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 [PREMADE] Carina Adkins

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PostSubject: [PREMADE] Carina Adkins   Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:46 pm

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Carina Adkins







Allegiance to House:

House Baratheon

Role to House:

Brothel Worker


As all elves Carina is kind and generous with a bubbly personality. Being around humans for most of her life though has made her prone to lust and manipulation. She tries to block out the urge to manipulate people but often cannot help herself. She is also impulsive as many elves. She also gives into her lust, working in a brothel. She has many personality traits but remains as a static person.

Physical Description:

Carina is a short 5 foot 2 inches tall and weighs a feathery 100 pounds. Her golden blonde hair falls in perfect ringlets and her eyes are a smoldering hazel color. She has pale skin for an elf and little muscle.

Powers and Abilities:

She has a connection to the earth, she draws strength from it. She has exceptional endurance as compared to humans. She has an exceptional intuition and has heightened senses.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Weaknesses: Fire and the worst parts of human personality
Strengths: Earth and the best parts of human personality

Weapons and Armour of Choice:


Background History:
Carina Adkins was born to elfen parents in Tully woods. She lived with her parents and older brother in the woods near Riverrun for many years. With her family and tribe she learned many ways to use the earth to survive and flourish. As she got older though her curiousity began to kick in, she wanted to explore. Late one night she grabbed her best friend, Nikolus, and the began exploring Tully lands. They were still so young though they didn't know how to get back and eventually wandered into Tyrell territory. There they kept low and into forests and meadows. The two kept walking until they wound up in the land of the Stag, Storm's End. There Nikolus began working as a servant and Carina stayed in the small home the had acquired tending to food. Over their many nights trip the two had gotten closer and wound up laying naked together under a tree the night before arriving at their new home. As the two began to continue in sexual encounters Carina grew lustful, and the southern politics made her manipulative. One day she was wandering her way through the streets and found herself at the Herald Please House, wondering what it was she went inside. At first she was shocked by the sights before her but soon fell in love with the idea of it. She talked to the owner of the place and she soon began to work there, with Nikolus as a cook.

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[PREMADE] Carina Adkins
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