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 [Premade] Davina Farwynd

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Lady Daviña Farwynd of the Lonely Light

The Scarlet Maiden
The Meadow Saffron



Shape shifter (Skinchanger)

Allegiance to House:
House Greyjoy

Role to House:
Heiress of House Farwynd of the Lonely Light
Lady of House Farwynd

Lady Daviña Farwynd of the Lonely Light is a rather remarkable woman to be standing ahead of her family’s historical house in the Iron Islands, yet remarkable doesn’t mean admirable. Daviña’s often described by her own relatives, servants and even simply by the commoners wandering the streets as the worst of spoiled brats to have ever seen the light of day. Her wish is other’s command for she’s demanding and envious of the glorious pedestals upon which Westeros’ ladies find themselves seated as Daviña was pampered since the day her eyes first opened to gaze upon this world. Whereas men of the Iron Islands, including the House of Farwynd were harsh, fierce men of the seas skilled in the arts of combat, Daviña never accepted her role as just the daughter of Lord Gylbert Farwynd of Lonely Light were women were seen as inferior to men. She started developing certain negative tendencies from an early age as jealousy and envy often dominated every fiber of her being, wanting what others have and more without anyone questioning her word…

She’s a demanding brat with high standards and big dreams for Lonely Light and her House for she still wishes to see the Iron Islands restored to their former glory in the days of the Iron Fleet. This dedication was fueled by her father’s inability to see the potential in his only daughter while his three sons continued to disappoint in all their efforts of conquest. After the offering of their house was rejected at the Kingsmoot however Lord Gylbert Farwynd started to see the glory and purpose in his daughter’s ways. Unlike most Ironmen Daviña demanded education from her father, becoming the first lady of the Iron clans to be able to read, write and even understand the illustrious histories and sciences of the Seven Kingdoms. The education had paid off as she learned the elegance and sophistication required of a House Lady where her feminine charm and beauty could be used to her advantage. Her visual appearance alone has conquered many men’s heart, ceased fights with just the gentle gift of her smile and enchants even the noblest of knights in the many cities of Westeros she’d visited. Daviña uses her appearance for more purposes than the obvious needs ladies have; her company is valued to keep tempers calm and blades sheathed, her touch able of persuading lords of emptying their treasuries while ever so often she adores tempting men into madness by a flirty kiss…

In the chivalrous traditions Daviña even exceeds the tales of fair maidens and platonic female idols as she loved to play the damsel in distress; every tournament hosted in Westeros she attends to have men formally court the lady of House Farwynd of Lonely Light for her hand; she hosts luxurious banquettes to prove the Seven Kingdoms the Iron Islands can house the same glory, honor and etiquette. She’s aware of her feminine strengths and isn’t frightened to wield them to her benefit as a man is demanded to hold open the door for her, to slide back her chair and caress her porcelain hand with a courteous kiss on every encounter almost like a true princess. This however also introduces several superb traits to her personality as she’s well-mannered, eloquent and patient, formally practiced in behaving like a maiden of the upper class circles. To all people of her ranks and status Daviña acts like a true lady with splendid manners and the understanding of her rightful place in society, but towards the lower-class citizens of Westeros she walks around looking down on people in bother her actions as in her words; talking down to commoners in a derogative manner, having the help address them for her own words are too valuable to be spend on the plebs. There’s however another side to her ways as the daughter of Farwynd House is one of the most precious seducers of the knightly ranks where her sincere smile, elegance and grace make her a cherished lady to have standing along a lord’s side as the precious strong lady to support their every decision…

Physical Description:
Lady Daviña Farwynd is often known amongst the locals of Lonely Light as the Scarlet Maiden for her perfect alabaster complexion and preference of the scarlet color have become the symbol of her fair presence. Like silken smooth alabaster her skin truly shows no trace of imperfection for neither zit, pimple, scar or birth mark has even been seen in her majestic grace. Lips luscious in scarlet balm with magical sparkle, stunning sea green eyes emphasized by a subtle shade of chiffon and hair long and glossy in a tint of burned umber are but a few of the contributing factors to her divine beauty as heiress of House Farwynd of Lonely Light. A slender body shaped like an hourglass where her ample bussom is only matched by her narrow waist and graceful dancer’s legs are carried with such pride and confidence that beauty excels to divinity. Amongst the ladies of the Iron Islands her visual appearance is unmatched in both elegance and grace, both characteristics her father is most proud off as a marriage to his daughter might lead their family to ascend higher in the social hierarchy both on the Iron Islands and the Seven Kingdoms…

