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 [darkestangel17] Edward Lemierux

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Edward Lemierux

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Species: Shape shifter-Wolf

His wolf form

Allegiance to House: Greyjoy

Role to House:
Swordsman if thats ok, if not I can change it


Edward is one of the most complexed men one can ever cross paths with, Cold and calculating. Sadistic and Ruthless, Edward is a man of contracts. He has never broken his word or his loyalties. He is ruthless in the persuit of his goals,and is as deadly as he is collected. On the surface his demenor is one that instatly gives off a vibe of darkness,emotionally disconneted from the outer world around him. He follows his instinct without hesitation, and takes pleasure in doing so. One to be considered emotionally disconneted,unfeeling of others,as well as cold hearted. He is a man with no ties to this world nor the afterlife. Seeing everything but death,and servitude to be pointless in the eyes of humanity where fear reigns the streets. He is a master of psychological manipulation and a master planner and strategist when he needs to be

Physical Description:

Edward is a tall man, rounding in at around 6'3 and lean as the stalks of wheat. His toned form, is one with experience and scars for battles though not many lace his outer fleash. He holds each of them within his heart, his dark chocolate brown eye's, can show almost black unless the sunlight touches them just right when they show brown. His greying black hair, is salted and shows the age and wisdom he holds within himself from the long life he has lead. His eyes show his true emotions and offten betray the hardness, he tries to show toward the outer world. He know's he is no the most handsome of men, but his charm and silver tongue make upfor what he lacks in so called good looks. As a wolf he is a simply beautiful creature, tall massive bulk(think like the size of the Direwolfs) And silver grey fur. Like fine silken fabric, enough to make even the glow of the moonlight envios with his perfection. His silver eyes and massive paw's, as well as the bulk of this creature make him as deadly as he is as a man.

Powers and Abilities:

Shift into his wolven form almost at will within moments.

Enhacned senses(eye sight, hearing, agility, speed ect)

Olphactory Memory (never forgets a scent, able of always finding it)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

His weakness is simple he can be killed as any wolf can when shifted. But he will give one hell of a fight, his strength comes from his cunning mind, to never lay down and simply quit to go and go until his foe or himself lay dead within the earth. At whatever cost to himself he will go head strong into things, without second thought, offten his denial of emotions is his biggest weakness, to refuse help even when he needs it. And pride all make him a man boh to be respected, and looked down upon for not admitting his own flaw.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Swords, or Bow and Arrow Armour is something he does not believe in wearing.

Background History:

On a cold winters night the howls of wolves broke the shrill of the blackened forest. As the newborn child was born into the world of the shifter's, the childs name was Edward Lemieurx, the second born son of the Lemierux family. As a child Edward spent his life within the woods around, the small home he shared with his clan of shifter's. He soon learned to shift himself into his wolven form, practicing until he nearly drove himself mad to be bale to shift almost at will. As he grew Edward found himself fascinated with weapons, and the forge of swords and fighting, from the moment of his brith however Edward as considered the odd one of his pack. The child who found a book to be more important then the fleash of an animal but the child who was most down seen. Was the child who would soon take control of them, as he grew into a young man his knowledge soon expanded as well, and with new found knowledge came a inner pride as well. And with pride came the want to better himself, and his clan from the current leader his father Daven.

Edward soon left his clan for a short time, to learn sword skill and fighting in a near by villiage, speanding countless hours perfecting himself in the art. Hour upon hour to make himself perfect, in his own eyes and that of his teacher's. As he soon became perfect as he saw it, and once this had been gained he went, back to his clan and challenged his father to battle not of witts. Not as a wolf but as two men, and two sword's the prize the clan and leadership no matter the cost. The battle soon began and though his father held his own, and even wounded his own son stabbing him within his side. To which he still holds the scar to this very day, his father fell to his death as Edward brought his sword across his fathers stomach killing him. Edward soon took over his clan as rightful leader as he saw it, but after ten years as leader it became tiresome to him. And he gave the clan to his brother Merrick, Edward soon turned to the life of travel traveling about the lands.

Edward found himself from place to place, taking a lover from time to time as he traveled. But bearing no wife nor child in his wake, as he soon traveled across the narrow sea he found the land of westeros. The thought alone to gain power for himself, if even in the smallest fashion, simply to much to him to simply deny himself. Edward soon found himself traveling about the land in search of the proper placement for himself when he finally settled upon his choice.

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[darkestangel17] Edward Lemierux
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