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 [Premade] Feydreiva Wismerhill

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Feydreiva Wismerhill

Little Red” or “Fey




Allegiance to House:
Originally from Dothraki (House Targaryen)
Hopes to join the Night’s Watch
When rejected: assign random House!

Role to House:
Initially a sellsword in the Dothraki Sea
Wishes to become Ranger at the Night’s Watch

Being raised in a harsh mercenary company led by her father, Feydreiva grew up as a strong independent woman with an outspoken opinion. She’s often considered as just one of the boys, able of standing her own against dominating males with their chauvinistic traits. She’s got a potty mouth, speaking her mind uncensored with a wide variety of foul profanities and old sailor talk. She’s witty, cynical and awfully sarcastic in daily life, feeling fairly out of place amongst noble ladies from the Houses, who’re educated in etiquette and formal manners; she on the other hand can brawl with the best of men, standing her own against the vilest of brutes she grew up with…

Beside of her boyish ways, Feydreiva is a courageous though often impulsive individual who follows her heart and instincts rather than thinking each decision through. She’s brave, willing to embark on the most dreaded missions simply to prove her worth against the male veterans within her father’s company. Herein falls her personal rivalry with the opposite gender, trying with each job to outsmart and outdo her male peers in combat, mission efficiency and general skill. She was in many ways treated as one of the guys, though somehow she never felt as if being considered an equal. It’s a matter of personal pride in her job and person that feels bruised by the make egos she faces every day as these pigs still consider themselves superior towards women even when proven wrong…

She does however have her flaw regarding her ego; she’s a rather nervous, often impatient individual who needs to remain active all the time. She’s not someone to sit back and think things through when others are facing serious harm; she’ll disobey direct orders, making rash uncalculated decisions based on her gut-feeling, instead of making tactical plans and strategic choices. She’s easily stressed out, getting flustered with her cheeks color with a deep red blush whenever facing the well-mannered ways of House maidens and Ladies. She’s lost her feminine charm due to her strange childhood history, making her feel incredibly awkward in the presence of educated, social ladies from noble backgrounds. In her anxiety, she’ll start ranting incoherent, cursing under her breath and being unable of making eye contact with people…

Physical Description:
Feydreiva has a rather memorable physique in the all-male ranks of her father’s mercenary company; her most obvious trademark is the vibrant maroon red hair that makes her stand out from the group. She’s got medium-short hair barely falling on her shoulders with a vivid colored pony that falls along the side of her face every single time. She doesn’t truly have the graceful feminine facial features most women are known for as her face has a pale blushing complexion with several tiny freckles on the bridge of her nose. She’s got full seductive lips, voluptuous curves with subtle muscle definitions, showing her athletic background instead of the elegance expected from a lady. During the summer more freckles add to her skin, giving her an almost innocent appearance that can drive the company of brutish sellswords of her father insane. She’s got deep subtle green eyes, accented with a modest amount of make-up that she’s looted off her clients’ coffers. She doesn’t bother much with her appearance, choosing optimal functionality over beauty and appearance…

Style wise, Feydreiva utterly lacks the mesmerizing flair of a woman her age, going dressed 24/7 in the same attire; grey leather heroine protective gear crafted to her specific measurements embraces every contour of her body, accenting her few female curves around the bust and her perfect hourglass waistline. A tarnished maroon necklace with the company crest draws the eye towards from her long neck to her ample cleavage. Her left hand is wrapped into a protective archery glove, guarding her thumb and index finger from the swift burn of the bow’s string. There’s no refined detail work in her outfit, no additional decorations added on her request as Fey barely values the concept of personal appearance unlike her female peers living in their precious chambers of the House Castles. For a sellsword this suit of armor is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship, not some second class off the shelves product sold on the local markets…

On rare occasions, usually against her will, Feydreiva is seen in a more formal attire to blend into the social circle the average sellsword stands out off like a sour thumb. She owns two dresses, reserved to unique occasions such as an infiltration job or working as a hired undercover guard in a maiden environment. Her first gown was a job-related purchase for a hired hit; an emerald green dress with Georgette-sleeves and embroidered details was worn only once, serving as the suited diversion before she moved in on the kill of an esteemed Knight Commander who’d raped eleven women in his guardsman days. The other dress was a gift from a former female client; a quirky, green dress very popular amongst the higher classed citizens of Houses being likely the most valuable garment in her wardrobe. The roomy trumpet sleeves are filled with wrinkles on the upper arms, in the area around the legs the dress is cut widely for better mobility such as riding. For robing the dress can be pulled over the head and after this fitted by the likewise green corset.

