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 [HUTCHES2B] Jocelyn Snow

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Jocelyn Snow

Name: Jocelyn Snow

Little One
Little Vampiress
Poison Lady

although she is really twenty-four she looks like she is twelve

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Alliance to House: Stark

Role to House: none but aspires to be a Lady

Jocelyn is the image of a proper young lady. She works hard to get what she wants and makes it look and feel effortless. She is wise beyond her years and knows many trivial bits of knowledge as well as a fair amount of skills including, but not limited to, literature, dancing, and singing. Although she seems the perfect kind to grow up as a Lady she has a secret that if anyone had half a brain and weren't victim to her Obliviation wouldn't be very much of a secret. Being a vampire she has to deal with bloodlust and although in her twenty-four years of existance she has been able to tone it down she does slip up every once in a while. Just as she can seem sweet and kind she can be cunning, creative, and cold-hearted. She lives only for herself and if she feels threatened she will get rid of the threat. Jocelyn has many faces most never shown to others or even known by herself. She is constantly surprising others as well as herself. The one thing that always seems constant is her love for older men, possibly caused by wanting to look her true age.

Physical Description:
Jocelyn has dirty blonde hair that she tends to have curled. A beautiful face with golden brown almond shapped eyes that are ringed with thick lashes. Her skin is flawless and pale even as she ages. Her most striking feature is the pin prick fangs that are shown over her bottom lip. Although her skin is pale she has dark bags under her eyes due to her lack of sleep, she tends to cover this with powder. Jocelyn likes wearing beautiful gowns in deep rich colours like crimson red, saphire blue, and emerald green. Due to her species Jocelyn has a hard time in the sunlight. Although she can be out in the sun if she is in direct light for to long her skin becomes very red and blotchy.

Allure: Jocelyn is able to use her body to lure others to her. A simple look can make a man find himself following her down a dark alleyway. Her voice can also be very alluring and many finding her singing voice most beautiful.
Bloodlust: When Jocelyn is feeding off of someone she has the ability to make them enjoy the experience instead of finding pain from it.
Obliviate:While feeding she can make a person's fear and pain disappear and afterwards she can erase or make their immediate memory blurry so they can't remember the act.

*literature (reading and writing)

Jocelyn's strengths consist of her ability to quickly learn anything and everything. She is very prim and proper and people tend to underestimate her because of her apparent age and of course because she is female. Although many would view her apparent age as a weakness she uses it to her advantage to get what she wants.

Jocelyn's biggest weakness is her bloodlust, it often crops up at the most inoppurtune times and if she doesn't feed she becomes very weak and sickly. Another is her inability to go out during the day for long periods of time, although that doesn't effect her to much because she spends most of her time indoors.

Weapons and Armour of choice:
Jocelyn does not wear aromour or weild a sword. She believes that being a future lady it is not her place to take up arms and fight. She does however believe in getting back at people she believes has wronged her and of course uses the woman's method, poison. A slip of the wrist and whoever she is angry with will die within seconds, within hours the poison will have disolved in the blood stream and no trace would be found. The only person who knows what she does is the man who she sends to the apothocary to buy the poison, and he is wrapped around Jocelyn's finger so tightly that he would never tell.

Background history:
Jocelyn Snow was born to a whore who had been changed by one of her customers into a vampire. The whore isn't worth much mentioning because after the child's birth she only dreamed of killing herself. She spent the bulk of her time mopping around but never actually took her own life. When Jocelyn was six in looks, she took pity on the woman and drank her life from her. A brothel worker caught her and threatened to tell. Jocelyn grew fearful that her secret would get out and snapped the other woman's neck. She ran away scared of what she had done and the strange thrill she had gotten from it. She stumbled through the woods the branches catching on her dress but never peircing her skin. She arrived at an inn and went inside looking for food and a soft bed to sleep in. At first the lady refused to give her anything without coin she stared deep into her eyes the golden brown colour of her own eyes swirling. She felt a tugging in the pit of her stomach and the inn owner immediately did everything Jocelyn asked with a slightly dazed look on her face. She was given roast pig with carrots, onions, a flagon of wine, and black bread. When she sat she sat in a corner near a man dressed in black. She could feel the weight of his stare but when she looked at him he looked away. Jocelyn ate in silence keeping her eyes adverted from everyone. Going up to bed alone Jocelyn stood in the window for a while watching the dark sky outside turn from it's inky black to a dark purple as the sun started to come up the rays shooting up over the horizon and making the sky burst into colours. The candle had burnt low by the time Jocelyn turned away from the window only to find the man all in black lurking in the corner. Her golden eyes narrowed but she never screamed as he walked forward her lips pulling away to bare her teeth slightly. She asked what he wanted and he answered with silence staring at her for a full minute before answering. When the man asked what she was, not who she was her eyes narrowed even more and she growled asking why it mattered what she was. He told her with a certainty that she wasn't human, wasn't natural. Jocelyn lifted her head and stood as proudly as she could her chin jutting out explaining with ice to her tone that she was just as natural as anyone else. The man laughed and bowed to her respecting her strong opinion. After that night Jocelyn and the runaway Night's Watch man stayed together through everything. At times the man, Levi, played the part of Jocelyn's father and other times he played the part of just a friend or brother.

Weeks passed with Levi in Jocelyn's company and they traveled down to King's Landing where there was to be a tourney. Although Levi wasn't overly happy to go he had told Jocelyn all about them and she wanted to go. She convinced him that it would be alright and that she would never allow anyone to harm him. They stayed at an inn in King's Landing and attended the tourney where Jocelyn met her one true love. Not a person but an idea. When most female's eyes were on the knights below getting knocked off their horses Jocelyn's eyes were on the Ladies. Magnificent women covered in jewels and beautiful silks accompanied by maids and guards. It was a whirlwind of a dream as Jocelyn realized that she now asspired to be a Lady. When Jocelyn told Levi of her longing he vowed to be there for her through everything. That night Jocelyn told Levi what she was and it marked the night of the first time they made love.Upom arrival back in the North Jocelyn made it very well known that she wanted to grow up as a lady would and Levi made all the arrangements. It isn't exactly known when or even how Jocelyn started living in the castle just that she was suddenly one day there. She was taken in like a lost direwolf and everyone seemed to adore her doll like looks and lady like charms. She was given a room for herself and Levi to reside in and became a part of everyday life. Jocelyn never allowed them to know of what she was although it was almost painfully obvious and she never pulled a fit or showed her blood lust in front of anyone aside from Levi....

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[HUTCHES2B] Jocelyn Snow
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