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 [SHADOWBLADE] Ilsiro Vayne

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Ilsiro Vayne




Allegiance to House:
House Tyrell

Role to House:

Cocky and far to sure of himself Ilsiro is at least blessed with the sense to ensure many of his skills matches what he believes he is capable of doing. He tries to be suave and act the part of a ladies man, a master swordsman, and in a few instances an exiled nobleman though he is often more a legend in his own mind than in the minds of others. Despite such short comings in his attitude he is quite often proven to be loyal to his companions, often willing to put his own life at risk if need is required. His foolhardy attitude is however tempered with an almost uncanny ability to accept his own reward either good or bad from his own actions. He is neither an optimist or pessimist preferring to look at life and what his happening around him through the filter of reality, making him a realist.

Physical Description:

Possessing shoulder length brown hair and grey eyes. He maintains a well trimmed and somewhat aristocratic beard and mustache. He often wears dark cloths since arriving on Westeros from Essos. His wrists bear scars from being bound by rope for extended periods of time.

Powers and Abilities:
He is skilled with a sword and trained in the art of Braavosi Water Dancing. He has skill in manning a ship and able to handle most jobs on a larger ship and pilot a smaller vessel such as a fishing boat or skiff. He has since coming to the Reach learned a good deal of the farming trade and skills, hoping to one day own his own vineyard.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Being human he possess no supernatural powers however he is fully capable of wielding the slim bladed swords of Braavosi design, handling himself on a ship and not getting seasick. He is however prone to follies of his human nature, he often sees himself as more than he really is and attempts to get others to believe what he feels he really is. He is prone to telling extravagant, often fictional, stories about his past in Braavos as a Bravo and later trained Water Dancer.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
His weapon of choice is slim bladed sword that matches his fighting style named The Water Lilly, for the floral design on the blade. He pairs this with a dagger of near identical design and decoration to his sword. Both sword and dagger are of masterwork make and reforged of Valyrian steel these he received as a coming of age present from his parents, they currently collect dust under his bed as he attempts to put his violent past behind him but as of yet can not bare to part with them. He wears only leathers to protect him as he finds the metal armors to be rather heavy and awkward to wear.

Background History:
Ilsiro Vayne was born in the city of Braavos, he was quite a surprise to his parents as they had been led to believe that he would be a she, this brought about a certain level of humiliation to the young Ilsiro as his parents often being financially tight, chose instead to adjust the clothing they had received from family, rather than pay to have purchase new clothing fit for a boy. This he thought would end upon reaching his coming of age day only to find that his parents presented him with a flowery sword and dagger, he did however turn such a gift into an advantage as they often led to him being called out in challenges by other young men and even women.

The downside of being challenged was that many of those that challenged him had formal training in fighting, this forced him to find ways to learn the art of dueling eventually catching the eye of more experienced sword masters, a few of whom taught him the art of water dancing as their time permitted. This began to bring about better fortune as he was able to begin winning duels and not often finding himself on the losing end of a sword. This gradual change and wholehearted determination to improve himself rewarded himself with being deemed a Bravo in title, with it he noticed that he gained more respect from others and more challenges as well.

As he fought more and more often in duels his skills improved, he found himself no longer making awkward and clumsy strikes with his sword but actual fluid and deft maneuvers befitting with the name of a Bravo. This was however where he found himself making rather inappropriate choices in relation to his own health and well being. The least of which were challenging fellow Bravos that had much more notorious reputations than his, this included a few former First Swords, he survived these encounters though, mostly as they saw potential in him for accepting what he thought was an inevitable death for losing the challenge.

In a most unfortunate turn of events he had the poor choice to cross paths with the Sealord and his current First Sword, both of whom were both shocked at his audacity to not show proper respect but by his actual willingness to duel the first sword. The duel was ended rather quickly with Ilsiro being swiftly and effectively defeated, though still alive. He found himself tied to a wall by his wrists, he didn't know how long he had been there and how long he remained, the only time he saw anyone was when a mute servant would come in to give him a enough food and water to not die.

Eventually he was taken off the wall and led out of the room he was in, there he discovered he was on the Sealord's personal boat, where he was soon told that he would be sent adrift, given to the mercy of the sea. This was before being unceremoniously tossed into the sea aboard a small life raft. He was not at the mercy of the sea long, before he washed up on the shores of the Stormlands, though he survived the ordeal at sea and made it to dry land he was near death from dehydration and lack of food he was taken in by farmer and given food and water. The farmer believed and Ilsiro allowed him to believe he was someone of noble heritage as one of the ship hands had left him his swords, which the farmer mistook as a noble families ancestral weapon due to the make of swords.

He continued this for several moons until the truth of his lie came to light, this happened when another Braavosi happened to arrive in the Stormlands recognizing Ilsiro as the young Bravo that he had fought and humiliated. When he questioned why the called him Lord he inadvertently revealed that he was just an exiled nobody. This resulted in his being exiled from the Stormlands for impersonation of a noble, return of which is punishable by death. He left traveling west and arriving in the Reach, by this time he was desperate and tired traveling, along with being captivated by the beauty of the Reach.

While there he learned of the Tyrell's motto and the ability for anyone to climb the social ladder and become something they aspired to achieve. Here he decided to set up his new life, letting the mistakes of his past become a blank slate for a fresh start, while he worked hard to earn himself a living and try and leave his mistakes behind him he often found himself exaggerating stories from his past, or attempting to woo a lovely lady that was taken by another man. The latter of which often resorted in a small confrontation by said lady's suitor, as he was trying to avoid getting banished from yet another land, he usually tried to talk his way out of any conflict, in the event he couldn't he displayed some unarmed martial skill from his days of learning to fight.

While he was hoping to keep his head down till he could become more established in the Reach he soon found himself garnering attention from the Lord of the Reach and House Tyrell. He has since been working extra hard in the fields of the Reach hoping to perhaps give himself a case to be allowed to stay in the Reach and not be exiled. Though he wishes to put his past of fighting and combat behind him he has still not yet been able to part with Water Lilly and his dagger, feeling that while they are a connection to his violent past, they are also a link to his family and a reminder of the pride they took in him.

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[SHADOWBLADE] Ilsiro Vayne
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