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 [Angel-Jade] Valyria

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“O tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide!”







Shifter [Dragon & Tigress]

Allegiance to House:


Role to House:

Ruler of Volantis

"A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart."

Val has a generally kind personality until she became the ruler of Volantis. She then became power hungry, wanting to be the only one over the city. She has been a generous ruler so far, as she is trying to be rid of the tyranny that had begun in Volantis. Though if the better of her city depends on being cunning and manipulative she will have no problem taking the role. She is also very loyal. She will always stay true to her friends, family, and citizens. She has a firce drive that fuels her, much like a dragon of the Targaryens.

"All that glitters is not gold"

Val has long brown hair, usually kept in braids. Her caramel colored eyes pair nicely with her hair and olive skin shade. Her face is flawless save for a splash of red berry she streaks across her right cheek every morning. Her skin is as smooth as a new child but the grime does mar her otherwise flawless complexion. Her eyes are harsh but will show compassion in the right situation. Her nose is nose contains a perfect rounding off to a cute button tip. She has a defined brow bone, which adds to the harsness of her expression.
Her body is lean, her muscles are long and lean not bulky as men are.

As a dragon her scales are red and her eyes remain the same caramel color they are as a human. She has powerful hind legs, and a heavy tail. She cannot yet breath fire though, like the ones she read about in stories. Her wings extend far, but do not had a clawed joint. Her neck is long, sprounting frills half way up. This extends into her strong face, paired with frilled coverings for her ears are more sensative as a dragon.

As a tiger her sense of sight is enhanced, as well as her balance. She has a pale orange fur that is streaked in black. She has powerful legs, allowing for daring leaps.

"There are more things in heaven and earth"

She is good with the weapon she owns but otherwise makes use of her closeknit guards. She can alo change into a dragon of the Targaryens and a tigeress. Unlike the legends of dragons though she cannot breath fire but while in this form her sense of hearing is heightened. She can also fly but not for a long time.

“The dogs of war”

The best parts of any leader is their loyaly, as well as their drive and Valyria is no different. She is well read for a women and has a sharp tongue that is well informed. Always on the prepared, she is skilled with her weapons of choice and has honed her abilities as a shape shifter.
But she still has her flaws, and the confusing Westeros is one of them. She is always trying to remain informed but simply cannot keep up with the fast paced continent across the narrow sea. She is also quick to temper but slow to decisions

"A Valyrian sword, its blade so dark as to be nearly black as is true of most Valyrian steel weapons."

Leather clothing are her only armour. She wears strips of furs and leather as a skirt. Her top encompasses her neck to remain held and is made of leather.
She carries a bow and arrow, much like the Dothraki. She also conceals a small and cool dagger and a stolen short sword made of Valyrian steel.

“All the world's a stage.”

Valyria was born a strong young girl, her will and determination outweighs that of men twice her age. She was born in the land of Volantis to two diehard Valyrian loyalists, which is where she gained her name. She was raised by her father behinf the Black Walls of Volantis, her mother having died when she was at the age of 6. In a small cabin just outside the seat of the triarchs, the three single year rulers of the Free City, she was raised as an only child by a father who would have rather had a son. Valyria knew of her fathers want, even so young she was bright, and asked him to train her in weaponry. Her father slowly became proud of the young girl and as a reward for her efforts, he bought two weapons forged from Valyrian steel.He did not know however that the weapons were stolen and for that he payed a price. His actions were rewarded in death though, a public beheading with Val in the crowd being subjected to watching her last living parent be killed for her. These events harded her mind and body as she worked herself harder and harder to become a ruler of Volantis, defying the gender roles of Westeros and the Dothraki.She was determined to change of the way Volantis worked, she wanted to be rid of the corruption. Through many years of petty jobs in the temple of the rulers she found her way into the hearts of the three rulers that had taken the throne. They passed along the seat to her, after two males had taken their reign. She was the last in the line of triarchs but with a plan in mind this worked to her advantage. After her first year of ruling she did not pass on the seat, she instead remained upon her seat despite the cries of the people. She still remains on the seat of Volantis, despite the outrage she has begun to win over the city little by little.

