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 [SHADOWBLADE] Daemon Summers

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We Do Not Sow

Name: Daemon Summers

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: House Greyjoy

Role to House:aspiring to become a Novice

Wholeheartedly believes in killing the messenger to send a message. Cunning and devious he respects the Spider but finds his methods to subtle and drawn out for his liking. He believes force is needed almost all the time and on the few instances it isn't that force should already have been used and someone should be dying or dead. He is loyal to house Greyjoy and when there was the devastation of house and the heirs were taken he felt betrayal in the other houses. He prefers others to do his dirty work though not above soiling his hands when the time is needed.
Physical Description:
He has black hair and light eyes. His eyes hide a fury barely restrained and a thirst for blood. He is tall and well trimmed preferring to dress nice despite the fact that his station in life may not fully befit it.

Powers and Abilities:
He is very cunning and manipulative capable of influencing others with his words

Strengths and Weaknesses:
While he is very manipulative and cunning he is often blinded by his own foresight not always taking into account how someone would act outside of his own influence. Despite this he is very good at anticipating the actions of enemies he has had time to study the movements and habits of

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Short sword, dagger.

Background History:
He was born on the Iron Isles and sought to earn a name for himself in his ruling house of Greyjoy. When the Greyjoy heirs were taken as wards to the other houses to separate them he felt disdain and betrayal of the other houses as he felt that Baratheon sank to grief and that the Greyjoy's time to rule had come about. He worked for awhile doing menial labor but found it disdainful even in his youth though he still maintains his physique from hard labor feeling it helps him. He is capable of using a weapon such a sword to defend himself though was always one that tricked others into doing his work for him once he learned how to. He found that while he was neither worthy or of a high enough stature to stand a chance being a worthy candidate to be a new lord that the path of the Maester was one that could put him in the right ears to bring his house back to glory.

What is dead may never die but rises again harder and stronger.

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[SHADOWBLADE] Daemon Summers
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