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 [HUTCHES2B] Adisa

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Name: Adisa

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Oracle

Allegiance to House: House Martell

Role to House: Oracle

She is shy and doesn't talk very much, mostly due to her still not being fully comfortable with the language. Having lived on the streets she understands people's pain and will often help anyone she can. Though she is shy she will stand her ground when she knows something is right or wrong, and often holds grudges, getting her revenge over time. She is not good at fighting, though many people fear and respect her because she is watched and cared for by the gods. She has a thick accent which she is a little embarrassed by. Due to her past she is a little skittish still, often jumping at small jesters. She is skilled with manipulation due to her having to use it to survive as a child.

Physical Description:
She is 5'3 with a small frame, tan skin, black hair and almost unnaturally bright green eyes. She has a small tattoo of an eye on the back of her neck

Powers and Abilities:
Sees signs from the gods, can see what might come to be when awake and sleeping, but only through a series of events that she can not control will it actually come to pass.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
She is okay at the new language but still mixes up words and still doesn't understand some things.
She is street smart and clever.
Good at manipulating but bad at physically fighting.
Knows how to use a dagger when needed but only as self-defense.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Her smarts and daggers if needed

Background History:
Adisa was born Across The Narrow Sea, her mother was a whore and her father was most likely a man from Volantis. She was born with darker green eyes, but as time passes her eyes grew brighter and brighter. When she was about 6 years old the whore house was raided, and her mother was one of the many women taken. Adisa had a dream the night before of it happening, so her mother made sure that before it was to happen Adisa was safely hidden from view. That was the first vision the young girl had, and the last time she had ever seen her mother.
The girl spent only a year on the streets, hiding from being taken and sold as a salve, something she had also dreamed that night when she was 6. At age 7 a wealth man saw this child digging through his trash and ordered her to be flogged. When she was turned around he saw her eyes, knowing what she was he stopped his salves from whipping her and took her as his own slave. Unlike the others she was treated more like a princess then a salve, so long as she kept her master happy with her visions. She stayed with him till she was 15.
After her first moon blood at 14 things changed, when the master was drunk enough he would try to take her to bed, and she always refused, over time this started to anger her master, so he forced her to bed with him. When that night was done Adisa silently swore revenge. She was would get what she wanted in the form of a vision and a little lie. Her vision showed his death, killed by poison put in his wine cup by a spy from an other rich man. She told her master that he needed to stay inside today, because someone would attack him if he left. He did as she said and drank his wine all day long, ending in his death the next morning.
After her first master died she, along with the other slaves was sent to Salvers bay, where men auctioned on her, all wanting her powers for themselves. It was during this time the tattoo of an eye was put on her neck, marking her for what she was. Only a day had passed before she was taking by an other rich man, this one more ugly then the last. He wanted to make her his bride, but she refused so he settled with slave. Unlike her master before this one was more cruel to her, angry by her refusal to wed. He often made her do harsh chores, telling her it would all stop if she wed him, and that made her angry. Again she vowed revenge, which was given to her at age 17, a vision of him being attacked by a mob was given to her. She convinced him to leave his home, and go visit an other powerful man of the land, one she said would be best to befriend. On the way there the mob struck, killing him, which put her back at Salvers Bay.
Again she was put to auction, and this time bought by someone from across the sea, a land she had only seen in her dreams, a land she had hoped to see one day. She was taken on a boat and sent to House Martell, she was sea sick the whole time and vowed never to go on a boat again. During the trip she learned a new language, though she is not the best at it, she is still pretty good. So far she likes it in Dorne, though she is still a little scared that things will go sour there, like they had with the other two.

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