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 [Premade] Magdalene Bourdekin

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Magdalene Bourdekin





Allegiance to House:
House Arryn

Role to House:
Market Stall Owner (Tailor) at Gulltown Port


Magdalene could and has always been viewed as the typical wallflower sticking to the background rather than taking a prominent position in the spotlight; she’s shy and timid just a bit eccentric but in the most charming way. Being brought up in a warm family born and raised in Gulltown she was often considered to be a kind and optimistic individual with an energized attitude towards the world but always a bit distant towards strangers. She has a soft and soothing voice with just a subtle angelic chime to the undertone, yet seldom does she show to be on the talkative side. She only engages in conversation in intimate one-on-one situations that doesn’t make her voice getting pushed aside by a gathered crowd…

Of all personality quirks found in Magdalene, her industrious nature is most prominent trait; she grew up in a household of artisans working long days to perfect their craft and to no surprise she shared that same ambition. With her mother a seamstress, her father a gold smith, Maggie was one to practice long days and nights on making the perfect dress to be worn for an esteemed social event. She’s determined and diligent willing to put in the effort to achieve her goals and accomplish her dreams without forgetting her standing in this social hierarchy. In knowing where she came from and just how limited it is where she’s going, her dreams are mundane and to most even viewed as boring…

She’s loyal and honest, perfectly sincere and earnest ever since the day she got married; Magdalene is a loving housewife staying at home while her husband has been called to the frontline. This part of her life now lead her to be insecure and hesitant, ever doubting weither or not she’ll see her love again and this makes her appear often desperate. Part of this despair also made her gullible and naïve, willing to believe anyone and anything when it comes to those holding potential information of the whereabouts and safety of her husband. This perhaps may be her greatest vulnerability leaving her open to be exploited by those of ill-intentions…

Physical Description:

Magdalene considers herself to be just the average girl from Gulltown with her petite posture of 5ft 1 and the featherweight of 103 lbs she’s just another small girl in a big city by the Bay of Crabs. Quite the opposite is true for she captures a natural beauty she’s totally unaware off with her luscious golden curls, periwinkle blue eyes and just that natural born innocence. A slender figure honed by days worth of hard work give her that charming feminine appearance emphasized by just a serious of delicate womanly features; perky breasts just a wine glass full, a lovely rear and an hourglass waist give her those stunning lady-like trademarks that are only surpassed by her genuinely kind heart and honest personality…

Being a seamstress by profession it’s not surprising that Magdalene goes dressed in the same stunning dresses and gowns found in the wardrobes of prestigious ladies and women of wealth. Delicate tailoring all done by hand to the very last stitching on the hem, she goes through live in soft comfortable garments that look stunning on her slender figure. Favored to her taste are all designs that combine the innocence of white chiffon, aqua dyed silk and regal golden velvet that bring out the best of her natural features, flattering her charismatic appearance while masking the subtle flaws that come with being a working girl. The most distinct piece of her wardrobe is the golden wedding ring she wears with the tiniest of sapphires embedded…

Powers and Abilities:

Being human does have its detriments for Magdalene possesses no unique or amazing magical talents or gifts that for instance sorceresses and high elves are naturally blessed with. There’s no infinite lifespan or powers of mysterious origins yet like all humans this doesn’t mean she’s without talent. Considered to be one of the Vale’s finest tailors and seamstresses Magdalene has earned a rather celebrated reputation for her craft by having designed countless famed dresses and uniforms for House Arryn representatives and the high circles of nobility beyond the limits of Gulltown. So far that renown is limited to the Vale yet with the times changing her tailoring work might earn more acclaim in other regions and lands of Westeros…


• Patience
• Kindness
• Creativity
• Manual labor
• Customer services


• Flattery
• Fortitude
• Confrontation
• Opposite gender
• News regarding her husband

Weapons of Choice:

Being a seamstress by profession, Magdalene isn’t trained in any form of battle or warfare hence leaving her without the understanding of weaponry used in these days. Her husband currently sent off to the Mountains of the Moon to fight off the rebellious mountain clans however left her with a dagger just in case. A dull blade several inches long and corroded with deep stains of rust sits tightly in the garter on her left thigh…

She don’t know how to wield this blunt knife yet never wished to have that talent tested either; the copper details of a Vale eagle on the hilt with a wooden handle proves the dagger belonged to a guardsman of the Eyrie currently sent off for war. The blade doesn’t really pose a threat to anyone yet nonetheless gives her that comfortable feeling of safety…

Armor of Choice:
Not available to her

Background History:

