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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Nadia Shamela

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Nadia Shamela






Shape Shifter: Tiger and Snake

Her tiger form

As her cobra form

Allegiance to House:


Role to House:

Hand Maiden to Arianne Martell


Nadia is a wise and knowing young woman far beyond her year's, she is sweet kind hearted and innocent in a sense. She knows nothing of the lands beyond Dorne, nor does she feel she needs to, she carries the worlds problems upon herself even if they arent to be her comcern. She cares and she cares to much at time's, she is a responsible type, one that keeps her word no matter what. And if even a small promise is broken, she feels as if the world has crashed down on her. She is trusting, but not fully her intelligence keeps her on her toes when meeting stranger's. She is loyal to her Queen, and always is there if she needs someone to listen to.

Physical Description:

Naida is a tall lean lanky youth, with dark eyes as dark as the bark of a oak. Her bronzed fleash shows her desert blood, to any whom gaze toward her, her hair is a soft blending of dark brown and light brown with chestnut hightlights when the sun shines through. Her long leg's, are shaped and toned from her constant moving about the palace. Her body is one most would have thought the gods themselves formed, with their crafted hand's, long lean leg's, firmed rear, ample large C Cup breast's and fleash as soft as silk. She is truly a exotic beauty compared to the ladies of the north. She speaks with a soft voice, yet it is strong enough to show command if need be.

Powers and Abilities:

Shifting intoher two forms

Enhanced hearing, eyesight, scent agility ect ect

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Nadia is a strong woman, one that is determined good hearted and fuilled with purity. Shes a strong willed young woman, and a strong fighter who fights for what she believes in. She is pure of heart, but she holds weakness inside herself as well. Her good heart, though she does not fully open herself, offten gets her into trouble, she learns from her mistakes but she will make them again if she is given a good enough lie. She as any animal when shifted, can be killed or torn into pieces, as a woman her most beautiful pieces offten are her greatest weakness brining unwanted attention from the stronger sex.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

No Armour

No Weapon's, she doesnt believe in the use of a weapon to defend herself she relys on herself and only herself.

Background History:

Many Moons ago across the vast land of Dorne, a young baby was soon born, the first born daughter in a set of two twin girls identical twins they were, of a small family. One filled with love and good heart's, as well as honor, the baby was granted the name Nadia. But this story is not of them as twins, but the first born daughter. A name that would soon take her far in her young life, Nadia soon grew, as most do when they are born, however she did not know her father only that he was a man of importance or so her mother told her. She was a strong beautiful child. One that spent her time within the land, more then her home, enjoying the feeling of the sun as it rolled over her young fleash. Nadia was different even from her birth, she enjoyed being shifted within her animal states more then she enjoyed being in her human form. Most thought she was indifferent, simply refusing to be as she was destined to be, a young lady proper and prim and made to soon breed children and marry. A rich man of the land's, but she would not have this for herself now or ever, Nadia furthered herself, learning to read and write. And soon she found once she had taught herself, things seemed to open for her, she became more independant then any other woman in her family. She hide her new found, abilities of reading, for the longest time until she came of age. And then it did not matter what any said to her, Nadia taught herself everything a proper lady was to learn, to dance read poetry and write it as well, as she learned as much as she could though. She seemed the perfect lady, she was more then merely a young woman, with a few poems inside her mind, she was a woman whom wanted more for herself.

And so she did, she could not bring herself to live within the middle class of the kingdom, neither knowing if she was better then poor or lower then the high borns of the city. And this was when Nadia soon, formed her plan and set it forth into action, while upon travel toward the capital of Dorne, her young beauty walked alone seeming as if she was no more then a fantasy painted by the sun. To weary eye's as she walked forward, leaving her home behind and everything she had known, as she soon found herself within the market place of the Capital, of the city while she was traveling about the Market place, A high born male found the young beauty. Never before had he seen one such as she, only the Princess of Dorne was more beautiful then she. Nadia saw the way his eyes cast toward her, and after a few moments she found herself within his arm's riding toward a place of privacy she knew. In the eyes of the common people her act was that of a Pillow house worker, but she didnt care one must do what needs to be done to gain better for themselves. And this was what she told herself, as she soon rode the High born the way she had rode his horse. It was not long after, she found herself being taken to the palace, and being given to the princess as a Hand maiden. It was not the same, as being a Lords wife, but it was a high step above being a common woman with the intelligence of a High born within her mind. Nadia has ever since lived her life, as a server to the Princess. She sees her, as a great beauty one she enjoys the company of greatly. But what else is to happen for Nadia, is unknown to her, nor even the old gods and the new. Her life has twisted and turned to her likings to this point. But she hopes for more to come, not to rule but to someday be a wife or at least know the pleasure of being a mother to a child.

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[DARKESTANGEL17] Nadia Shamela
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