Powers and Abilities:
Feydreiva Wismerhill, better known as “Little Red” or “Fey” might be just a simple low-born sellsword from the Dothraki Sea, never underestimate this redhead girl in a one-on-one duel. She’s a master duelist, wielding dual swords better than most soldiers and guardsmen found throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Since the early age of seven Feydreiva learned the refined practice of the sword from her father and the fellow mercenaries of the company; she fought hours every single day to master the skills that were required of a sellsword, though her true talent became apparent when a bow and arrow fell in the palm of her hands…

Fey practiced the ways of the duelist from a young age, turning the dual handed combat style into a delicate art form renowned amongst the sellsword companies in the Dothraki Sea. Due to the obvious distinction in strength between her left and her right arm being left-handed since birth, she chose her weapons accordingly; in her left hand she wields a corsair’s cutlass sword, the right opting for the shorter, lighter falcata with oddly curved blade. Both blades received a name, since tradition amongst swordsmen prescribe a worthy sword to be carrier of a worthy name. For Fey, the corsair’s cutlass was formally baptized Nepher, the falcata Bepher…

Initially trained as a swordsman/duelist, Feydreiva’s true gift in combat was discovered the first day she ever held a bow and arrow. From that day forward the young girl became addicted to the thrill of archery, turning the majority of the time towards the use of a recurve Scythian horse bow. She requested a local blacksmith to craft her three dozen broadhead arrowheads, mounting them onto rosewood arrows fitted with red/black dyed bald eagle feathers. The bow became the proud carrier of the name Goum; a lethal whistle is all its targets will ever hear before a deathly penetrates through the toughest armor. Any target within a 300 yard distance needs to be alter for within this radius Fey can shoot the wings of a fly without killing it…

Between archery and dueling Feydreiva Wismerhill started practicing the mischievous ways of thieves; she learned to pick locks, pockets and snatch purses and jewelry clean of a mark’s body. She’s no stranger to gambling all night in the local tavern, losing all her coin in a single game and later in the evening snatching the purse of the winner’s belt. She’s a skilled lock pick, having opened up many padlocks, door locks and advanced treasure chest mechanisms through a series of small steel tools tucked away in her sleeve. She can closely observe the tumblers and pins of a lock fall in place, playing the internal apparatus like a marvelous music instrument. She’s not proud to admit it being a master-thief, but her father’s company often relied on her quick hands to get them out of a nasty trap…

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Feydreiva Wismerhill’s greatest strength is found in her fighting skill, being in many aspects of combat the equal of skilled swordsmen and knights of important Houses. She’s courageous and brave, constantly driven by the irrefutable urge to prove her talents to her male peers; she’s driven, masterly trained and most of all a fast learner who’s devoted her life to being the best in her profession. She is a tough, independent woman used to fend off male chauvinism, making her a worthy asset to any army or guard, though recently she wishes to make up for her crimes by joining the Night’s Watch where she hopes to forever stand guard for the safety and welfare of the people of the Seven Kingdoms…

Feydreiva Wismerhill’s greatest weakness falls within her social skills; having been raised in a company of fiendish warriors, who selling their blood thirst and savage nature to the highest bidder, she’s become a social reject amongst her female peers. She lacks the etiquette and formal manners to blend into the higher circles of society as her verbal communications are dominated by a variety of curse words, profanities and awful soldier’s slang, limiting her eloquence to “Serah, M’am and How do you do?”…

Weapons and Armor of Choice:
Primary weapon: Goum
A rosewood recurve Scythian horse bow, with three dozen broadhead arrowheads, mounting them onto rosewood arrows fitted with red/black dyed bald eagle feathers. The quiver is strapped upon her back, but three arrows are always fixed into a customized mould on the bow’s handle…

