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 [SHADOWBLADE]Hawkwind Erde

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As High as Honor

Hawkwind Erde




Allegiance to House:

Role to House:

Prefers the outdoors to having walls around him, he is often in the mountains stalking mountain men or when he can be found in the confines of one of the Vale Castles he is often resupplying and/or guarding the walls. He is a calm man though he takes duty seriously, though for many he seems almost to be mysterious as far as what it is he seeks to complete as his duty. He prides himself on being self sufficient and being an excellent shot with a bow, feeling anger and disdain for a shot that was missed without it being intentional. He is however one that enjoys a good hunt often respecting a target that can give him a good chase or a good fight. On the many instances where he fires an arrow that is not meant to hit a person or animal it is often his intention to deliver a note or small object without exposing himself as almost any time he does this is has already left and escaped from where he was when he fired the shot.

Physical Description:

He stands about a head shorter than most man has buzzed short dirty blond hair and scraggly but short beard that seems to be somehow intentionally maintained to appear as such. His eyes are green and deep but cold. He often wears green and when he is seen without a shirt he appears horrifically scarred and has a sprawling tattoo from his right shoulder down his back of a crow pecking the eye out of a Lion.

Powers and Abilities:
Skilled archer and expert shot with a bow and highly skilled in close range knife fighting

Strengths and Weaknesses:
He is an expert shot often very confident of hitting what he is aiming at, he is quite skilled at moving though brush and woodlands making sounds that appear only the same as what a small animal would make. He is cold to people and very vengeful against those he has felt wronged him often risking himself to personally kill someone he feels deserves to die for wronging him, and not allowing another to take such a joy from him.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Bow and Arrows, twin hunting knives, lightweight leathers and chain mail

Background History:
He was born to the Erde family, a family of merchants and archers that once lived in the Crownlands during the Targaryen rule, during the sacking his father moved himself his wife and two sons to the Vale of Arryn. As Hawkwind grew up he preferred the outdoor woodlands of the mountains over the crowded streets of Kingslanding, he took to archery much like his brother Lattier though unlike his brother he was less of a businessman at the same time. As such he spent undue time among the woods learning the ways of the forester.

At the age of 15 he was out hiding amongst the hill lands when his mother came looking for him, as a fun game he stalked her while she looked for him, giving him the opportunity to watch as several tribesmen set upon her as a raiding party. While he had a bow and few arrows he fired them to defend her killing many, but quickly running out and being overrun he rushed in and fought to protect his own mother being brutally slashed and wounded in the process. He was taken like his mother was, though unlike her he was not taken for the enjoyment of the tribesmen. During that time they used him as labor and often cut and brutalized him for disobedience or fun, it was then he learned what clan had taken him the feared and brutal Burned Men. During this time his mother slit her own wrists to escape the torture of the Burned Men and the pain of seeing her own son tortured as well, this event has lead to a searing hatred for this particular tribe of men in Hawkwind.

One night during the new moon when the night was at it's blackest and only the fires of the tribesmen provided light arrows rained down on the encampment from several sides. To what the tribesmen seemed like an army were only three men Illoyd Erde, his brother Laken and Illoyds son Lattier, the brother of Hawkwind. In a true display of the families archery skill they struck such a fearsome blow many of the burned men were cut down not knowing which way to attack. Taking advantage of the chaos Hawkwind grabbed a bow and plucked arrows from corpses firing on his captures despite the falling arrows around him.

When the attack was over Lattier and Hawkwind carried their mother back to their home to bury her, while Hawkwind felt extreme guilt for his mothers death his father forgave him happy to see his son alive and proud of the display of skill his son had shown in one of the family trades. With this his uncle returned to the Crownlands and with it his brother went to apprentice under the respected merchant.

For the next ten years Hawkwind trained himself to be a weapon of stealth and death, his desire to exterminate the Burned Men and anyone else who he felt was treacherous to his family. After the death of Jon Arryn and the revelation of Lannister's treachery in it he got a tattoo of a crow pecking out the eye of a lion a symbol of his disgust at such actions. He vowed to help the house that helped raise him and protected his family, remember his fathers words that the lions killed the former King forcing them to flee from their old home, causing him to have an intense hatred of the one hailed as the Kingslayer.

“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”

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[SHADOWBLADE]Hawkwind Erde
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