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 [Real_life_nitemare] Kai Snow

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[Real_life_nitemare] Kai Snow Empty
PostSubject: [Real_life_nitemare] Kai Snow   [Real_life_nitemare] Kai Snow Icon_minitimeSun Jul 14, 2013 5:34 pm

Winter is Coming.

Name: Kai Snow

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: House Stark

Role to House: Archer

Personality: Strong, fierce and hot-headed, she stands bravely for what she believes in. Some call her stupid for it, but it has earned her a place in the world. Being a bastard girl she can be defensive and does not easily let her guard down, preferring to hide behind her jokes and sarcasm, along with her bow. For those she cares about she has a weak spot and tries to guide and protect them as well as she can, holding her few loved ones dear to her. Father-less she may be but like the Starks she supports she is adamant there is honour in her blood.

Physical description: Kai stands at 5’8’’, and has a lean body of muscle. Her breasts are small but she is often complimented on her bottom. Her wavy light-brown hair falls to just above her breasts and is usually tied up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a dark brown with specks of green which stand out against her pale skin. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Powers and abilities: She is skilled with a bow and is quite competent with a sword too.
Strengths: Fast, strong, honourable, caring, and quietly thoughtful.

Weaknesses: Angered easily, fails to see the bigger picture sometimes, stubborn, aggravating.

Weapons and armour of choice: Bow. Her day-wear includes tight leggings, boots, and simple woollen tops, with a thick leather hooded jumper trimmed with fur. Sometimes she will wear a thick skirt or dress that trails to the ground.

Background history: Kai knew nothing of her father, as her mother would not even speak his name. Not having a father meant she had to fight for her life right from the very beginning and the way had always been hard-going. It made her strong though, and maybe a little too bristly and sharp-tonged for her mother’s liking. From an early age she would watch the soldiers going by and wished she could join them in battle, but as a woman that would be exceptionally hard. At 11 she received her most precious gift – a bow, complete with arrows, from the owner of a shop she had been working in for 4 years. The gift however was not completely free and it still took her a couple more years to gradually pay for it.
She practiced every day, and spent as much time around the soldiers as she dared, until a few of them seemed to take an interest in her, recognising her tomboy-ish traits. She learnt how to use her bow well enough and even the common sword, but she desires to get even better and one day ride off to battle to support House Stark.

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

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[Real_life_nitemare] Kai Snow
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