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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Khal Drogo

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Khal Drogo








In life he was a Human, now he is merely a Ghost.

Allegiance to House:


Role to House:

Khal(When he was alive he no longer holds this position since his death)


In life Drogo was known by all the Dothraki within his Khalasar as a stern, Strong powerful and fierce,man. He was a man who has Loyal heart but a fierce warriors heart beating within himself. Offten many saw him as he looked, to the high borns of Westeros or even the people of the free cities such as Pentos. He looked a perfect Savage to them, almost like a beast feral and untamed much like the proud Stallion the Dothraki whorship within their vast and great land's. His true power shown upon the battle fields, his intellgence for the win, mixed with a kwwn know how of tactic's made him undefeated the length of his briad showed his true prowless to the world. Beneath all the pride, the savage ways, and the stern and fearsome face rested a good man. One most never saw within their lives but one, his beautiful bride Daenerys Targaryen.

Though he did not show his kindness toward other's, he soon showed his tenderness toward his new wife, at first through out their marriage. He remained as he always had been, but as she started to show herself to him not only as his bride, but his equal he found his respect for her only seemed to grow as time passed. The Proud Khal soon found himself, falling for her, and showing a kind nature to her. He soon gave her the affectionate name Jalan atthirari anni (Moon Of My Life). He was a good man beneath his hardened face, and loved Daenerys to his final breath and even in death. He was a passionate man who spoke what he felt. And made himself known, toward others but he was mainly silent when need be. He was proud but not enough to not listen to other's. Nor his Khaleesi, he knew the motions of happiness, during the time they share. He never listened to any as much as he did his wife, she was his moon and his eternale love, however he could turn deadly when the time was right. Killing any whom disrespected his Khaleesi, or threatened harm toward her, not even her brother the exiled prince was spared when he had made the foolish mistake. He knew great happiness during his life, and many victories as well. And the sting of sadness when he found himself pulled away before his time. Even beyond the realm of life, his love carries on strong inside himself.

The Khal reflects the casual brutality of his peoples culture. Remorseless in war, his khalasar butcher the Lhazareen. This is the way of the plains. The lamb people farm, the nomads take with brutal force. When Daenerys protested against the rape of the lamb women, the Khal gave way because he liked to see her fierce, a true Khaleesi with a warrior prince in her belly. There is never an indication that he feels for the sufferings of those he conquers. It just doesn't occur to him. Khal Drogo never questioned the way things are. He never seeks a justice beyond strength, because he has never needed to.
Physical Description:

It was certainly a sight when the poroud Warlord entered a camp site, or any free city. Khal Drogo was certainly a man unlike any other, with any of the seven kingdom's. His build was musculat, his arms toned and formed from his many year's, of war and battles through out the Dothraki plains and across the narrow sea. He was the tallest within the Dothraki Horde he lead. Standing at 6'5 and 245 pounds of muscle, he was unlike any other, His body hard and toned like a prized Stallion that roamed about the Dothraki plain's. His every single inch toned and hardened, enough to make every woman yearn to be his Khaleesi, and every rider envious they were not as Handsome as he himself was in his life. As did his father and many of the Dothraki within the land, Drogo bore the most perfect of Copper tinted fleash, a strong healthy coloring, as deep and rich as the precious metal its self.

To manys surprise though Drogo was such a tall man, he was graceful, and fluid within his movement. Not merely carrying himself as a savage warrior but a man of refined elegance much like the men across the sea within the land of Westeros. His hair was surely the thing that made him respected, to the people of Westeros it would not be understood, but to the Dothraki it was surely a sight to behold. Long and silken soft, like a crows feathered wing, it hung when loose to his thigh's, as black as the night its self, and like liquid oil as it cascaded down his braod and musclar shoulder's. When his hair was braided it was hung with tiny bell's, that sounded when he moved about the camp, even in battle he wore these because he knew merely he was that good. In the eyes of the Dothraki a Man must cut his briad when he is bested in a battle, and upon glance from the length alone, one knew how powerful of a warrior Drogo truly was until his very last breath. When Daenerys's brother saw his braid for the first time even Viserys noted the length of Drogo's braid: Telling his sister, of the lure of the Dothraki having to cut off their hair when they are defeated, but Drogo's long hair suggested that he had never been defeated in battle. Viserys stated that Drogo was a "savage" but also "one of the finest killers alive". When he met his Queen, He wore gold rings in his moustache, gold bells in his braid and a heavy belt of gold medallions around his waist, but his chest was bare he looked like a Copper god among men that night.

