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 [PREMADE] Cetan

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Fire and Blood

Name: Cetan


Gender: Male


Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
Hopefully one of these.
The Blood Riders
The Dragon Riders
The Ko
The Horse Lords

Cetan tends to be more serious then he is kind but he has always had a soft spot for young children for his past made it so he would care more about the children then himself. He has had a temper since he was a young boy but with all his training up in the mountains he had learned to control what little anger he gains with people who have no intention of being kind.During his training he had learned that his life was mean't for more then just violence if he is not calm he is full of energy that he had not known how to use till he had gotten older and found many different ways to use it.He can be quiet a ladies man but if it comes to a maiden crying he could never stop himself from wanting to try and help her stop the tears going down there beautiful faces. In other words he is a exact copy of his brother Black-Cloud

Physical Description: Cetan is a very strong man muscular with long black hair down his back. He has had tribal tattoos down his back that is a reminder of his mother and family. His eyes are brown but change when he is on the verge of changing to his beasts form for each one is different.

Powers and Abilities:
Cetan has been known to change to the last animal he had seen wither it be a wolf or a bear. His healing has increased from a normal rate of that of a human being. He can sense the emotions and the feelings of both animals and people. He can communicate with animals and children better then men and women his own age unless his energy level was higher then normal.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Cetan Weaknesses are very complex due to him being a Lycan he can never trust himself around others in fear that he would kill them. His inner self can not handle seeing a woman cry for he would stop to try and help her with all his might. But his Strengths are what you don't see that often, His best strength is being able to talk his way into most men and women's beds if he had to just to survive. He can be very kind to children and calm them when they are in danger from others of his kind. Both a weakness and a Strength is when he turns back into his human form he will not stay that way forever and so he can be himself till the need to change has come again.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Background History:
Cetan is the older brother of Black-Cloud his strength and power,s are exactly like his brother they are like twins with there abilities. He had been born a normal birth but he was given a strain of DNA that changed him into creatures that he sees last.His mother and father were happy seeing that he was growing up to be a great leader some day he was as strong as his little brother always willing to help others.His father had started teaching him and his brother the ways of there kind and told him to never back down and to never let any one see there weakness,s. He was there when the attack on Clara Astaria had happened he had been able to help as best as he could before he had to leave once more with his brother knowing there was not much they could do he decided to leave his brother to follow his own path. He was known to be a heart breaker but it didn't bother him to much passing from one bed to the other men and women alike.

Blood of my Blood

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