Differing from the common tradition of the submissive place of women in the Iron Islands, Daviña’s appearance is dominated in the high fashion statements from the Seven Kingdoms. Regal gowns of satin and lace, royal dresses with astounding silken details and jewelry worthy of royalty are the trademarks of Farwynd House’s only daughter in these turbulent days. Spoiled, shallow and demanding she’s filled wardrobes and rooms in riches and luxury, her family’s treasury having thinned out by her extravagant spending on garments and outfits to attend formal engagements in. Custom tailored corsages and corsets all contribute to the emphasis of her natural appeal, while the latest trends in noble society are closely monitored. Rouge, blush and lip balms, the most recent of physical embellishments have found their way in her mirrored console table. Natural oils, herbal extracts and perfumed ointments are used to maintain her immaculate image as lady of Farwynd of Lonely Light as every day is started and ended with a bath of cream to keep her skin perfectly smooth like silk. Her hair is brushed every couple of hours in hundred-fold to keep it shiny and untangled as every meal of the day is taken in a different attire. Maroon, crimson, scarlet and Bordeaux shades dominate her closets as her colors of choice will perfection is achieved in the smallest of details…

There’s however a shadowed side to this seemingly perfect maiden of the Iron Islands as like all men and woman of her bloodline here on the Lonely Light she bares the family curse within her very veins. Where rumors have gone about of the Farwynd being skinchangers with the ability to change into creatures of the sea, one always needs to be aware than behind every story there’s a core of truth; the males in her family all shared the relentless scorn of sea creatures such as the white sharks roaming these waters, the mighty krakens crushing ships along the shore and the vicious force of great whales; the women were all by nature blessed with the grace and intriguing origins of the ocean’s most astounding creatures. Daviña herself shares this affliction as with every red moon to rise above the tides of the Iron Islands her gorgeous human appeal is exchanged for the mysterious frame of the giant lionfish. The same scarlet shades that are found in her wardrobe return in the pigment of the wide fins, a natural elegance granted as she’s free to move untamed within the rapid waters of the seas only to reawaken unharmed and unaware of the night that red moon rose above the night sky. Where the common lionfish dwelling in these icy waters are just a stone in weight with fins to a foot wide, Daviña in her animal form doubles in height and width becoming a massive creature of the ocean nearly eleven feet long and nine feet wide yet her weight remains feathered and gracious as always even in the transformation…

Powers and Abilities:
The most noteworthy trait of Daviña’s skill set are her communication talents; words and non-verbal communication are used to her finest ability being able of charming the celibate, soothing the tempers in times of need and often even letting knights fight for the pleasure of her company. Eloquent and balanced she’s able of weighing her words in such a manner that even her stinging insults are perceived as sincere compliments, while her voice is known to having inspired countless fierce warriors of the Iron Islands in battle. Educated and practiced in the verbal arts, weither public speech, casual chatter or prestigious poetry, Daviña can consider herself a true bard, master of the tongue in many languages shared throughout theSeven Kingdoms. Her role within her house exceeded far beyond the feminine boundaries in this male society as this daughter of Lonely Light represents her house and king in the various territories and lands beyond her own borders. Skilled in negotiations and deliberations, her family has left the strenuous task of diplomacy up to their precious daughter so they can continue in their ancient ways of Ironmen at sea and war…

The second ability is the result of her family bloodline of skinchangers as with every Red Moon the transformation to their animal form are forced upon them; as a giant lionfish shifter Daviña in her feral form receives a series of natural abilities inherited from this animal form that even linger in the week before and after the transformation in decreasing potency. For her this means the ability to breathe underwater no matter how cold or long the waters of the ocean may get; the venomous fin rays of the lionfish form become a powerful defensive tool, able of injecting assailants with a non-lethal though agonizing venom that leads to vomiting, fevers, sweating and to the unfortunates to be allergic even death. This potent gift of venom is the prelude and conclusion to her transformation as the week before the Red Moon her lips and nails already start excreting this toxic substance, lasting for nearly a week after the change until the curse returns to normal in her petite divine body. This aftermath of her family’s bane however is kept neatly hidden from spectators’ eyes as their metamorphosis is undergone within the sanctity of their keep on Lonely Light…

Strengths and Weaknesses:
One of Daviña’s personal strengths can be assigned to her ambition of surpassing above the boundaries imposed upon the women of the Iron Islands’ society. On every level imaginable she attempts to transcend everyone’s expectations, both on a personal, social and even a professional level to prove the equality of women in this male-reigned society. She’s passionate about the social scenery of formal banquettes, elegant receptions and royal balls in the olden traditions where women were formally courted, accompanied by chaperones and regal gifts of jewelry and luxurious garments all in the hope of their hand in a single dance. The mere prospect of a social event makes her giggle like a little girl, followed by her day long personal ritual of selection her outfits for the occasion, getting all clean and pampered to look her finest for the guests and hosts of the events she so adores attending. Interacting with debutants, lords, ladies, knights and honorable esteemed nobles comes natural to her as she can look so forward to have nonsense conversations with decorated generals and their wives all to earn more acclaim for her father’s House…