Born in Gulltown in the mundane circles of the working class, the Bourdekin family just got a little bigger at the coming of their fourth daughter Magdalene; Samuel Bourdekin was a humble gold smith working in service of House Grafton of Gulltown desperately trying to have that precious son to carry on their name. Unfortunate for him even the fourth child born from his love Angelica Mutton was another girl who’d he love just like he did with those three other ladies running around their mundane homestead. Isabella was their first, a youthful energized character constantly turning heads around the city’s men who all desired her hand in marriage; Juliette and Annette as the twins were called suffered from infectious hysterical laughter both turning towards the traveling jester’s court with their comical ambitions, leaving the expectations high for the youngest of Bourdekin. Magdalene in turn was just another reminder to her father he’d been unable to bring forth that so-desired son to carry his name for much like her mother she showed great promise in the seamstress trade. As a mere toddler running around their tiny home on the outskirts of Gulltown, Magdalene often played with her mother’s balls of yarn and draped herself in the countless rolls of fabric they worked with; her father manned the local forge, being known for his craft in silver and gold, creating wedding bands and regal jewelry for the rich and noble of the Vale whereas her mother worked a small market stall on Gulltown’s plaza selling garments and dresses for the wealthy taste…

Her sisters were the dominant present in the household, each of them more popular and desired by the Gulltown community for each of them were showered in wedding proposals even reaching beyond their limited standing in society; usually one were to marry within the same ladder of the social hierarchy, peasants wedded to other peasants, nobles to other noble houses for the mere thought of having to seek a spouse down your standing was remarkably frowned upon in Westeros’ communities. Isabella was the first to leave home when being courted by Ser Damon Shett, a noble Knight of Gull Tower who offered her lavish dresses and expensive trinkets till the day she finally caved to his proposal. The twins Juliette and Annette came second for both fell head over heels for a manly pair of twins working as jesters at House Egen. All Bourdekin daughters were taken as brides while Magdalene watch them begin their lives to new cities and villages beyond the walls of Gulltown she called home. It wasn’t in envy that she waved them off by the gate or port to the lives waiting for them in their new homes, but with pride and happiness that she said farewell to her loved ones discovering happiness in the world. Her father earned a decent amount of coin on the wedding dowries he was paid for the hands of his daughters giving him the funds to purchase his own forge and pamper the last of his daughter just that little extra. Magdalene began to blossom as a stunning teenager yet her beauty was a fact she was unaware off; rather than admiring the lovely picture she’d see each time looking in the mirror, Magdalene began to aid her mother in the tailoring profession crafting delicate and splendid gowns for ladies of importance and gracious garments for prestigious nobles in the Vale. Her products and wares gave her some acclaim having their market stall being viewed as the finest tailoring available in the Vale…

When coming of age as a lady, fifteen summers having been generous on Magdalene Bourdekin who grew even more lovely and beautiful than the three sisters living their own lives beyond the limits of Gulltown. Her smile around the market place could lit up a man’s day, the knights of the Vale often seen wandering around her stall just to have the opportunity to strike up pleasant conversation. One of the guards of Gulltown took his interests beyond just affectionate flattery and heartfelt conversation with the seamstress; as her mother had gotten ill with fever, restricted to her bed, Magdalene was responsible for her mother’s market stall so her guard was slightly lowered by the sudden responsibilities dealt to the young girl. Nestor Festus, guardsman of Gulltown fell in love with the kind lady weaving delicate robes and stunning garments on the city’s market and began the slow and tedious process of courtship. Every morning early at the start of his shift he laid a single red rose plucked himself from the city gardens on her doorstep and she loved the subtle gesture. Every afternoon when the market stall was closed down for the day he offered to escort her back home, carrying the crates of supplies back to her homestead while asking nothing in return only to find himself direly waiting each day for that wonderful goodbye kiss that never came. For three years Nestor courted Magdalene without any success until the day the reaper came knocking on her family home’s door to claim her mother from the fever’s clutches; that day perhaps more vulnerable than ever she’d taken in hand his rose of that day, took a haul of that delicate smell and decided life was too short to spend another day alone. That night Nestor got his goodnight kiss and the start of their caring love story began…

From that first kiss their love blossomed swiftly with a flame of passion this city hadn’t seen before as Nestor and Magdalene became inseparable; every morning he continued their little flattering routine with a rose given to his love and their usual intimate walks from the market stall to her home for every day till the announcement of their wedding was cried over the town square. It was the most romantic gesture how he went down on one knee in the middle of the Sunday market, called out her name in threefold and made the offer to spend the remainder of their days together in the warm embrace of their love. The ‘I Do’ came almost instantly and since that day forth they became as one. Days were spend in each others’ arms, their time together cherished as the most treasured gift known to man for the seamstress and guardsman had a loving relationship that seemed close to perfect; perfection however has a way of becoming just another dream waiting to be shattered just as it did for Magdalene and Nestor when a courier arrived on the guardsman barracks. The banner men of the Vale were summoned to send each one hundred men to the Mountains of the Moon to suppress the rebellion of mountain clans. Every guardsman not needed to defend the city and able of wielding a sword and shield for the silver and blue of House Arryn had to set out the next day to fight for their kingdom. Nestor was amongst one of those able men, departing from Gulltown as Magdalene shed tears like rivers for the sight of her husband riding out to battle. Now she has no certainty of his safety and welfare, no understanding of what he was thinking or feeling while being left in her hometown to continue her every day routine. All she has now are doubts and questions that she desperately needs answers for but every day she’d stop by the gate hoping to see her love return to her once more…

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[Premade] Magdalene Bourdekin
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