Secondary weapons: Nepher & Bepher
In her left hand she wields a corsair’s cutlass sword, the right opting for the shorter, lighter falcata with oddly curved blade. Both blades received a name, the corsair’s cutlass was formally baptized Nepher, the falcata Bepher; both duelist weapons named after the renegade twins that she killed at the early age of nine…

Grey leather heroine protective gear crafted to her specific measurements embraces every contour of her body, a tarnished maroon necklace with the company crest as her left hand is wrapped into a protective archery glove, guarding her thumb and index finger from the swift burn of the bow’s string…

Background History:
In the desolation of the Dothraki Sea a band of exiled fugitives have founded a sellsword company called the Black Moon Renegades; having previously all served as House guards, these swordsmen were skilled in combat and wanted in the Seven Kingdoms for treason and murder. Her father, Parsifal Wismerhill was the leader of this band of outcasts; a vile and cruel man who’d made a living as Knight’s Guard in service of House Frey before deciding to staging a coup d’état. He’d started a riot when his men failed to receive additional payment for his overtime, being unsuccessful however in the act as the company was intercepted before ever reaching the throne room in the Twins. Convicted for their crimes, the renegade guards were all shown mercy in court by being sentenced to spend the rest of their time guarding the Wall for the Night’s Watch. Parsifal decided otherwise as during transport he and the majority of his loyal followers broke out and sought refuge in the Dothraki Sea, far beyond the Seven Kingdom’s reach. This is how the Black Moon Renegades were brought to life…

Four years after their insurrection, the Black Moon Renegades become one of the main sellsword companies in these regions, being notorious for their blood thirst as a death squad for hire. Parsifal led this company with iron fist, taking 70% of the earning for his own, sleeping every night with a different whore who kept his bed warm in the lonely nights of the Dothraki Sea. Feydreiva’s mother was no different, just another low-born common girl forced to sell her body to make a living in these harsh time and never expecting to be pregnant in their indiscretion. Feydreiva was born nine months later, her mother dying in the birthing process, leaving the young girl in the care of Parsifal. Her father decided to raise the child, using the innocent girl as his alibi during his crimes as she worshipped the ground he walked on. Fey became a common face in this rough environment, learning to wield a sword at the age of seven from her father and the other sellswords of the company who were highly protective of the little girl in their ranks. She quickly caught up with them, becoming a fierce warrior who constantly felt the need to prove herself to her father and his men, hoping to get some form of affection…

The years went by on the Dothraki Sea with the Black Moon Renegades becoming more notorious as the days go by; merchants hired their services to avenge the injustice they’d faced traveling here, nobles recruited their blades for night raids on innocent Dothraki camps, basically no job was too dirty or hard for this relentless group of mercenaries. Feydreiva was part of their wild community, receiving her first solo assignment at the early age of nine; some fugitive twins from the Vale had found refuge in a Khalasar clan having outstanding debts with the shady people who hired the young girl. “Little Red” as the Black Moon Renegades had started calling the nine year old girl rode out to the tribal camp, using the innocence of her childish appearance to slip in the settlement unnoticed, crawling in their tent before anyone even realized she was there. Like a true renegade she slit their throats with their own swords, though keeping their memory alive by naming her dual weapons in their honor. Nepher and Bepher were officially named, forever becoming the weapons of her choice. There wasn’t much grace or beauty in the kill, just a strict business thing as her father always told her toying with a victim gives them the chance to fight back…

Ever since the first kill Feydreiva became an official member of the Black Moon Renegades, quickly climbing the ranks as with each job completed the male mercenaries of the company started to shun her talent. The young girl was driven beyond common motivation, her ego demanding her best effort with each assigned job, though one couldn’t ignore the twisted reward system Parsifal had installed within the Company. The member who’d completed the most jobs, earning the biggest fee for the Black Moon Renegades was granted one wish; most wretched men in the company had been making perverted approaches towards the boss’ daughter, making their wish a rather obvious one. Each of these brutish warriors would sacrifice an entire village to spend one night in Feydreiva’s company, but the redheaded renegade wouldn’t let them by constantly outshining them performance wise. Every mission she was given was completed within the week; weither slitting throats, shooting fugitives or dueling with fierce champions of Houses, Fey conquered all with meticulous skill, just to please her father…