Her greatest weakness is found in her role as damsel in distress as she’s reluctant of fending for herself in any form of confrontation and relies on servants, guardsmen and even future spouse to preserve her safety in these twisted times. Never in her life has she worked a single day of hand labor, everything always being thrown in her lap after an enchanting pout or teasing bite on her bottom lip to exploit her physical fortes to her advantage. Her hair gets brushed by servants, makeup applied her for her by a practices beautician as she not as much opens a door or moves a chair out for herself. This stuck-up, snobby attitude is rather upsetting to those beneath her on the social ladder, while males of her ranks simply dare nothing more than to comply to her wishes. Every so often she’s renowned to throw around a hissy fit, complaining and making vile comments regarding those beneath her who’re often treated worse than the rats in the sewers. When her demands aren’t complied to, vases are bound to be tossed around in shattering aggression, crocodile tears shed to call for sympathy from the many men fighting for her hand on the Iron Islands; even the weather and natural elements are spared of her bratty attitude which in her own quirky way represents that pride and strength of warrior family on the Lonely Light…

Weapons and Armor of Choice:
N/A, Daviña is the living and breathing example of the classic damsel in distress!
(may stab assailants with her hairpins or scream until their ear bleeds for her knight in shiny armor)

Background History:
Set sail upon the harrowed waters of the Iron Island Seas as eight days northeast of the Great Wyk the stronghold of Lonely Light waits. Home to House Farwynd of Lonely Light, relatives to their distant brothers of Sealskin Point. Bear witness to the banner with per fesse as the black longship on black waters sails towards the setting sun as Lord Gylbert Farwynd and his three sons uphold this ancient keep with pride and honors. Far from the greater islands this family has been rumored to be skinchangers, abominations of nature able of turning into creatures of the sea.

Sitting in his rocking chair Lord Gylbert Farwynd puffed gently on the end of his pipe while his sons Yohn and Ygon practiced the sword and Gyles paced back and forth; the scarce servants of his House were running from one room to the next as agonizing screams echoed from the noble’s bedroom above. The shouts of pain and torment closed in time, repetition shortening as with every harming sound grew louder with every passing second. Bowls of warm water and towels were brought continuously up that room upstairs from the Lonely Light halls as the midwife sprinted rapidly up those steps where milady of Lonely Light endured the fourth and final strains of giving birth. Lord Gylbert, a man tall, spare with a clean-shaven lantern jaw and color changing eyes glanced across the end of his pipe into the clouds of smoke searing upward from the pipe in anxious attendance while his three headstrong sons already argued about the inheritance being split with yet another sibling in the end. Men weren’t allowed to witness the miracle of birth, the seldom task of endurance and stamina every wife of the Iron Islands was meant to endure if they’d wish to preserve their husband’s legacy amidst the noble houses under Greyjoy’s banner. One last scream would be the interlude of one life and the hymn of passing for the other as mother Farwynd gave her life for the last child in her Lonely Light family. In her dying breath a name was given to this daughter of the Farwynd House as Daviña Farwynd, Lady of Farwynd of Lonely Light cried her first tears within her parental keep…

Raised in an Iron Island House under Greyjoy’s banner dominated by the ill-mannered male society of the Ironmen, Daviña grew up amidst her three brothers who unlike amongst eachother felt nothing but protective over their little sister. Usually the brothers fought and argued amongst eachother on who would inherit their father’s lordship but whenever the young sister walked in the room, swords were returned to their sheaths, fists lowered and shouts turning to gentle whispers telling all the heroic stories of their kin. Her father often cold and distant towards his sons now felt so heart-warmed by the presence of a girl within his keep, making time for his children to the point of pampering her rotten. Whenever Daviña wanted something, Lord Gylbert would open his treasury to get whatever his little girl wanted; the second armor in the tower was converted into a walk-in closet where silken gowns of Dorne, leather overcoats from the North and elegant jewelry from all corners of the Seven Kingdom found its respectful place on the shelves and racks turning this cold room into a fancy palace of fashion. Since the day she could walk, Daviña acted like a little princess around her father’s keep dressed in different outfits for every meal of the day and another gown for the daily event this young Farwynd introduced in the Lonely Island House: high tea. Daviña loved high tea, that precious moment around late midday were all men and women within their keep were asked to take a break from work, sit back and enjoy a cup of tea to share tales and stories with one another about their day. She loved to hear people talk, stories learned by heart as like a sponge all information was taken in to forever hold dear in her heart. Lonely Light may have been just one of the smaller islands and lordships in the Iron islands, but every living soul on their precious isle held a special place inside her heart where names, history and everything else was memorized to the last detail…

