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 [ANGEL-JADE] Alexandra Redwyne

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PostSubject: [ANGEL-JADE] Alexandra Redwyne   [ANGEL-JADE] Alexandra Redwyne Icon_minitimeMon Nov 19, 2012 1:43 am

Growing Strong

Personality: Ever heard the term crazy bitch? Not like this you haven't. Alexandra is the definition of mental, though no one would hardly guess from her outwardly appearence. To anyone outside her household she appears to be a perfect lady with the almost impeccable manners and very high standards. However, many do not know that she has recieved counseling for mental instability by a Maester. She has delusions of grandeur, she almost coined the phrase at one low point in her life. No one knows what brought about her insanity, some say it is the result of a traumatic event in her childhood, others claim incest within her family has led her to madness. No matter the cause though, Alexandra is a woman of many faces and personalities, and only a select few know the true her so it is very hard to captivate the personality of such an abstract woman in so few lines.

Physical Description:Another aspect of Alexandra that is hard to sum up in a single paragraph is her appearance. The appearance she most often keeps is that of a young maiden with curly dark locks and high cheekbones and a common square face shape. She has a sort of timeless beauty, high, rosy cheekbones and clear sharp blue eyes. Her lips are full and dark pink, curving up into the most sinister of smirks. Her medium length dark hair falls in perfect spirals to just between her shoulder blades and her eyebrows, equally dark, arch into a sort of surprised and sort of manipulative look. Her body is that of a work of art. Though she is not considered tall her tiny body is packed with lean muscle though still petite enough to fit into the pinched waist of dresses.

Powers and Abilities: Though she is considered human by many Alexandra has the ability to physically change herself into another person. She may change only her face or her entire body into that of another which often allows her to get out of trouble. Her earthly abilities are that of a demure young girl, she is skilled in sewing as well as cooking, the arts are no stranger to her either. She can play several instruments and has been said to have the voice of a siren, brilliant and captivating. She also happens to be a killed liar, the best of actresses though some may compete her for the title. Many have rumored that she may dethrone an actress they call "The Queen of Faces" for her ability to pretend to be someone she is not.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+ Charm
+ Hidden identities
+ Unasuming
+ Faceless status
+ Money

- Psychotic behavior
- Reputation of insanity
- No magical powers
- A slave to insane notions
- Margaery Tyrell

Weapons and Armour of Choice: A lady would carry no weapons, however she will use whatever is close.

Background History:
Alexandra was born under the Tyrell banners of House Redwyne, and was at birth given the title of a lady. As a young girl she was given many animals to play with at her incesant begging. However these innocent creatures began turning up bloody and dead around the Redwyne Keep, the first of the lies that would soon consume the girls life. She cried for hours, sobbing that some vial and evil person must have killed her pets, yet the truth was never discovered. The truth hid behind the dark blue eyes of the young girl, that she had murdered all of her fuzzy friends for not obeying her commands. As she grew older her violent behaviors started to become known, at first by her family and then word began to spread, tarnishing her family name. Her parents sent her away on a ship to Braavos to be fostered by the Water Dancers, hoping they could help her harness her anger into peace and her violance into a harnassed ability. As soon as the ship was docked she escpaed, after restlessly stirring on a ship for months her energy spent itself into fleeing as quickly as her legs would take her. She was discovered by one of the infamous Faceless Men and taken into the Guild. There the men trained her to use her shape-shifting ability to change her face, and not her species.She acquired a mentor, the man that had found her that first day. The lived and trained with him, and soon even developed a relationship with him. She loved him deeply but knew she could not. They also taught her the ways of fighting and she was soon an Assassin of the Faceless Men. She was housed by them for almost two years before she decided to return home. She had harnessed her rage and violence thanks to her mentor and lover and she decided that she had found peace and could return home.And though it broke her heart to leave him she vowed to visit her friends and love every so often despite the distance that spanned between them, waved sadly to them as her ship sailed away from Braavos and back home. Her ship docked in the Stormlands upon her command, she had decided that she needed more time to get used to the idea of being back in Westeros and could used the horseback travel. When she arrived she encountered the forces of Renly Baratheon, namely his Rainbow Guard. And it struck her, her blue gaze landed on the golden haired boy and it was like she had been stabbed through the heart. It was the love at first sight that so many fairy tales spoke of, her heart was captured instantly. But as she approached the man of her dreams she discovered he had affections for another, affections which were not returned. Margaery Tyrell held her loves heart in her hands, and as Alexandra began to see, she only toyed with him. She was once again enraged that someone so selfish could be held in such high regard, and that the Oakheart knight all but ignored her. She returned to the Redwyne keep and was welcomed with open arms when she appeared to have her issues under wraps. Along her journey she had hidden her rage and vowed to have Olyver Oakheart as her own and to destroy Margaery Tyrell. Though no one could be the wiser since she now could control her emotions and lie better than any Petyr Baelish [If the rumors of his trickery were true]. She regained her wealth and started out for the Tyrell Keep, to become a lady beneath the younger Tyrell; Thea. She would serve under her as a lady and slowly begin to destroy that which held her loves heart in her hands.

But he that dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.

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[ANGEL-JADE] Alexandra Redwyne
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