The other half of her life, the shifter half, was pretty normal. Valyria thinks of her life as split into two halves, her life as a tiger and her life as a citizen. Growing up she always felt a fire inside her, like she needed to do something but couldn't quite reach it. One day she was in her room playing with her hair while trying to reach the feeling inside her when she suddently felt different. She tried to step off of her bed but it was more difficult. She turned her head to see what was happening but she saw only an orange and black stripped body and a swishing tail extending back even farther. She grew suddenly terrified, she had no idea what had happend. She pulled back the feeling and collapsed on the floor, a person yet again. For hours and days and weeks after she practiced with this new ability in secret. The day her father was killed it tok all of her will not to change into the beast she could become ad kill everyone in her sight. Since then she was been honing her ability, learning how and when to turn and when not to. She has now mostly mastered her powers, and for the most part keeps them hidden.
Entering the dragon
The floor of the temple room was chilled beneath her bare feet as she padded along, attempting to find hidden rooms among the place. Despite the maturity beyond her years Valyria still felt the childish need to explore. She hopped down the steps into the lower level of the temple, her favorite place in Volantis. Her hair hung in its typical braids and bounced along as she decended the stairs. Her caramel eyes searched for a place to start among the large room. She instead went to the base of the stairs and dropped to her knees, facing the wall. She placed her long hands upon the cool engraved wall, her fingers searching intently for the slightest difference. A cough sounded behind her and she rose and spun in a single motion to face the servant that had interrupted her search. "What is it?" she asked harshly. The servant flinched slightly as her voice rang and echoed in the room. The young boy then launched into a story of a girl she had assumed to be dead for many years, despite what she had otherwise heard. Danaerys Targaryen was indeed alive though according the story she was hearing now. The words fell clumsily from his mouth, often stuttering, but she could still understand that base meaning. The story of how the two remaining Targaryens had wd into the Dothraki, and how the other had been killed, the boy, stung her ears. She had always found the Dothraki a threat, espcially the powerful Khla Drogo. Valyria sent the boy away as she let the information sink in and she sunk to the steps behind her. She had always told her ervants to keep her informed of anything that may be a threat or advantage to her rule but she had not yet placed this story. If it was true, she could use the Targaryen girl as a rise to Valyria again as her parents had always wanted. Or she could attempt having the girl killed but she could not see a good outsome from killing the mother of dragons. The entire continent of Essos would soon be behind her and having her killed would surely have her thrown from the city as well as her rule. She decided upon her first option, wanting to keep peace for the moment. She rose back up the steps she was recently descended. As she emerged atop the first level she stepped onto the balocony, having her servants ring the bells throughout the city, telling everyone there leader was about to speak. As soon as the people below her had quieted enough for her to be heard she spoke. "Danaerys Targaryen has risen, the mother of dragons and the heir of the Targaryen legacy. And with you all as witness I, Valyria ruler of the Free City of Volantis, pledge myself to her. To give her support in regaining the title as Queen!" her voice echoed among the buildings and shacks of her city as her people errupted into cheers and gossip. She stepped off of the balcony and back into her chamber. Valyria paused for a moment, the feeling of the tiger within her had risen even though she had learned to suppress it. She curiously reached for the feeling but once she had changed she did not feel like a tigress. She glanced down the see red colored scales and glancing back she could see wings, much like the dragons she had just heard of. She let the feeling go, returning to her original form. She felt a small smile grow over her features, her pledge to the mother of dragons had touched something within her. With this new power, she mentally pledged her loyalty to the young woman who had gifted with the power to take back the throne of the Targaryens and vowed to help Danaerys Targaryen in any way she could to achieve any goal she set forth. And with that she sent a servant of the journey to take word to the girl, she would have an entire city behind her soon and a fourth dragon by her side to command.

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[Angel-Jade] Valyria
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