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 [SHADOWBLADE]Collin Faythe

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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Collin Faythe




Allegiance to House:
House Martell

Role to House:
Apprentice Glass Blower/ Musician

Carefree and always trying to escape serious work seems to be the mantra of Collin, though when he does get serious he shows a passion that is second to none, though mostly when it comes to playing music. While he seems lackadaisical he is often quite astute when it comes to actually doing something that he seemed to be ignoring. He displays a great love of art and all things that require creativity. Though he often avoids his work he does understand the value of it and completing something he has promised or vowed to do. He is always cheerful and quite often one that prefers to look on the brighter side of things. He loves to travel though often he is stuck in one place as he either needs to get the money to travel somewhere or is stuck working on something that prevents him from leaving when he would prefer too.

Physical Description:
Blond haired and a young sorcerer. He has dark eyes that are often soft in appearance matching his creative and relaxed attitude. He is of average height and often wheres something red and keeps his white stone on a chain around his neck, preferring close to heart. He often carries with him a bow to a violin that is in reality his staff, though often is used for playing instruments as well.

Powers and Abilities:
Being a sorcerer he is capable of magics involving the elements and light itself, along with being a rather decent musician and telepathy with other supernatural beings. He displays a great aptitude for anything involving creativity such as the arts.

Strengths and Weaknesses: He is by all rights considered a strong sorcerer for his age his skill mostly lies in the elements of fire and light. He is decent with water and considered rather weak with earth and air. He is considered quite weak when exposed to darkness and keeps his white stone close to his heart to protect it from tampering.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
He keeps no real weapons preferring to neither fight or be involved in violence. Though he is capable of using simple weapons such as a more traditional staff or knife, though the knife he avoids as he dislikes shedding blood and is often queasy at the sight of it.

Background History:
Collin comes from a rather simple family that for all intents and purposes looks like a nice normal family, though he has a long history of Sorcery in his blood line, he like his forefathers is a Sorcerer. He is the only surviving son of seven potential sons that died during or shortly after birth, though he does have three older sisters. He was given training in his family arts by his father who was also the only surviving son of seven potential sons. While he was training he learned of his family's curse, which is that most males in his family would fall to the dark arts, a curse which results in many of the male children of his bloodline dying before any harm could come from them. Despite this family trait and curse Collin showed no signs of such a foible and even a great fear of the dark.

At a young age he was given to love the arts and was to trained in an artists way, his family being Dornish opted to have him learn the arts of glass feeling that being surrounded by a desert such a job would always be well supplied with needed materials. Collin on the other hand wanted to be musician, while not being given the option he instead practiced on his own and learned to play many instruments on his own with no formal training, even discovering that he favored a violins bow as his own staff so to speak. While his family does not agree with what they consider his hobby, they recognize his gift for it and indulge him in it, knowing it is something he is both skilled at and something that he can fall back on when he travels.

While he was younger he got to see lots of Westeros, though his father had him avoid the North for fear he would venture into the Gift and become lost or worse try and jump the Wall. During his travels his music talents earned him enough coin to stay fed and housed, though not often safely on either account. His pacifistic nature often led him to be taken advantage of, in the instances where he showed signs being serious he often made those wishing him harm or ill will rather sorry for their actions. While at the same time he felt remorse for the need of force and violence. His quick use and displays of magical prowess is his preferred form of diffusing a situation that violence might erupt in.

I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

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[SHADOWBLADE]Collin Faythe
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