In life Drogo held a roughly handsome quality to his face, a hard and strong jawline, as well as a long, drooping mustache and beard as raven black as his hair. His eye's were the most unique feature about himself, as dark as the blackness of his hair, and the nights sky, they showed his emotions even when he did not speak them. In life a defiant fire burned behind them, when he gazed upon someone, the pride and savage nature of the Dothraki warlord seemed to almost reflect a life time of battle. With a mere glance, but when he gazed upon his beautiful Khaleesi, they showed his every emotion, of love want desire and never ending devotion he had formed within his heart for her and her alone. A single scar laced his left eye, starting from his eye brow and leading to the very top of his cheek. He was not blinded and how this scar came upon him none but Drogo knew. But in his final moment's, before his death the eyes that had shown so much life, and fire like the powerful flame of the great Dragons of the Targaryen's. They had grown dim and listless, as if no life shown behind them at all, but a once proud memory of what was once but no more. Within his life, He rode a lean and powerful stallion. Until the final moment he fell from his horse, and soon passed forth into the night lands not long after.

Powers and Abilities:

None Drogo was Only Human, In life Drogo though he held no power's, he was a strong and powerful man. His prowless upon a battle field was one all rememer to this very day, Drogo was the great rider, a wise and powerful Warlord meant for greatness the moment he tore from his mothers womb. It is this amazing prowess in battle that earned him his vast khalasar to follow his every command and whim, they laid waste to any whom stood within their way, as most Hordes did within the vast land's of the Dothraki. Drogo however was no mere savage leader he held a high intelligence within him, as well as a qucik wit able to ride forth into battles, and come forth with little damage to himself.

Drogo did not become a Khal, merely upon being as any other mere man, by any means oh no. He was a man whom most feared as well as respected, it was his savage ways that opened cities to himself, and the Dothraki Khalsar it was his way's. That earned him a place within the free city of Pentos. It is this amazing prowess in battle that earned him 40,000 horses and swords and a reputation so fearsome that the magisters of Pentos offered him a great manse within their city. Khal Drogo’s prowess in battle also brought him his rarest prize a man could ever hold for themself, the Targaryen Princess Daenerys Targaryen a princess of High Valyrian blood to Be his Wife and Khaleesi.

Strengths and Weaknesses:


The Dothraki Khalasar

His firm faith in the great Stallion

Horses as they are important to the Dothraki and their faith

The unbroken love he felt for Daenerys until his final breath

The sunlight upon himself

His intelligence

His amazing power upon the battle fields

The Braid that hands along his back

His words and fearsome look that strike fear into weaker men

Keeping hope alive

His son if he had been born

The Dothraki healers

The great stallion


Water and the sea


Wounds that are fatal to him, it was a wound upon his chest that killed the powerful Khal

The loss of his Khalasar

Daenerys his wife, his Khaleesi and his moon is his main weakness, and he would have stopped at nothing to protect her