Things however started to change when “Little Red” reached age fifteen, the traditional age for a daughter to find a suited husband as her father started presenting one suitor after the next for her hand. Feydreiva however refused all offers, saying she’d only marry someone who’d best her in a fair duel, though after nearly seventeen challenges she remained undefeated. Parsifal became persistent, demanding her to make up her mind before the next celebration of her birthday. She rejected his oppressive chauvinistic ways in silence, relying on her fierce duelist reputation to keep her out of the sweaty hands of the scruffy soldiers, though time was running out. One last job rested before she’d have to agree to marriage; one last job that would forever shatter the pedestal upon which she’d placed her father and uncover the dark secret about his past…

One evening at the age week before her sixteenth birthday a merchant hired the services of the Black Moon Company, requesting the assassination of an esteemed noble family from the Seven Kingdoms. Whenever the Seven Kingdom’s topic came up Parsifal froze up, sending the client away with an array of false excuses, feigned sympathy or harsh words, everything to send them away. This client however brought something even he couldn’t resist: the entire company’s weight in gold pieces. Blinded by greed Parsifal requested his daughter to complete this job, never aware what secrets she’d uncover along the way as she obediently accepted the assignment. Fey rode out in the break of dawn towards the Seven Kingdoms, spending day and night on the road towards shores of the Green Fork. Weeks she’d spent riding towards the Crosslands in order to meet her contact, finding some problems occasionally along the way from marauders and highwaymen, who’d never lived to tell the tale. Her journey was paved with bodies, her reputation as “Little Red” preceding her as she eventually reached the shallow riverbeds of the Trident. A hooded character had patiently waited for her in a local tavern with the details of job; one clean assassination of a four-headed family here in the Crosslands, a father, his wife and mistress and his only son…

Listening closely to the stranger’s instructions, Feydreiva felt something was out of place as the payment was too good to be true for a job this simple. She’d killed men for far less in worse circumstance, having never heard of people with such wealth to make half the payment that was offered here. The offer was too good to be true. Going with her gut feeling she draw Nepher and Bepher out to his throat, planting both blades with ample force against the soft skin at the stranger’s neck; one wrong move and his head would roll across the dingy floorboards of the tavern, his body not even realizing the change for ten seconds before death would kick in. Under the face of his Maker, the stranger spilled his guts, sharing every dirty secret that haunted this job; the job was fake, a set-up to catch a wanted criminal known as Parsifal Wismerhill, who’d betrayed his House, his Lord and his code having killed dozens of people, raped hundreds of women and committed the heinous act of launching a coup d’état. The news was a shock to Fey, having always worshipped her father for his strength, courage and determination, now coming to understand he was nothing but a common coward, criminal and traitor just like the very people the Black Moon Renegades were paid to hunt down. She couldn’t believe her ears, but the evidence was irrefutable…

Tormented by this new information, founding out the man she trusted most was the least trustworthy character in the world, she made a drastic decisions. Her father had been tasked to serve as Night’s Watch for his crimes, forever guarding and defending the people he’d wronged in his life for the remainder of his days; instead of taking his punishment as a man, he fled, killing loyal servants along the way and injuring many soldiers that previously had given their lives for his own. She couldn’t live with that stain on her name, though never would she sell her own father out in exchange for amnesty. She wouldn’t stand by and witness her father’s execution, though she would never betray his trust in her by luring him in the very trap that had been set up for him. Feydreiva could only come to one conclusion: negotiating the amnesty of her father’s crimes in exchange for her own services in the Night’s Watch. She’d do the honorable thing by taking her father’s punishment as her own; she’d join the Night’s Watch, making the House of Frey pardon her father’s crimes as she’d spend the rest of her day in servitude of the Brotherhood at the Wall…


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[Premade] Feydreiva Wismerhill
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