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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Drian Bryne

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Drian Bryne







Allegiance to House:


Role to House:



Drian is an eccentric and free-spirited druid who uses her powers recklessly and selfishly. Frequently brash and irresponsible, Drian often challenges authority Drian has a highly sexual appearance, and often uses sex to get whatever she want's. She is her daddys princess and often sees the world, should have the same attitude, she gets jealous easy, and often she finds herself wanting to leave yet stay at the same time. Shes emotionally conflicted, and always changes her mind, she hates people who dont agree with her, and often she jumps into fights for no reason. This behavior hides a more "girlish" side to her that enjoys grooming herself like other average girls her age, which shows itself whenever she plays with her hair or her things. She also tends to let her emotions control her actions: when stressed, she is prone to acting like a spoiled child who whines, complains, and lashes out at everyone around her. However, she is very self-aware of herself during such intervals, but has extreme difficulty stopping herself from acting in such an immature manner, which causes her to feel guilty whenever she regains control of herself. She has feelings for other's. She is not without a responsible side, however, which she forced herself to develop after her mother died so that she would be able to support her father emotionally and care for her younger sibling. But she is not without her fault, Drian even before her fathers death, was one of the most unusual girls one could meet. With a strong attraction to her family.

Physical Description:

Drian is a tall girl for her age standing at 5'6 and 120 pounds. She is thin yet curved in every spot she needs to be, her form is toned and tight from constant walking, and so are her long shaped leg's. Drian is a great beauty, with long hair the color of dark chocolate and pale, unblemished skin. She is slender and graceful. She has full breasts, a narrow waist, and a heart-shaped face. Her voice is sonorous, commanding and beautiful when need be. Her eyes are a dark blue like the midnight stars lacing the sky above ourselve's.

Powers and Abilities:

Telepathic with her brother

Drian is able to make a doppleganger of her for certain periods of time. Her copy lasts for only a few short moments or hour's, but each time it doesn drain her to make this copy her and her copy

Healing to small wounds and bruises on her body

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Her greatest strength comes from her beauty, just as any other woman, Drian is able to use her ways to seduce and gain herself above the stronger sex. She is cunning, intelligent, and often she is quiet and rarely paid attention to which gives her the chance to slip behind unseen. Her weakness inside herself, is something she hardly ever allows herself to feel, the fear of being alone truly, for the first time is something she fears more then the stranger of the seven. As well, as losing her brother, though they may not perfect, he means everything to her.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

No Armour

Anything she can get her hands on, though she rarely resorts to violence when she can use sex to her advantage.

Background History:

The weight of family and their history is something that weights on everyones head at one time or another. To be good enough, to be loved by them, or even to be seen as half as good as you want them to see you. Family is the strongest power in the world, and the love or hate eachother can feel, is something that no other will ever know. A family of Druids is something most saw as a sin, a punishment upon the land, many were killed and often most of these creatures as some called them were no different in threat then that of a Human mortal. The story of one family, however was different from that of the other's, a young child was born a baby girl, beautiful fair and with eyes like that of midnight as soon as they parted and shown to the world. This child was named Drian, at the age of two her brother was born into thsi world, her companion her fiend and soon her lover, though the two had yet to realize this fate. Upon her mothers death, their home was no longer filled with her warmth, her loving care, or her beautiful face.

After her mothers death, Drian soon found herself taking her mothers place, often trying her best to keep their home as perfect as she could. And be as good as she could be within her fathers eye's, for a short time they all seemed happy, a normal family in a sense until Drian found herself blossoming. Her small child like body took shape into that of a woman, within her sexual peak, her long raven hair as silken as satin bedsheets. And those midnight eyes shining like star's, she was the perfect image of her mother in each and every single way. And it wasnt long beofre her father soon saw her in this light, and soon found himself between his daughter's leg's. For a time she hated him, hated his touches and the way he touched her, but in time she grew to enjoy this forbidden joing between her and her father.

But yet there was something missing within the young girl's life, she held her brother when he needed her tended his wounds when he needed her. And in time Drian discovered her younger brother playing with himselfwhen she was bathing; rather than being scalded for his perverted affection for her, Drian rewarded his complimentary attention by offering him a hand in his sinful game. From that day forth the Bryne siblings began to explore an entirely new love together. Their hands going where only a lover’s hands were supposed to go, kisses deep and sensual exchanged in the privacy of their home or in the secluded parts of the forest and every so often Drian would ask Draece to bath with him yet never did she offer herself fully to him. There was something the young maiden wished for him to do, for her before he would be given her perfect gift to him. She lusted for their fathers death, and using her feminie ways, her brother soon became the one to free her. Never had she felt such a feeling inside herself, the fear and the excitment all seeming to boil within her blood. As she waited for the moment when she would finally be free from the pain. Free from his touch, and fee to do as she pleased.

Upon her fathers death, she granted her brother the promise she had made him, and for that first moment, their fleash met as one, she found she wanted more of him. To not only be his sister, but to be his lover, and the mother of his children. And yet she knew, one so young as he needed time before she spoke such a thought, as the years passed and Dreece took leave for Lannisport, Drian remained behind at their home. Waiting for him to return to her, the few men that hungered fo her all were denied, for her heart belonged to only the men of her bloodline. Though many never understood her, she found she didnt need the acceptance of others to find her own happiness. She merely needed her own, to live as she had wished for so long, and so did, she rose when she wished, and lived as any young woman her age would. All the while waiting for her lovers return home to her, it seemed like ages had passed while she waited. Before that day finally came.

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[DARKESTANGEL17] Drian Bryne
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