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 [HUTCHES2B] Alister Traum

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Alister Traum

PhotobucketName: Alister Traum

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Alliance to House: Baratheon

Role to House: Baratheon Archer


Alister is a hard worker who clings to formalities and does what he is told, no questions asked. He doesn't understand why his daughter, Stella, remains unyielding when he tries to make her into a lady. He is a man of honour and sees his late wife's spirit in his daughter. Alister is fiercely loyal to both his daughter and his House. He is not nearly as outspoken as his daughter but he does let his opinion be known in a much more subtle way. Although he seems cold and distant at times he is really a very loving man but has a hard time showing his emotions due to the hidden fear of losing the ones he loves. He looks for no replacement for his wife and tends to get a little put off by women flirting with him.

Physical Description:

With shaggy dark hair Alister keeps his shoulder length hair down and he keeps his beard and mustache neatly trimmed. When Alister is deep in thought or in a foul mood a vertical line appears on his brow and he tends to look very formidable. When he isn't wearing the Baratheon colours he wears either grey or black. His face is lined and weathered with a few wrinkles as well as crows feet at his eyes but it doesn't make him any less appealing. His nose is slightly crooked due to a rogue horse that kicked him in the face giving him a broken nose, split lip, and a broken tooth. Thankfully the tooth fell out and was replaced by his adult tooth.


Being human Alister has no special powers although he does seen to have an almost unnatural ability with bow and arrow which was gained from endless training and practice.



Archery and his undying devotion to his daughter and House is his biggest strengths. Anyone can see just how much he loves his daughter even though she threatens to give him a head full of grey hair at an early age because of her constant running off and her getting in trouble for her strong minded stubbornness and her lack of filter when it comes to what she says.


The constant nagging of Stella is one of his biggest weaknesses. They have gotten in quite a few fights about her actions and she has threatened to run and never come back more than once. If Alister were to lose Stella as well he would become a broken man. Another weakness in the eyes of others is his complete lack of wanting another romantic interest. Some say if he chose a woman they could help Stella become a lady but although his wife's death was over twenty years ago the loss is still fresh in his heart.

Weapons and Armour of choice:

Alister weilds a two hand sword made of Valyrian steel. The blade dark with the Baratheon words, Ours is the Fury, carved into the blade itself, a reminder to Alister everytime he uses it who he is fighting for. The hilt of the sword is of a great serphant its body wrapping around the hand, its eyes raw emeralds. Although his sword is very nicely made his bow and arrows are what he prizes the most. An elm bow both strong and flexible carved in the shape of a snake. His arrows made of oak far stronger than elm and less likely to stray from it's mark are notched with black raven feathers. The arrows he uses for battle are tipped in poison from the poisonous dart frog found deep in the forests and very hard to harvest, making his enemies die within minutes no matter where they are hit as long as it pierces skin.

Background History:

A true Baratheon member, Alister Traum was born in a village in plain site of the castle. Like any boy his age he dreamed of greatness but more often of helping his House. He understood that war was a necessity even though men put down their lives. Growing up he fell in love with a beautiful young woman, Eliza. He wanted to ask to court her but didn't think she would agree while he was just a young man with no title to speak of. He became a steward through hard work and a favour. He was happy but wasn't looking to be a knight finding archery far better than swordsmanship although he was good at both. When he wasn't doing his stewarding he was found day and night in the castle grounds practicing his archery, first with blunted arrows before he started to make his own arrows. He was a determined young man and felt that finally he could ask to court Eliza.

When he asked Miss. Eliza to court him he found out just how much of a free spirit she was when she laughed in his face and refused him. He at first thought she was interested in someone else but through hearing gossip he found that she was unattached and planned to stay that way. He took that knowledge as a challenge and worked tirelessly to woe her. After six months of chasing after her she finally allowed him close enough to court her and found that they were perfect for each other. Where she was wild and care free he was subdued. They were complete opposites and he kept her grounded while she allowed him to see the joy of the world that didn't consist solely of archery and swordsplay. After a short courtship they married and had a house of their own.

Alister's life seemed to have been getting better since he had the woman of his dreams and soon after the wedding they found out Liza was pregnant. Someone high up in the Baratheon house had been watching Alister over the years as he practiced his archery and swordsplay tirelessly because he was approached and promoted to head archer. He was estatic and couldnt help but feel that the gods had smiled down on him with the perfect wife and the perfect job. Unfortunately that time of happiness came to crashing hault when Eliza gave birth. As much as the baby was a healthy beautiful baby girl the birth had been hard of Eliza and she passed away. When Alister was brought into the birthing chambers and saw his wofe pale as ever and unmoving on the bed he had a moment of maddness and almost ordered the child's death immediately but thought better of it knowing it wasn't the baby's fault that her mother had died.

Alister named the baby girl Stella, a name Eliza had always favoured and he loved her just as fiercely as he loved his wife. He brought her up on his own never once thinking of finding another wife, even the thought of it would make his heart clench. Alister brought Stella with him everywhere he went except of course to war. He taught her how to weild both sword and bow finding that she learned almost as quickly as he did. She grew up just as free spirited as her mother and ran amongst the grounds in and out of the stble often coming back to Alister covered in grime and smelling of unmentionable filth. She would practice next to her father with her own bow and arrows and a borrowed sword from the armory. People stared from a distance but said nothing until Stella grew older when women would gossip about her and say she needed to be brought up as a lady. Alister heard of these whispers and tried to teach Stella how to be a lady. Only problem was Stella had grown up with a huge amount of freedom and was very opinionated and stubborn. She often ran off leaving her maid responsibilities to others and would be gone for weeks at a time making Alister worry. He tried to forbid her to leave but Stella always managed to sneak out.

When Renly took over Stannis' position in the house Alister was demoted to archer and another was put in his place as head archer. As much as Alister didn't agree to the demotion he did as he was told with no back talk. When Stella found out, now a young woman, she grew angry and the only thing that kept her from giving the prince a good tongue lashing was her secret love for Renly. Not even Alister knew about this instead thinking he had finally made some success at having Stella listen to him for once. He now works his way up the ranks striving to get his old position back by showing Renly that he deserves it....

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[HUTCHES2B] Alister Traum
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