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 [PREMADE] Myriam Maley

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Forgive me father…

Myriam Maley

Miss Black




Allegiance to House:
Former: the Gift
Current: Tyrell

Role to House:
Brothel Worker

Myriam is a dark and devious individual with a mind twisted by her lust for blood; while she was turned at a young age her head got warped in this notion that the whole world was against her, rendering her dreadfully paranoid and suspicious of individuals. It’s part of the reason why she opted for a life in isolation in the forgotten frozen North of Mole’s Town where even the Brothers of the Night’s Watch shunned her for being what she is. Being ‘undead’ as the stories about vampires go, Myriam became to enjoy the more twisted things in life being physical violence and more perverted matters that granted her a rather questionable reputation. She’s a woman shrouded in mystery with only one person in Westeros truly knowing what she truly desires in this life: Being worshipped…

Physical Description:
Myriam may just be a common girl of lowly descend, her nature blesses her with an endless virtue of youth and beauty that withstands the testament of time; having decided to forever remain seventeen her figure will forever remain young and fresh with a face that never gets marked by the lines of age while her womanly curves will never fall to the strain of gravity. She’s got skin pale like a ghost along with slate gray eyes that show just a sliver of red around her irises; narrow hips and voluptuous breasts are what draw in the crowd of horny men that stand in line for her services. Hair long reaching all the way to her ample rear adds to that overall mysterious flair whereas the madam of the Cider Hall Brothel offered her the finest of dresses dyed raven black to continue the obscure trend…

Powers and Abilities:
The most prominent of her vampire abilities truly lies within her aptitude towards hypnotism; when her eyes color red and she looked deeply in a lover’s gaze Myriam can command them to do whatever she pleases. She can maintain this level of control over her victims for several hours though afterwards her hunger for blood would become near insatiable. She can make men feel like kings when they’re with her, make women feel like goddesses but if she so pleases Myriam can reduce even the bravest to her slaves for a couple of moments allowing herself those pleasures men usually deny a woman while on other instances she can render a person’s inhibitions void…

• Rough sex
• Dark twisted love
• Hypnotic temptation

• Sunlight
• Charm
• Fire

Weapons of Choice:
Not available

Armor of Choice:
Not Available

Background History:
In the noise of the Mole’s Town brothel Myriam was left to clean floors and change sheets to the beds her fellow girls working here; never had she been to spread her legs for a man yet though then again it wasn’t like anyone requested the undead girl to spend the night in their bed. Drunken foreigners wander through these underground corridors while seeking a pair of skirts to dive under; brothers of the Night’s Watch often came to indulge one last time in the company of women here before taking their sacred oath yet never had Myriam see a lady enter this establishment. Dressed in the finest silks she’d ever seen in her life, Myriam watched the southern lady enter with a flamboyant attitude one seldom witnessed in these parts. Her dress seemed to be light like a fluffy cloud, not entirely soothed for the frigid weather outside nor for the rugged crowd indoors that suddenly stared in awe at the stranger entering. With a voice like an angel she heard the lady speak for the first time yet little did Myriam know that it would definitely not be the last. “I seek miss Myriam Maley, a young pretty girl with skin like alabaster and eyes that can ensnare the hearts and minds of men. The first who can present me this lady I seek shall be rewarded with five golden dragons which should suffice to reside beneath every skirt in this establishment till your last breathe has been spend…” Myriam peeked around the corner from the kitchen into the brothel floor where her name was being called out while many men and working girls already gestured towards where she was standing. What did this lady want from her? Why travel this far north for a common girl?

After two girls were left to divide the money offered in reward – one with barely any teeth left in her mouth, the other reeking of the sickness between her legs – the lady dressed in pink silks was led to the kitchen where scarce privacy was purchased with another coin pressed on the beer stained counter. The madam of this establishment had to bite the coin to know it was real for Mole’s Town wasn’t exactly known as a place where wealth was flaunted so publically. Some men had already begun to scheme towards a robbery of the southern lady until a grim sellsword crept from the shadows to protect his lady from the poor men’s greed. Myriam was ushered to take a seat and too surprised to refuse she’d been blindly obedient to the woman’s request. “My name is Madame Naevia Ilithyia, courtesan of Tyrell and owner of the Cider Hall Brothel. I woke up four weeks ago with a vision of you and I’ve traveled far and wide to find you. I’m to take you to Cider Hall where destiny awaits…” Myriam suddenly felt the lady’s hand upon her leg reaching up along her inner thigh just to leave those fingers to explore the untouched regions residing beneath her skirts. Myriam first wanted to refuse but somehow the words of this woman were proven when visions were transferred to her. She saw black lace and satin dresses, herself glamorously dressed with lips deep scarlet laying on a king’s bed. There was no denying now what was to come…

Weeks of travels had gone by since Myriam left with the Madame of Cider Hall and the tall stranger that served as their protective escort; there had been more girls Lady Naevia had visions off and along the road they’d come to collect them all without a single girl denying the destiny they were offered. The lands grew warmer when they moved down south, flowers growing brighter and colors seeming more vivid while their destination might as well have been paradise. The Madame offered her the room in the basement, dark and soothed to Myriam’s darker preference where the walls were heavy stone line a mausoleum yet the bed was of elder ebony wood with pillows of the softest richest satin the Gift girl had ever laid eyes on. Days went by where she was to listen and do what Naevia instructed her to do, first with how to dress, how to walk, talk and act for anything other than perfection was not tolerated in the Cider Hall Brothel. Then she was taught how to kiss, practicing with the other girls working here before Naevia one night offered to pluck her sacred flower to prove she was ready. The mere pleasure of a girl’s touch was what unlocked a new world to her for by that first act Naevia ensured her Myriam was ready to see customers. The first man, a handsome nobleman in need of a rougher night than his own wife offered agreed with the Madame’s judgment. He’d made her feel for the first time in life what it meant to feel like a woman and the thrill of his passion made her addicted to the act. Now she works full time in the Brothel, specialized in the pursuit of carnal delight and the more obscure preferences earning more coin than most could ever imagine a brothel worker making…

Additional Pics:

…for I’m about to Sin

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[PREMADE] Myriam Maley
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