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 [darkestangel17] Guilia Fenres

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PostSubject: [darkestangel17] Guilia Fenres   Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:47 am

Guilia Fenres

Name: Guilia Fenres


Gender: Female

Species: Shape Shifter

Allegiance to House: Wildlings

Role to House: Civilian

Guilia is a young woman who knows what she want's, and how to get it for herself. She is intelligent, as well as foolish in ways. She does not know the way's, of the kingdoms beyond the wall. Or how they dress, but she knows how to keep herself alive. She is a smart young woman, who at times can be a bit rough around the edges, a bit brash in the way she speaks offten making men blush with her mouth. She can be kind, but like all wildlings she can be both sensual, and deceptive even kill if she is forced to do such a thing. Her goal is to someday see beyond the wall, and see what all the fuss is about.

Physical Description:
As her Human form, she is a small but shaped female, long toned legs from hard work as well as a firmed body of hunting and tending to herself. Have made her shape more ample, and curved them the ladies of the lands beyond the wall. Her long chestnut curl's, as silken as silk hang down loosely over her shaped form and rest at the middle of her back. Hazel brown green eyes make her have almost a exotic look, to her beautiful eye's, her fine alabster fleash is flawless to the sight. Ample D cup breasts and a shaped bottom call all wild men to look upon the young beauty. As a fox she is a small but fierece creatue much like as a Human woman. Her snow white fur, makes her hard to see if she balls herself, into a good hiding spot, her golden eyes and black nose are the only way to see her. Her small paws and claws make, hardly any sound over the snow but her weight even if small can be heard by the nightss watch venturing about the land. As well as Hunters looking for a prize.

Powers and Abilities:
Shift between her two forms Human and fox
Enhanced senses(Hearing, eyes sight, smelling, agility ect)
Heightened speed as a fox

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Her intelligence is the most of her strength, as well as determination, shes a skilled fighter when need be. And want for a better life some far far off day beyond the wall, but her naieve knowledge of outside the wall. As well as being like any woman, or animal she can be killed captured or harmed. Being beyond the wall, she is a strong woman yet she does bear her fault's.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
No Armour

As a wildling female, she can use pretty much anything, to fight and get herself out of trouble But. She does perfer a bow and arrow set to anything else.

Background History:
Guilia is a woman of a simple story, one most people would never understand nor even begin to wish to know. But it is her tale to tell, when asked of how she came to be upon this place. Against the silence of the hills of her birthland, a woman cried forth in pain and agony, as she felt her child being bore into the harsh of the world. The young newborns cries broke the still of the small, cottage as her child was rested within her arm's, the young mother looked toward the childs beautiful young face. As her hand brushed her childs silken cheek, she knew she would forever love her child until her final breath passed fromher mouth. But alas things did not go perfect for the young family, as her child grew she was a beautiful little thing, hair as golden as the sun as eyes as green as the fields. Her husband found himself soon taken and forced within the army of their land, and shipped across to where it was felt he was needed, the young woman prayed and begged every night until his safe return. But as the years moved, he never returned home to her and their now teenage daughter. They waited for the return that would never come, until through the years Guilia's mother grew weak, old, and grey before her young eyes it tore her heart to see her like this before her very eye's.

A few more years passed and finally Guiliaas mother took to her bed, her age finally catching to her, as she sat by her side day and night doing all she could to helpease her in her time of needings. Her thin hand held tightly to her mother's, as she watched her final breath escape from between her lips, and she was gone forever from her. The pain she felt within herself was unmatched, her mother the woman whom had breathed her very life into her now gone. She was alone within her home, she could not afford to bury her and instead buried her mother within the back of their modest cottage. Time moved for her, and by her 16th year she had given up hope of her life ever returning to the happiness she had known as a young child. When she met a stranger passing along the roadside of her cottage, her was tall dark and handsome and the beauty was sweept off her feet. The two soon became lover's, and she learned his terrible secret, he was a killer run from the lands beyond the wall. Forever changing her life, she was betrayed hurt and most of all, she did not know whom she was any longer. She loved him, but she did not know how to feel, he soon took his leave she never saw Him again or knew what became of her lover.

The most wonderful night was also the night her heart was once more, cut from her heart chest, when her lover her maker, gave her the necklace she now wears forever until her final breath. But soon he to left her vanished without a trace or reason as to why, he had done such a thing to the woman he had loved and cared for. Guilia now alone has made her way on her own, hoping to forget her past and heal the hard wounds upon her heart time has made. She has not given up hope for herself, but she refuses to open herself, until she is sure as to what is to happen next for herself.

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[darkestangel17] Guilia Fenres
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