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 [PREMADE] Lucianna Maurx

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Lucianna Maurx

Offten answers to Lucy or Anna






Shape Shifter-Raven

As her Raven form

As her House Animal

Allegiance to House:


Role to House:

No role to house yet(Not sure what to place her as:facepalm)


Lucianna is a complexed woman, she is manipulitive stubborn sweet seductive as well as cunning. All seeming to come through at the most random of moment's, she is highly jealous if someone stands between her an a lover. But is caring and sweet to those whom show her the same. In short treat Lucianna as you would like to be treated cause she will mirror your behavior onto you. A high intelligence mixed with a need to test others mental limitations round her into what she is as well. Shes a beautiful woman offten seductive and sensual, toward the stronger sex and even the fairer. She loves the pleasureful touch of another, and to gain as much for herself, by sharing herself with others as she can.

Physical Description:

Lucianna is a breath taking beauty, her long curled copper hair, rests at her elbows when worn down. Fine silken like alabster fleash, makes her skin one of almost goddess like perfection to all whom gaze upon her. Lightened teal shaded eye's, are beautiful enough to make even the sea, envious with their perfect beauty. Shaped hips and firm C cup breasts as well as long shaped leg's, make her beauty only seem to stand forth against the masses. As a Raven her small body in clad in silken soft, feathers as black as the nights sky, small blackened eyes and blackened beak make her look as though nearly invisable. Against the star lined sky, her form as a Lion however is much more powerful then either of her two previous forms. Short golden shagged fur covers her entire lean form, high set shoulder's, and toned muscles make this predator all the more dangerous. Golden amber eye's with the fierce animal behavior, show the beasts true nature and pride as a female she bears no mane large powerful paws, and sharpened fangs make the beast as deadly as any sword if not more.

Powers and Abilities:

Shift into her lion and Raven forms

Enhanced senses(Eye sight, hearing, smelling, agility ect ect)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Lucianna is a proud woman cunning and devious when she needs to be, but tender and loving when the mood strikes within herself. Fiercely intelligent as well as thoughtful all are her strength's. But her pride and her beauty as her weakness, the need to be admired by all eyes that gaze upon her, and to be seen as the beauty she is. As well as pride never to accept help, care, love or anything not even if dying are all down falls within herself. She will never admit to being flawed, she will never shed a tear, nor allow herself to show emotion to any shes made herself hard or so the world would think.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

No Armour

A Dagger is the only weapon she chooses to use, other then her own seductive charms.

Background History:

Against the warm glow of the July sun, a beautiful copper haired infant was born, the moment the child open her beautiful teal colored eye's her mother and father knew their child would grow into a beauty. Her name given to her because of her young beauty, was Lucianna a exotic and perfect name fitting the young child, as she grew so did her curious nature within herself. Discovering her hidden talent for forming herself, into a raven able to do what most never could fly. But also a strangeness as well, she never took to the childeren of the surrouding familys, nor even to the childeren of wealth it was not a matter of social class nor how much gold their parents held to their names. She simply saw no use for them, she took to the company of her mother father and their friend's, as a child she spent her time within her familys garden spending countless hours playing until the nights sky shown brightly with star's. But as she grew into a young woman, her familys friends soon started to notice her in a new light, especially a Lord from a nearby kingdom traveling with his wife. The older male soon saw the yong copper haired vision, and the two soon began a secret passionate affair one Lucianna to this day has never forgotten. However the Lord soon came to his age, and passed on his death left a hole within her young heart, and shaped her into the woman she now stands as today.

Now standing a young woman she traveled from her home of modest upcomings, and toward a new found land, where she took from bed to bed of the men who held even the smallest ammountings of power, to gain as much as she could for herself a gem here and there. A new fur whatever she could their gifts of love, meaning as much as a rock within a field to her heart, but her desire for pleasure sent her from the arms of few soon to the arms of her lovers help. Even their hand maiden's, her life soon took toward a new uplift, as she traveled toward a new land offering her more then she'd ever hoped to find for herself. The modest dream to own her own tailoring shop, has been a dream she has always wished for herself, but never once has formed for herself but a new land and formed a new start for herself here. But a new life in the land, Does call for new things to be experienced for herself, to further her knowledge as well as new found pleasures for herself through the simple way she knows how.
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[PREMADE] Lucianna Maurx
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