His unborn son that passed into the night lands with him

Faling from his horse

Having his briad cut



Arrows and any other weapons that can kill a man

Magic it was said Magic caused his wound to fester and kill him

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

In life never once had Drogo bore Armour. The Dothraki see the wearing armour a custom they find both cowardly and impractical in the fierce heat of their land. Thus within his life, the proud Khal and leader of the Khalasar never once wore it upon himself. No such thing would ever grace, his harden body for her felt a shame to have been present in wearing such defense upon himself, in his eyes to protect ones self and not rely on his battle sense was a weakness. Though he highly respected Ser Jorah Mormont, protector of his Khaleesi, whom wore Armour and had been given the title Jorah the Andal by the Dothraki Horde. The Khals weapon was one that is much like himself, was highly unique and holds its marks upon its self from the many battles he had wielded the blade into through his life as a Dothraki Khal. The blade of his sword, is one of the finest steels known, through out the Dothraki plain's, though many swords have been given him to him, or stoeln when the Khalasar has marched upon cities. He has choosen to keep true to his faith, the long blade of the sword, is hand crafted and holds the glimmer of the sunlight perfectly, as well as a power when swung. The sharp sides of the blade, can slice a mans head from his body, in one powerful blow, when swung with the force of the great riders powerful muscle behind it. The hilt of his sword, is made of Bronze forming into a stallions running across the plain's, upon the side of the hilt, intricate detail lace the hilt making the scene as beautiful to see as the powerful blade.its self when it is free from the Khals side.

Background History:

Birth Of A Khal:

Against the warmth of the desert night, after the sun had long set, a woman labore with her child, the wife of a great and Powerful Dothraki Khal Bharbo. Labored with their child, her cries of pain echoed through the Khalsar camp, as her cries were soon joined by that of her new born Son. The child was strong, already though only moments old, hie bore the traditional copper fleash of the Dothraki. And the softest hint of raven black hair lined his small head. As his mother cradled him to her, her son would be the Great Rider, one of the greatest and most powerful Khal's the Dothraki hasd ever seen. Drogo was the name the child was given, he was the son of the great, the famed nomadic horselords of the Dothraki Sea. The Dothraki he grew around were fierce warriors and Drogo was one of the best, even as a young child Drogo showed promise, and skill with a weapon. And soon when he came of age, the young Warrior set forth into battle's, his prowess in battle earned him not only respect.

But, his vast khalasar when his father the former Khal, soon took ill and laid upon his death bed, he called for his son to be beside himself. He knew of his sosn great victories, and his sons power upon the battle field, even in his youth Drogo held a briad nearly as long as he wore when he became that of a man. As his father passed forth into the Night land's, forever to ride atop his mighty STallion as Drogo had seen his father do so many times, when he was a small child. Drogo was named Acting Khal, over the vast Khalasar and before the age of thirty he led the largest khalasar within the Dothraki Sea, with forty thousand warriors, and had never been defeated. His Bloodriders were Cohollo, Qotho and Haggo. He owned a palace in Vaes Dothrak and a nine-towered mansion in Pentos, given to him by the magisters of the city to buy him off to avoid the Dothraki looting the city. It was not long before, the Khal's life would forever change, from this day until his last day.

The Great Rider meets His Khaleesi:

During His time within the vast and Great land of Pentos, the canny Illyrio Mopatis arranged a marriage between him and The Targaryen princess Daenerys Targaryen, The Targaryen bride was not to be bought with anything so vulgar as gold. Her brother Viserys needed troops for the retaking of the land his forefathers once ruled, and so the deal was struck. Viserys presumed that the Khal wanted a highborn woman to ride and enjoy, but neither he nor Daenerys really understand what the Khal is looking for. The Khal wanted a khaleesi, a woman fit to grace his side, bear his children, and be a queen among his people. At first, Daenerys did not seem the best choice, for all her royal birth. And she could not speak Dothraki and Drogo knew very little of the common tongue of Westeros. One might have expected the Khal to disregard Daenerys as a person and silently drag her through endless nights of marital rape, but there was more to the Khal than the weapons of sex and war. If Starks are wolves, Lannisters are lions, and Targaryens are dragons, Drogo would surely have been a stallion. The heart of his people. It would be easy to dismiss a stallion as a rutting, fighting animal, but horses have pride and beauty, especially when they are free. They are also capable of great affection which he gave to his new wife.

