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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Kenneth Devaraux

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Kenneth Devaraux







Allegiance to House:


Role to House:



Ken is one of the most complexed men one can ever cross paths with, Cold and calculating. Sadistic and Ruthless, He is a man of contracts. He has never broken his word or his loyalties. He is ruthless in the persuit of his goals,and is as deadly as he is collected. On the surface his demenor is one that instatly gives off a vibe of darkness,emotionally disconneted from the outer world around him. He follows his instinct without hesitation, and takes pleasure in doing so. Without question having a sadistic sense of his every movement even as small as simply walking. The aura of his deeds fill him,as well as haunted eyes having no respect for many things living as well as others. Ken is a man with no ties to this world nor the afterlife. Seeing everything but death,and servitude to be pointless in the eyes of humanity where fear reigns the streets. He is a master of psychological manipulation and a master planner and strategist. However though his many faults make him a difficult and dangerous man to be around he is not without his moments of calmness. Always seeking a moment to be alone, or for a woman to spend his time with, he can be a best friend or your worest nightmare the choice is all upon the first interaction shared with him.

Physical Description:

Ken stands at a modest 6'5 and 238 lbs he bears raven black hair and dark chocolate brown eyes much like his father's. His olvie(fair but softly sun kissed) Skin gives him a somewhat unique look against most within the north. His body is well toned, but holds various scars from former accidents in his life. His eyes tell all his emotions when they gaze into them, even if his face is emotionless, he is a handsome man yet not overly as handsome as other's. His eyes and face seem to hold a strenght behind them in a sense.

Powers and Abilities:

Shifting between wolf and Human form by the fullmoons glow like his sister

Enhanced Senses with this ones senses are increased to a supernatural degree. A break down of what they mean:pointdown

Hearing - Will be able to hear sounds from miles away.

Seeing - Will be able to see the anything clearly that is miles away from them like an ant on the grass on the other side of the road.

Smelling - Will be able to track someone down by smelling that person's smell.

Tasting - Can remember the taste of someone's blood and track them with it.

Touching - Will be able to touch everything, be it to cold or to hot be touched

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Even though he is a stong willed and fighter he holds his weakness as any other. He thinks of himself as a Lone wolf, unwanted or needing of other's, due to growing up nearly alone. And this is one of his greatest mistakes. As well as a distrust that seems to cause him paranoid thoughts at times. A deceptive heart that means he will never truly be happy. As well as the common werewolf weakness. At times his fathers memories are his greatest weakness, as well as the never ending nightmares that haunt his dream's. He cannot sleep for to long, for fear the dreams will someday get worse, the pain of his parents as a child is his largest weakness as well as every mans greatest.....women.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

No Armour

The one thing his father left him a simple Dagger

Background History:

Within a winters storm, was when it all took place, a lone traveler ventured forward through the harsh of wind and snow. As he made his way toward the small Inn, the inn was warm against the mans chilled skin, and offered him shelter from the storm that seemed to rage onwards behind the shelter this place offered. Yet it was not the inn that caught this mans attention, it was the young raven haired vision before himself that did this, a few hours passed and the soon two made love as the stom raged on outside. However, when the morrow came the traveler was gone, from the young woman and the inn, but she was not alone within her womb growed a son. The time her son grew inside her she waited for the man to retun, and he did to her, they were happy the happiest either of them had ever been. And when their son was born, all seemed nearly perfect as if it was no more then a fairy tale.

But soon it all came crashing down, their son was given the name Kenneth Devaraux a name that would take him far in this world. The family was happy, and their son grew happy and healthy but soon a new woman found herself within place of the young childs mother. The boy and his mother soon found themselves alone as the boys father wandered from their loving home in chase of another a newer woman. The inn was all the two had to support themselve's, and as time passed all seemed to take its toll on the two of them. Kennneth saw the heart break in his mother's eyes, and how she longed for her lovers return to her once more, as he grew he changed, fearing trusting others and feeling what he saw within his home. He became colder unfeeling, and something not even his own mother seemed to know, but his fathers scent was something he never forgot. And when he followed the faint smell, he found the home and the new woman he had abandoned them for. With her golden haired daughter, as time passed he ventured from his home seeking his place within the world.

And to know his half sister, but as if by magic somehow the girl vanished fom where he'd seen her last. It was not until year's had passed word of a Tabitha Devaraux marrying the Arryn boy seemed to spread about the land, as well as the words widow of the Vale. While in the north, he head the gossip on others lip's, and choose to venture to find his sister. To find the answers he hoped she knew, as to why thei father had left them both.

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[DARKESTANGEL17] Kenneth Devaraux
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