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 [MAYUINK] Chi Angele Snow

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Chi Angele Snow

Chi Angele Snow



Shape shifter

Allegiance to House:
House Stark

Role to House:
She is not more than a farmer or typical villager but would like to become a messenger for the lord of her house

Chi is very much like her animal, the Black-Capped Chickadee, feeling a strong connection the the sky above her. She had a tendency to come and go as she pleases calling only one place her true home and returning there at the same time every year. She has a timid nature, being easily frightened away by anyone bigger than her, stronger, or more talented, but once she has warmed up to them chi is entirely different.

To those she has warmed up to she is kind, playful and bold around finding no trouble in making comments and joking around boldly with them in a mannerism she would never have acted with before. Chi is also considered a song bird having a soft chiming tune to her voice and a love for music of all kinds. She is to shy to sing in front of others though unless in her chickadee form where she with often watch the people who chose to live in the villages and sing melodic and intricate songs in the chirps of her bird form.

Physical Description:

Chi has two forms, one being of a healthy Chickadee with a black crown and soft white downy underbelly. Her wings are a multitude of greys blacks and whites. Her beak is solid black.

In her human state Chi has soft white hair similar to color and texture of the white underbelly of her animal form. That curls down to frame her pale rounded face. Chi almost always had a soft rosy color to her cheeks and a warm smile on her face. Chi is exactly 4’11” tall being small like her animal form and weighs only 115lbs. Her eyes are a soft green with tints of blue in them. She has a thin frame not being very busty or curvy in shape. She has well proportioned features and limbs for her body size and wears only a soft pink glaze on her lips for makeup.

Powers and Abilities:
~ She can raise or lower her body temperature like any chickadee can to help her adapt to climate change though this could have other uses as well.
~Her shape shifting ability’s of course
~She is very close to the animals and has a talent for taming even the most violent of them with her voice.
~She can sing a person to sleep (restrictions on this being that the characters can stay awake if they have a strong enough want to, and she can only use it every 5-10 posts)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

~Chi is quick agile and very fast on her feet having the elegant movements of a bird.
~She has very good memory and hearing allowing her to “record” conversations word for word into her memory
~She is a flocking type of bird and hence has a very strong ability to draw others to her side and make close friends with her words

~Chi is very easily scared and has a tendency to freeze in place when something scares her
~Chi is fragile and easily hurt
~Chi has a very high metabolism and must eat often or she will become ill
~Chi has little to no weapons training and is for the most part unable to defend herself if she is unable to escape
~Chi can not stand small or closed in spaces, she panics when unable to have a view of they sky for long periods of time.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Chi’s only weapon is a thin decorative dagger with ornate decorations on the handle and fine carvings in the metal of the blade itself. She chose the dagger because of its lightweight and the fact she can fly with it as a bird without worry.
Her armour is little more than the clothing she’s wearing on her back.

Background History:
Chi’s parents where the “forbidden” couple if you will, her father being a man unknown to her and her mother a brothel girl who fell for a client. Her mother fallowed the man that would later become her father around, knowing full well the man was a worrier and has a wife and children already. Only to bring him back to the brothel and seduce him for a second time, intent on bearing his child as a way to force the worrier to “love” her and provide for her so she could leave the brothel.

Chi’s mothers plan was going fine until the worriers wife found out that her husband was seeing another and that he would soon have another child bore by this female and not by her. She became enraged and set out to kill Chis mother while chi was still growing inside her. At about eight months and a few days into the pregnancy the warriors wife found chi’s mother and killer her, cutting the unborn chi from her mothers body and claiming the child as her own.

In normal circumstance chi would have never survived, being born in such a manor premature and helpless the warriors wife was sure she would die. By some miracle chi however survived and was considered a child of god by those who knew of the warrior’s wife’s actions.

The happiness didn’t last long forever as he came home to find his lover dead, his wife with her child, and sitting at home ready to take her husbands life as well. In the end, both the warrior and his wife ended up dieing, leaving a family of three children to fend for themselves. The two older children provided for and cared for chi as she grew older, and gradually they left home leaving chi when she was old enough to stare caring for herself and working to earn her own living.

At the age of 16 chi was forced to work at a brothel to earn her keep older men in particular taking a likening to the small girl. She worked like this until she was roughly 18 in a half before she left having earned enough for her to have her own home and get a stable job that didn’t involve selling her body out.

Now at 19 chi is a hard working girl under her house who dose what she can for everyone around her and trying to train herself to be a fast and agile messenger for the Stark house.

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[MAYUINK] Chi Angele Snow
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