For Lonely Light now had its first daughter of Farwynd House, beautiful and graceful like the mysteries of the Seven Seas as she wandered the halls of soldiers with elegance unmatched. A House of sons now home to the first Lady would acquire new honor and fame by her slender hands; Lords of the Iron Islands would march upon the Lonely Light steps to woo this fair maiden for her hand and the family allegiance that would fall in the palm of her hands. Hear the bells chime in tribute to Daviña Farwynd of Lonely Light, lady of the Kingsmoot and esteemed mistress of the Iron Islands…

With the years ascending in their steady pace, Daviña Farwynd developed the stunning features of her late mother as her teen years arrived. The initial geeky appearance of the Farwynd daughter rapidly turned to a divine beauty with hourglass frame, voluptuous curves and a charming witty way in her approach to men. Her father never ceased the spoiling of his only daughter, while her brothers became her overly protective ward against all the courting gents to seek her hand; Lords of the Iron Islands ventured for the eight days of sailing across the rapid tides to woo this luscious lady of Lonely Light, only to fend all their offerings brutally rejected by the sons of Farwynd. Gem embedded jewels, dresses and gowns of the finest quality all arrived in shiploads at their family’s Keep, all gifts ‘tempting to draw the attention of the bratty teenager soon to inherit her father’s title. Her brothers guarded over her like sharks roaming the icy waters of their ports, all three champions of Lonely Light and defenders of their father’s limited reputation at the Kingsmoot that’s reigned by the lords of House Greyjoy. Every one of their claims on the Iron Island’s throne was denied by their limited hold of importance in this Kingdom; their gifts to the throne never sufficed for House Farwynd didn’t hold the largest of treasuries within their Kingdom but all that was changing. Daviña had requested to travel beyond her father’s Keep, learn the ways of Ladies and Lords in the Seven Kingdoms; to become the first educated woman of her kingdom was her desire as her courteous ways and esteemed etiquette rapidly made this lady scale the social ladies of noble houses…

Starting her journey for knowledge and understanding of the noble ways in the Riverlands, Daviña was accompanied by her youngest brother Yohn who’d vouched to keep her safe and guarded from harm in her travels through the Seven Kingdoms. Yohn and Daviña moved from city to city where the daughter of Farwynd House swiftly proved to be a natural sponge for knowledge; all traditions and noble houses were memorized by heart, courteously looked upon from her skeptics’ point of view. To interact with regal houses, formally address knights and lords, honoring the ladies of major Houses became the humbled profession she directed herself to for the glory and grace of her father’s House. She was eager to learn and endearing to all whom she crossed paths with as now even the knights of Westeros fell for the charming ways of this fair maiden of Lonely Light; every tournament hosted in the Seven kingdoms she attended with her father’s banner waving on her background as Yohn not once parted from her side; her brother had been given countless offers to serve the guards of the Riverlands, become a general in their army of even the personal guards of House Tully but no matter how esteemed the function offered may sound, not once did his duty-commanded mind stray from his sister’s side. His sword was hers to wield, to command and fend in the honor and glory of their tiny house far off within the icy waters of the Iron Islands as slowly their name gained more followers within Westeros’ cities. Farwynd became known by lords and knights for the gentle ways of their only daughter, Daviña Farwynd of Lonely Light…

Her name became the inspiration to the chants of bards, sonnets written in her honor while Farwynd House read her letters with anxious hearts hanging on every curly word carefully penned down. Daviña of Lonely Light became a noble debutant at King’s Landing ball, the knights standing in line for the grace of her hand in one of the many dances this courtly lady attended along her journey through the Seven Kingdoms. Their name became known, their political perspectives aligned beneath that precious banner were now familiarized to the turbulent of days now that the next Kingsmoot was approaching…

Now the day has come that her road parted with the one of her brother Yohn who’d found love in the sin-filled streets of Ashemark, his heart now belonging to a bronze skinned brothel worker. Daviña may not have approved of his decision but it was his life and who was she to judge the choices her siblings made to spend the end of their days with. Her father would never know about the disgrace Yohn decision might bring to his household as Daviña formally wrote in her elegant curled penmanship about the unfortunate accident that took Yohn from them. She’d feigned the documents of decease with her crafty pen, a lie that would break her father’s heart yet still spared him from knowing Yohn married beneath his status which broke her father’s promise to Sigfry Stonetree. Politics in the Iron Islands were handled like anywhere else within the Seven Kingdoms where marriage between children of houses bound their banners together for the wars to come; alliances were made with the bridal treasures exchanged for the Lady’s hand in marriage as if these women of the Iron Islands were nothing but bargaining chips spend on the gambling tables. One lie that would keep their spotless reputation in order was the sacrifice Daviña made in service of House Farwynd before returning to her hometown of Lonely Light. The sails were straightened, the course plotted as the long journey home started leading from one island to the next until her father’s keep would emerge on the horizon…

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[Premade] Davina Farwynd
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