In return for Drogo providing her brother Viserys Targaryen better known as the exiled prince. With ten thousand Dothraki warriors that he could use to regain the Iron Throne. He felt himself to have been rightful heir to As the day progressed, the Khalsar did as they alway's did, when they were within a new land. The Men ravaged women, before the entire Horde, and the flame dancers entertained, with their sensual movement's. But the Khal had no eyes for any but, the young silver haired vision as she was brought before himself. She was beautiful, more beautiful then any woman he had ever lain his eye's upon. On their wedding night Drogo's entire khalasar 40,000 warriors and uncounted women, children, and slaves gathered in a field outside of Pentos for the ceremony, which lasted from dawn to dusk, with Khal Drogo seated with Daenerys on earthen ramp at the head. As the feast began to wind down Drogo received a whip, arakh chased in gold, and a curved dragonbone bow from his bloodriders, traditional first offered to his wife which she refused.

Though neither spoke the same tongue, their words shared between them through Ser Jorah Mormont, the Khal could already start to feel something stir within himself for his beautiful bride. Amongt their gift's, was something most unique when Illyrio gave Daenerys three dragon eggs that all had thought turned to stone due to the passage of time. Drogo soon presented his beautiful young wife, with the greatest gift he could give to her, The Khal’s wedding gift to Daenerys was a perfect symbol of this allegory: a beautiful mare, fleet as the wind and easy to guide. “Silver for the silver of your hair,” were his words, interpreted by Illyrio to his bride. There is a simplicity and a poetry to this most ferocious of warriors. Perhaps because Khal Drogo was the one man whom had nothing to prove, he could truly be himself. The politics of the khalasar mean only that he must succeed in battle. Given that, he is their leader and his word is their law. Because Khal Drogo was perfectly at ease with the power at his command, he knew when not to use it. Where Daenerys learned, there was no word of thanks for the such thing, Drogo softly lifted his beautiful Khaleesi as he set her atop her mare, an soon mounted atop his steed besie her. Before Finally Khal Drogo lead her off from the the Khalasar to share, his moment with his beautiful wife. For them to now consummate the marriage between them.

Jalan atthirari anni (Moon Of My Life):
Though their Marriage was unique, in part the Khal found himself falling deeper and deeper for the silver haired beauty. Seeing as she soon began learning the Dothraki language from her handmaid Irri. Without Drogo knowing, She sought advice from her handmaid, Doreah, on how to best please the great rider in bed, and soon. Combining these skills, Drogo began to not only love his wife, but respect her as an equal to himself, seeing her not as a wife from the land. But as his Khaleesi the moon of his life. After two months together, as man an wife, Daenerys and Drogo were happier together. Drogo expressed satisfaction and joy at the news that Daenerys was now soon to bear his son, forth into the world Drogo and Daenerys's marriage became a surprisingly happy one. Though Drogo cut a ferocious figure before his men, he was tender to Daenerys, she softened him and mae him more then the Savage most ha seen, and whispered him to be for so so long. As Daenerys learned to speak Dothraki, Drogo proved a quick study learning the common tongue of Westeros, though he retained a barbarous accent. Drogo's relationship with Viserys was not as pleasant. He quickly became scornful of Viserys's pushy demeanor and frequent transgressions of Dothraki taboos.

