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 [JACKOL69] Leda Snow

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Leda Snow

Name: Leda Snow

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Human (though mother was a Sorcerer)

Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
Healer (mostly for the wars)

Though she can get mad very quickly she is a very kind person. She knows nature better then most and often prefers to sleep in the forest or outside then in an inn. She likes animals better then people and often feels bad eating them, but she still does because to her it's the cycle of life. She is a skilled hunter and tracker, able to find almost anything if she tries hard enough. Leda is very interdependent, having raised her self from the age of 15. She never really stays in one place for long, finding that traveling helps sooth her when she is angry or sad. Her biggest fear is being caged up, locked away from the nature she loves so much. When she is being social she can be a bit witty, and a little sarcastic

Physical Description:
Her hair reaching to the middle of her back, curly and dark. Her eyes Hazel, often changing from light to dark throughout the day. She is 5'4 and only 120

Powers and Abilities:
She has no real powers other then her amazing memory. She can remember what plants do what and what to do with injured people.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
She is human, though magic was known to run though her mothers veins. Her mother taught her all she needed to know about healing, and some magic skills.
She isn't very good at fight, though she is amazing at dodging. Often she'll just dodge the person till they get tired or till she can run away, she is very fast.
She is a good hunter and tracker

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Bow and Arrow
4 Daggers (only if needed)

Background History:
Her father was a Karstark, her mother a seductive Sorcerer, the two had a small affair until the woman became with child. Her father wanting nothing to do with an affair scandal, gave her a bit of money and sent her away, hoping that no one would ever find out. Leda was born, and given the bastard name of Snow, her mother's way of bragging. Her mother believed she was better then other people, and deserved a higher place in life, so she often tried to seduce Lords or sons of Lords, with little luck. Leda only knew what her father was, never who her father was. As the two moved around her mother taught her healing skills and herbal skills, showing her what plants did what or what parts of an animal were good for what.
Her mother bounced around from man to man, many often leaving her, not wanting to be caught up with a woman and her daughter. It was when Leda was 14 her mother met a Lord that seemed to love her. A year passed before the Lord finally agreed to wed her, but he had one stipulation, she had to get rid of the daughter, because he did not want the Bastard of a Karstark in his home. The mother agreed, and just like Leda's father her mother gave her some money and sent her away, she was only 15. Leda hasn't seen or communicated with her mother since, but she heard rumors of a half sibling or two.
Leda has bounced around the northern land since, never falling in love, and never making close friends. She fell into her job only a year ago, when she came upon the end of a battle, and helped the men that needed it. She makes little money, but because she barely uses it she has a decent amount hidden away on her.

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[JACKOL69] Leda Snow
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