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 [Angel-Jade] Laelia of Lys

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Young, Angry and Poor.


Name: Laelia of Lys

 Alias: Radiant Dawn

 Quote: "The dawn has arrived."

 Age: Twenty-one years of age

 Gender: Female

 Species: Lycan

 Allegiance to House: House Tully; Brotherhood without Banners

 Role to House: Listener


Personality: Laelia is a quiet individual who prefers to speak through her actions and not her words, therefore many think her to be mute. She is a gentle soul who, while she is a very capable fighter, does enjoy the act of taking another life. After every life she takes she prays to the gods of R'hollor to forgive her for her discretions. She is solemn old soul who appreciates all life, even in the forms of flora. Laelia tends to be a peacekeeper of sorts and does not like arguments within a group who is supposed to be united. However, despite her demure nature she has a presence which lights up a room whenever she enters, giving the nickname Radiant Dawn. She is as light-footed as she is kind hearted which aids her in her secretive plots.

 Physical Description: Laelia is as beautiful as her name, a perfect combination of attributes which make her as gorgeous as a fairy princess. Her body is small, petite, and lithe like that of a peasant dancer whose body has been carved by the winds of days passed. Her body is toned, holding curves which could finish any man by a single glance. Her skin is porcelain with the hints of a tan, smooth and delicate like porcelain, yet tanned enough to appear to be a foreign mystery. Her heart shaped face is framed by softly curling locks of red, kissed by fire some have said. Her curvy lips hold the power of sensuality and appeal but the light tint and softness of flower petals in full bloom appear child-like. Her nose is small and topped like the finest carved button of a seamstress which slopes up into the almond shaped eyes which hold men in a trance. Her eyes are as dark as the darkest night of a new moon, when no stars will shine their light upon the world. It has been said that her eyes captivate the men of her prey, they fall into a trance in which they cannot break out of. Her collection of features manage the innocence of a maiden princess but can contain the seductive fire of a red priestess and her vengeance.

 Powers and Abilities: Laelia posses many abilities but her most prominent, and magical, is the ability of lycanthropy. Some call the condition a curse but she views it as a blessing, the ability to morph into the animal her eyes last lay sight of. The animal she most enjoys roaming the earth as is the dingo, a vicious dog breed from whom she takes personal characteristics. Much like her animal of choice, she slices the neck of her enemies, bleeding their life from the point which holds so much back when they live, bringing all forward before the god of R'Hllor. Her non-magical abilities are those of combat, training in moving in silence and dispatching an enemy as quietly as possible. Laelia is a skilled hunter for this reason, she blends into her surroundings easily, seeming as if she is a part of the landscape herself. She is a skilled assassin for just this reason, her silence allows her to become one with the land and spy on her marks for weeks. Other than her combative strengths, she has a remarkable ability to communicate with animals, which is why her bond with life is so strong.

 Strengths and Weaknesses:
+ Lycanthropy
+ Combat training
+ Stealth abilities
+ Communication with animals
+ Empathy towards life

- Considered naïve
- Underestimated and 
- Given little opportunity to prove herself
- Lack of physical strength
- Female

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

 Background History:
Laelia was born on a dark stormy night in the middle of a summer bloom, scents of flowers scented the air mixed with the freshness of the rainfall. Her mother had raised her on the belief that all great men are born in storm to live in prosperity, like the young Targaryen princess. She was not a princess however, and was raised by her mother to be poised and stealthy while her father taught her the arts of combat for they knew how dangerous the streets of the Free Cities were. Being raised in a community of warriors hardened her for the yeas to come, yet she never wanted a life of fighting. She was raised among other siblings, all of whom died before reaching the age of 7, except one who has since lived to be 11. Since her younger brother's birth she has cherished him as her own child, raising him as her own as her parents worked. The two grew very close over the years but eventually her family moved to Westeros and the two were made to work to support their new lifestyle. At the time she was 19 years old. She worked as a handmaiden for a local lady and her brother worked as an apprentice stable hand with their father. As the sun made it's decent the family would gather to share a meal and tell the tales of their days, creating an especially tight-knit family group. They all missed each other dearly throughout the day, as they had come to rely on each other heavily in the Free Cities. 

All was well for a year until the war broke out. The day that would change her life began as any other except that her lady would keep her late to stitch a torn gown and while Laelia was disheartened over missing her family dinner she knew she would see them soon enough. That was until she returned to her village the see smoke stacks rising over the trees. All of the things her father had taught her ran through her mind at once however not fast enough, Laelia was captured and lined up with the rest of her family to be executed, leaving her last to watch the others die. She sobbed as she watched and as the executioner approached her and lined his strike several candelabras and barrels of oil exploded in blinding fire. However Laelia remained untouched by the flames and managed to escape. She lived in a haze afterwards, wandering aimlessly, living off whatever she could find. Until yet another event changed her life, she stumbled upon the Brotherhood without Banners. She had considered, for a while, joining the ranks of the Northerners to infiltrate the ranks that had killed her family but word had reached her that one true enemy was working for them, Diana, a woman who worshipped the moon and coldness. The two were destined to for great adversity from the beginning, but when her allegiance landed with those who killed her family, not even Laelia was capable of forgiveness. They accepted her within their ranks after hearing her story, feeding and bathing her to the best of their ability and using her knowledge to their advantage as a Listener. It was then she found her true calling, using the things her family had taught her to protect others families from the ones who had killed her own.

She began to make a name for herself, showing off her stealthy abilities as well as mesmerizing the men with her shape-shifting magic. Her silent movements embodied the efforts of the Brotherhood with their silent attacks, and her stealth aided her to become one of the best Listeners within their ranks. She was small and unassuming but provided many services within the Brotherhood from cooking and cleaning to silent assassinations. She proved herself as a skilled hand to hand fighter and even better assassin and spy. She has even begun to use her femininity to infiltrate enemy camps as a whore, though she refuses to truly embrace that role and instead cherishes her innocence despite all the death she has brought. She has learned to value life despite the ones that were taken from her, she has never let her anger take the best of her though many believe her to be stirring in darkness because of her imminent silence. She has become now known as "The Radiant Dawn" for her stunning beauty and wit in espionage. She has begun to take on a favorite form as a dingo and has even reflected this in her fighting, slicing the throat of her enemies as her favored animal rips the throats from it's victims.

Always on guard defending the people’s rights..
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[Angel-Jade] Laelia of Lys
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