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Allegiance to House:


Role to House:

Hand Maiden to Daenerys


She has a fire within her soul, she speaks her mind and isnt ashamed to do so. Men however are her favorite thing, as well as women in moment's, she is sensual highly sexual, and offten lets her sexuality flow into her every movement from the sway of her hip's. To when she dances and serve's, though she is daring, adventurous, wild and untaimed like the wildest horse. She can love and is softly spoken, intelligent and misunderstood, she speaks when spoken to. And never is one to simply do as she feels like, unless its directed toward a male. Fierce loyal and unbroken trust to Daenerys is what makes her a unique little thing. She will open her heart to you, just as fast as slit your throat if crossed and betrayed. Her eyes see all, and truth is far more important then what others might think is to her.

Physical Description:

Doreah is a desert beauty, long shaped toned leg's, and silken sun kissed bronzed fleash. Draw eyes toward her sleek and slender frame, her long chocolate brown hair, is smooth as catchs the sun as if made of pure silk. Her full rounded C cup breast's, and soft alluring shaped lip's, make the enticing beauty all the more fetching. Her beauty is not one, of the ladies of the south, meaning she does not need to over do herself to catch eyes. Becuase they are already there, a exotic beauty, as graceful as any feline or dancer. From the tips of her slender shaped finger's, to the gentle sway of her rounded ip's, as she moves make her mysterious charms all the more enticing one glance will never be enough. Clad in the typical clothing of the Dothraki, she wear's feathers leather and the traditional garb. As well as anything she can get her hands upon, she doesnt need much just something to hug the shaped form that is her own.

Powers and Abilities:

She is only Human she holds no power's, but she is a wonderful lover.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Her loyal tendencies, as well as her sexual prowless, are all her strengths her fierce behavior when needed. As we as a high intelligence make her as beautiful as she is deadly. Her weakness however is very simple, as a woman her weakness is sex, her need to bed and feel touches upon her heated fleash. Make her weak as well, as her being a simple human, if fighting a stronger foe, or a man she can be killed a easy as any mere animal or woman. Her sensual nature mixed with her movements, are just a few more strenghts within herself.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

No Armour

Though she does not keep them on her at every moment, she can work a bow and arrow, as well as swords and dagger's.

Background History:

The story of a young womans life, is always more then one can see, even if they spent countless hours looking toward her. This is the story of a young woman, Named Doreah. Within the depths of the night a young childs cry broke, the silence of the city, the child of a young woman not even above a mere child herself. Her soft cries as she came forth into the world, were the most wonderful sound her young mother had ever heard. The beautiful child as soon as her darkened eye's open, was a beauty to behold, from the moment her newborn hand clasped to her mothers fingers as she touched her babys face. The child was given the name Doreah, but alas the young childs ife did not remain as plesant as most would have thought it would. When the beautiful young Doreah turned the tendering age, of 14 her entire life changed before her young eye's. When she returned to the home she had shared with her mother, to find men within their home soldiers from another land, doing unspeakable acts to her. The young girl fled from her home, as she saw the final act upon her mother as one of the mens blades ran across her mothers throat killing her before she could muster the courage to help her.

The young girl ran fast and far from her home, toward anywhere she could, as she sought shetler in hiding from the men who had taken her mother from her. It did not take long, before hunger and need for a place to rest, caught up to the young maiden, and soon she found herself working within one of the so called "pleasure houses" Of Lys. But her time here was not all bad as most would have thought, oh no the young beauty soon discovered she held a talent in the art of love making. Soon becoming one of the more popular of the young ladies, within the pleasure house, Doreah soon was found by Viserys Targaryen, the exiled prince from the land of Westeros. The two soon found themselves alone, where Doreah did what she did best, and pleasured the young prince. Once the act had been shared, Doreah soon found herself heading for a new life, Doreah was bought as a wedding gift for Daenerys Targaryen by her brother Viserys Targaryen. Doreah as she spent more time with Daenerys, shared a story of the origin of dragons. She tells that there used to be two moons in the sky until the second moon wandered too close to the sun and cracked open, spilling a thousand dragons into the world. Her story is dismissed as nonsense by Dany's other handmaidens, Irri and Jhiqui. Daenerys asks Doreah's advice on how to please Khal Drogo in bed and Doreah tutors her in the sensual arts. She also shows Daenerys how to use her sexuality to establish herself as someone worthy of Drogo's respect and shows how truly skilled is truly is in the art of sensual behavior.

After the events of the evening, Doreah found a happiness being free, from the pleasure house's, and the never ending rush of her life. But all did not remain as perfect as the young woman hoped, when once more she came face o face with Viserys, where the young maiden was beaten and dragged by the exiled prince before his sister. After his death the young woman remained loya to her lady, and the Dothraki as they traveled across the land's. She has faithfully stood by Daenerys side through all, that has taken place from their first meeting to her late husbands tragic passing. As her and the remaining of the Dothraki watched, as Daenerys walked within the flame's, as her Khas body burned, and the next morn the mother of dragons stood before them all.

Though no words of such thoughts were spoken aloud, the silver haired Khaleesi, was surely thought to be mad, but once the smoke and the fire had cleared. Doreah and the Dothraki were nearly speechless, to see the young Daenerys as she came forth unharmed earning the right to her name. Of being called The Unburnt and Mother of Dragons. The three dragons born from the fire, were soon named Viserion, Rhaegal and Drogon, after The Khaleesi's two dead brothers and late husband respectively. Of the entire Dothraki that did not abandon the true heir to the throne of westeros, stood Doreah and her remaining two hand maidens ser Jorah/ Three warriors of the Khal's remaining khalasar, Aggo, Jhogo and Rakharo whom swear themselves to Daenerys as her bloodriders, as all watched the silver haired beauty become the first female Dothraki leader, a khaleesi in her own right. So the Dothraki became their travel about the red waste, the vast silent waste-land soon was broken when Daenerys, decided to follow the red star, that appeared in the sky, following the ritual that gave birth to her dragons, Doreah and her lady along with the others. of what little remains of Drogo's khalasar wandered in the direction of the star to a desolate area known as the Red Waste where they soon found an ancient, abandoned city, which Daenerys named Vaes Tolorro. Doreah tired and and in need of water, took her rest as they finally took rest from the journey. As they recovered from the deadly ravages of the desert. It had seemed as if they would all surely met their fates, beneath the cruel sun, but hopes soon rose once more within Doreah. As Daenerys sent out scouts in all directions. Only to grow fear within herself, when a riderless horse returned with the head of one of the Khalasar. The time that passed as they all awaited what was to come, death, others from another land, or for one of the riders to returned soon was answered. When a rider returned, atop a new horse. The great city of Qarth the greatest city that ever was or ever will be.

Blood of my Blood

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