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 [HUTCHES2B] Stella Traum

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PostSubject: [HUTCHES2B] Stella Traum   Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:05 am

Stella Traum

Name: Stella Traum

Age: 20

Gender: female

Species: Shapeshifter (snake)

Allegiance to House: House Baratheon

Role to House:
Servant in the royal household

Stella is intelligent and wise beyond her years always seen with a book or some form of literature. She has a calming effect on everyone she meets even though she herself is easily distressed and somewhat elusive and standoffish. She tends to work alone and doesn't have many friends since it could take months even years for her to allow anyone to get close to her. She keeps her feelings locked up not wanting to burden others even with her standoffish demeanor she is very intuitive. Stella can be very materialistic, possessive, and slightly jealous. When it comes to a love and sex Stella has tremendous sex appeal, she is charming and bewitching, once a relationship is established she is highly devoted and committed. If Stella is ever betrayed whether in a relationship or any other way she is a force to be recokened with and can be cunning, cruel, devious, and unforgiving. Like her animal she won't strike unless she is forced but when she does she ruthlessly makes it count.

Physical Description:

There is nothing overly special about Stella's looks aside from the piercings and the fact that she always has a snake wrapped around her. She has gray eyes, sun-kissed skin and long dark hair. Her lips are full and naturally rosy in colour, her body voluminous yet petite. She also has a literature tattoo on her back.

Powers and Abilities:
Stella has the ability to shift into any kind of snake usually choosing the form of the boa constrictor.
Gained from her animal form Stella has a poisonous bite when angry.
Stella has the ability to paint anything and make it look almost lifelike through lots of practice.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Stella is highly head strong but she backs down if she fears she will be harmed, she will tend to become lifeless until the person actually harms her then she will fight back striking at any and all of their weak spots. Stella can sometimes seem lazy and bitter but anyone she works with will say that although she may take a while to get what needs to be done she is a perfectionist and it will be done to the best of anyone's ability. Stella does not like the cold, she would much rather stay in warmth and has bad circulation causing her skin to always feel cold much like a snake.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Not being one for much fighting Stella wears light armor when need be, light enough for her to move around easily but strong enough to protect against most blows. She has a bow and arrows that she had gotten from her father who was an archer. The bow is strong but flexible with the same literature on the side as she wears on her back, the arrows with white peacock feathers.

Background History:
Stella born to a respectable and loyal archer of the Baratheon house grew up without her mother who died in childbirth. She spent many years running around under her father's foot as he taught her how to hunt and fight. She took a particular liking to archery but more so to hand to hand combat. Stella's attacks were lithe and unmatched by many. Other women in the household thought it odd when she came in sunburnt and dirty. On the eve of her thirteenth birthday her father forbid her to fight or go outside anymore to play. She pouted and whined trying to get her way but he was used to her persuasive mannerism and she gave up after a while accepting a job as one of the servants in the household that helped with the cleaning and getting things for the royals. Stella couldn't remember ever speaking directly to any of the royals but she had taken a liking to Renly even if she did find him a bit conceited. She crushed on him for a while watching from a far knowing that he would most likely never even think about looking at a servant. She stays out of the royals way finding it hard to make friends with others as easy as someone else might. Her life is fairly simple every morning she would crawl into her father's lap listening to him tell stories about war and about love. Her father had truly loved her mother and it left a void in his heart when she had passed away but never held a grudge against Stella. After all she had just been a new born and so many women died from child birth without the ability to know exactly how to do give birth in a less painful more effective way. Instead her father treasured her above all and gave her everything. On her nineteenth birthday marked the day Stella found out she was a shifter. She remembered seeing a visitor who had a snake wrapped around her waist and the moment Stella had caught the snakes eyes a gasp left her lips as she felt a pulling in her gut and instead of seeing everything the way she normally did she saw through the eyes of the snake watching her own body as she moved closer to the visitor. The visitor finally noticed her and tried talking to her but at realizing what was happening she beamed and reached into a basket at her feet pulling out a small snake and handing it to Stella. Blinking and coming back into her own body Stella looked down at the offered creature her eyebrows furrowing but she accepted it finding it to be a beautiful thing and it nuzzled her immediately wrapping itself around first her neck then moving down to her waist. Ever since then they have almost never parted and Stella is still working on learning how to shift her body into that of a snake. She has been able to do it twice.

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[HUTCHES2B] Stella Traum
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