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 [ShadowBlade] Duncan Snow

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Duncan Snow

Name: Duncan Snow

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: House Stark

Role to House: Sworn Swordsman to the House

A firm believer in the ancient ways and the old gods he prays everyday at the weirwood trees. He is zealous in his duties and merciless to those that threaten his sworn liege lord. While his seriousness is second to only to the more die hard members of the Nights Watch he is one that is able to relax. Though for him relaxing is often meditating and practicing to be greater with his swords and the dagger his mother game him. He is outside of this a loving son and dedicated lover though his betrothed has been kept in secret out of the same fear his mother kept for his birth and his father. While he is not opposed to love he shares reservations about how it may jeopardize his role in a fight and even endanger his sworn king.

Physical Description:

Tall and close cropped hair, he is always clean shaven despite living in the North. He dresses in warm clothing under his lightweight armor preferring ring mail for it's lightweight and great protection from most attacks. He hides this wearing a cape which despite what most would consider a hindrance he is more then capable of using effectively as a weapon in a fight.

Powers and Abilities:
He is easily inspired and as such in times of what may be near defeat finds the morale to go on when others take heart and rally with him. Because of his constant training with his weapons he is almost considered as good as some of the Sers of the southron kingdoms. He trains everyday to strengthen his muscles while not losing to much agility and his dedication to his gods have rewarded him with an almost unnatural luck and grace when in their woods.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
He is however subject to his own emotions and what may guide him to victory in battle can at times lead him astray in what he thinks and feels may be best for his king and even dishearten him in battle at times.
While physically he is strong he is mentally acute in fights to judge when and where to strike and how to wear his opponent out should they be heavily armored

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Ring Mail is his armor of choice and his trusted sword is a battle worn longsword he calls his killing edge. He also keeps an old heavily worn but still sharp black stone knife given to him by is mother that was his mysterious fathers knife.

Background History:
He is the son of an unknown father sired in the north being given the base born name of Snow for his family name. All that he knows of his father is that his birth and heritage is one that was almost certain death for his father. The only thing he has of his fathers is a black stone knife that his mother said matched his outfit and dress. While he has no inclination to find out who his father is he has since trained to prove that his birth was one that should prove worthwhile. He trained and worked as a sell sword for much of his youth and young adulthood before becoming under the pay of the Northern King. It was then he swore and oath before his gods and became a sworn sword of the North. While he is often considered and equal to many Sers he has the utmost disdain for the new gods and refuses to ever swear an oath before any but the ancient gods.

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[ShadowBlade] Duncan Snow
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