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 [ANGEL-JADE] Ezria Pyke

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We Do Not Sow

Name: Ezria Pyke
Nickname: Black Widow

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Allegiance to House: House Greyjoy

Role to House: Citizen

Ezria is a typical Iron born lady, with a tough outer shell that's hard to crack. Ezy is a tough girl and knows how to defend herself but she also knows how to seduce a man without a single touch. She is a master of manipulation and men are often on the losing side of her acting skills. She pays for most of her living by only manipulation or seduction, she is the definition of a temptress. Ezria is a strong girl and claims she needs no man to help warm her bed at night. She is independant but knows one day she will be forced to settle down against her own wishes and desires. She is an unloving young woman, deeply she is scarred from traumas but has put up such a wall around herself the only ones who know her inner self are the ones who scarred her.

Physical Description:
Ezria is a thin woman for such a cold place as the Iron Islands.She is tall and skinny though she has enought meat oon her to keep herself warm on cold nights. Her skin is a pale olive color, darker than many normal Iron Islanders. Her eyes are large, round, and sparkling navy blue. Her lips are plump and a naturally dark red hue. Her face is square and childlike while her dark brows give her an edgy look. Her hair is medium brown and very curly though not very long, only falling to her shoulder blades.

Powers and Abilities:
Manipulation & Seduction are her main abilities. [TO BE ADDED TO]

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+Weak men

-Women as sly as herself

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Ezria wears no armor and carries only a rusted dagger she found on the shores of Pyke.

Background History:
Ezria Pyke is a bastard of the Iron Islands and was given away as a babe, left on the steps of a fishermans store. Ezria grew up, raised by the fisherman, with three older brothers and a strict mother. Her mother had always wanted a daughter and when presented Ezria was determined to prime her into a perfect lady. Years went by as she grew older and more tired of her mothers excentric ways, more untrusting of others as she learned of her roots. She started becoming distant and soon her brothers began to abuse her for her attention. She felt as if no one wanted her as herself and only wanted to shape her into their vision of her. The fisherman himself was the only member of her family she loved all through her life and before she ran off she left a note on his bedside table asking him to keep her secret of where she was headed. Ezria made off with her belongings and started off along the coasts on the Iron Islands and eventually found her way to Pyke where she had lived as a citizen every since, never trusting any man nor woman.

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

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[ANGEL-JADE] Ezria Pyke
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