cloudy blue eyes of set her parents. Her blindness made her parents weep, but other than that they really thought nothing of it. It was only when she stated to talk that they began to wonder.
Her was loving and her father doting, but the neighbors thought her far too odd. so one day when Thea told her parents their daily prophecies for an sweet orange, her words troubled them.
"One day Wolves shall come. They carry a treasure that shall both relieve and burden you. They bring the death of a life as well."
Her parents could only wonder and writer as they waited for that day.
It seemed to caine all too quickly. Some of the Stark men had heard about Thea's Readings from her neighbor at a local inn. They had told their higher up and they had been ordered to buy the girl and bring her to the capital.
The Wolves.
The men came to her parents' farm in a forenight, carrying with them b bags of gold and a offer. The girl would go with them. She would be treated well, kept healthy and protected at the capital. In turn, her family would no longer be poor and they would be able to live somewhere safer, away from the Wall.
The Treasure.
Her parents were given one night to think it over. In the end they agreed, relived that already their special daughter would be kept safe and well fed, which was more than they could do at the moment. Yet the guilty burden of selling their only child would stay with them for the rest of their lives. The next day Thea's old life died and she was reborn an Oracle in the Wolves' eyes.
The Death.
Thea grew up into a beautiful young woman, healthy and safe within the capital. When her Watchers could no longer care for her, she found herself living with Bodil Bera from Bear Island. The companionship, help, and love of a sisterly friend who kept her safe, comfortable and well fed was more than she could ask for.
But some day, she'd Read and Tell to a King of Wolves. So says her prophecies, so say the Ancient Forest Gods of Old.

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
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[BILLXNAMI13]Thea Toruun
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