When Viserys drew a forbidden blade in Vaes Dothrak, demanding his crown, and not only brought ill respect toward him, but the moon of his life, threatening her an to kill their unborn growing inside her womb. It was simply to much, Drogo soon gave him his crown of gol, before the Khalasar. When he threw a golden belt within the pot, and then upending a pot of molten gold over his head an Killed the foolish prince before them all. At Vaes Dothrak, the prophet-croned of the dosh khaleen proclaiming that Drogo and Daenerys's unborn child would be the Stallion that Mounts the World, a prophesied leader in Dothraki legend. Where He also approves his wife naming him Rhaego after her slain brother, Rhaegar, a great warrior and the once prince Of the seven vast kingdom's. During a sun filled afternoon, while Daenerys braided his briade, he learned of a Iron chair, a throne something he ha never once heard of himself. Daenerys soon asked Drogo to continue with the invasion but he was reluctant to attempt to cross the Narrow Sea because of his people's fear of the 'poison water' - the sea - and 'wooden horses' - ships. Ser Jorah saves Daenerys from a poisoner sent by King Robert posing as a simple wine merchant. Learning of the attempt Drogo rewards Jorah with a horse. Drogo swears a blood oath that he will punish King Robert for his cowardice, lead the Dothraki beyond the poison water to invade the Seven Kingdoms and seat his son on the 'Iron Chair' of Westeros. Stating before them all And to my son, the Stallion Who Will Mount the World, I will also pledge a gift. I will give him the iron chair that his mother's father sat upon.

It was after this promise, that Khal Drogo lead his men to raid and plunder a village's of the Lhazareen, a peaceful sheep-herders place of rest. He pillaged several towns in Lhazar in order to harvest slaves to exchange for warships which would take his horde across the sea. While in Lhazar, Drogo forms a plan, He plans to take slaves to trade for a fleet to invade Westeros. Daenerys protests when the Dothraki rape the women of the village, and has her retinue stop the practice. Mago becomes infuriated at Daenerys' presumption and complains to Drogo. Drogo notes that this is custom amongst the Dothraki, but out of admiration for Daenerys' spirit, agrees to let her keep the slaves for herself. Mago accuses Drogo of being at the whim of the 'foreign whore', pressing his Dothraki Sword into Drogo's chest causing a wound. Enraged, Drogo fights Mago in single combat, dropping his weapons to show his disdain for Mago's skills. He kills Mago and tears his tongue out through his throat. Against the want's of the Khalasar, He allows one of Dany's new slaves, Mirri Maz Duur a healer as she called herself, to treat his injury ignoring warnings from his bloodrider Qotho. And almost in no time, as if cursed by the seven gos themselve's Drogo's wound soon festers and Drogo becomes unable to ride, a great shame amongst the Dothraki - for a Khal that cannot ride and cannot lead. In their eye's.

Drogo soon fell from atop his horse before them all, and sends the Khalasar into near chaos as his follower's as they called themselves soon turn on him. Duur uses sorcery and witchcraft to infect Drogo's wound even further to avenge her people - and she tells Daenerys that he will die. Daenerys convinced Mirri Maz Duur to use her blood magic to preserve his life. The maegi betrayed the young Khaleesis trust, in revenge for the attack on her village, The witch, spoke simple word telling the young Targaryen no one must enter within the tent an that life would pay for life. As a blade soon came across the Khals horse, Daenerys commanded her to use her magic to save Drogo and Duur agreed, but the Dothraki become agitated at this display of 'witchcraft'. The khalasar soon separated. Qotho intervened and was killed by Ser Jorah Mormont. Daenerys soon is injured and goes in labor. Before the night was through every life would change.

The Pyre and Mother of Dragon's:

The night soon passed, and the ritual only returned Drogo to a catatonic vegetable state, while causing their child Rhaego to die in Daenerys' womb. But their son, is stillborn. Drogo's life was saved but he was left in a vegetative state. Duur admitted she did this deliberately in revenge for the sacking of her village. Claiming that before the young queen had saved her she had been raped three times, watched her villiage burn and those she had cured slaughtered. Daenerys soon asked her when Drogo would return to her, only to be told

“When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before."Weeping, Daenerys smothered Drogo with a pillow to end his misery. She soon had Duur burned alive on Drogo's funeral pyre. Daenerys and move forward into the flame's. This conflagration triggered the hatching of Dany's dragon eggs, releasing the first three dragons into the world in a century and a half an as the ashes of Drogo blew about. The mother of Dragons rose forth, with her three childeren. To rule over His former Khalasar, and take her place upon the throne he had promised he would give to their son. The stallion whom would have mounted the world.

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