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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Damien Galahad

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PostSubject: [DARKESTANGEL17] Damien Galahad   [DARKESTANGEL17] Damien Galahad Icon_minitimeMon Jan 21, 2013 9:52 am

Night gathers, and now my watch begins.


Damien Galahad







Allegiance to House:

Nights Watch

Role to House:



He is a quiet man, who has a high intelligence, he is a man who lets his actions speak for him and not his word's. He means well enough, but he can turn deadly if need be or when he is threatened. He behaves how you wish for him to behave live and let live. His strength comes from his high intelligence, he is a man of actions not of words. He is a man who believes in whats right, but he is not above doing wrong as well, he like all living things has two sides to him, the good and the bad its just sometimes the lines become grey for him between black and white. He means well, but he has a past like everyone does he is not without sin. But he is not the most pure of evils either, he finds the good in everything even if there is none to see.

Physical Description:

Damien is a man unlike any other, staning at 6'4 an 227 pound of solid muscle he is a sight to see. Hazel eyes with fleck's of gold almost color his eye's, curled hair as dark as the night its self, as well as olvie tinte fleash make him have a almost exotic look. His body is hard an tone from many days of hard work, and travel a fine trimmed beard, as ark as his hair gives him a rough yet refine look to himself. He bears no scar's, but one along his left side, no others makrs lace him.

Powers and Abilities:


Strengths and Weaknesses:

Damien is a bit complexed in a sense, he is calm stoic and silent, he holds a refined elegance to himself as well as a high intelligence. Yet, he as anyone can turn, into someones nightmare if he is provoked, he blames himself for almost everything. Feeling as if he doesnt keep his word, the world is going to end, and crash down around him. A promise is a promise, and thats how he see's it, he can be sensual thoughtful and loving but he is mainly stoic. His greatest quality however is his great wekness, he takes on the worlds problem's, and blames himself even for things he is not resposible for a good heart is a stressed heart.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Background History:

Against the frozen night, a childs soft cries broke the still of the night. A young boy, cradled to his mothers breast as she held him close to herself, her son was unlike her first two, or even her next she would bear into this world after him. He was a differnt child, not upon mere glance, he was a beautiful young baby, a thin whisper of black hair curling atop his young head, and the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen as they gazed toward herself. But her son was a silent man, in the making as the child grew, another son was soon born into their modest family home. And the two older sons soon took to the young baby. But not Damien he shyed from that child, for no reason to do so, but he did as they grew Damien started to show his true coloring to the world. He was silent and never spent time with the other childeren only the adult's. He was different a child who spent his time with his face shoved into a book. Instead of playing, hunting instead of spending time with his family, and as he grew so did his love of the hunt. Ian would spend countless hours hunting within the woods near his home. Sometimes even spending day's doing so, he became obessed with the prizes of food and sport.

But soon as with anything he grew tired of game animal's, as his prey and soon he moved to the next step. Human prey, people near him and his familys home started to vanish, and thus the monster was born he became a freak as some saw it. About killing, one two even ten wouldnt ever be enough. He made it into a game of sorts moving from place to place, and leaving his home behind as he went on "accident" trips as he called them. He worked odd jobs across the Land's, to pay for his need's, and Inn room's. Moving from place to place, when even this soon became boring as he saw, it to his own personal viewing's, and he soon stepped it up a means for money food and even a horse. Damien soon started along a path that surely would have costed him his life.

But during his travel's he soon found someone to share it with, a young girl named Danielle. While heading toward a Inn, to find a means of food before he ventured back toward the road for the next town. He saw a young girl, no more then fourteen or sixteen by the looks of her. A runaway fighting with a grown man, in the road pathway, he struck her and she fell and soon Damien struck him. The two fought, and as always Damien won by any means he could. The girl was shaken scared and worried she wouldnt be safe, but something about him made her feel these feeling's. So she soon joined him traveling, he had calmed down on his little accidents for awhile now caring for someone, but once more his need got to him and he killed again and again and again. But Danielle wasnt as he thought she liked it, she liked watching him do these things, and soon the two found themselves doing this together.

Finding couples and anyone using their lie as a young couple in need of help, to anyone foolish enough to pick them up within their carriage. But, they werent lying totatlly they were a couple, but they were not a couple they made love as she grew older. But soon, things turned sour for the two young lover's, when Danielle soon took ill. And he found himself alone, her passing caused something within him to change, to wish to atome for his way's, and be the man he was suppose to be before he had lost his way. Throught venture Damien had heard of a brother hood unlike any other, one when a man was beyond the touch of anything once he took on the black. Soon he traveled toward the North, it was a long and dangerous venture, but it was worth it for Danielles memory and for himself. He soon found the wall of the nights watch, and having no wife nor child he saw no reason not to join. His past haunts him, and will forever do so, but it has shaped him into the man he now stand's as. He has choosen to take his life one day at a time, as anyone can do no longer, being a slave to violence but a man of a higher means and no logner a slave to impulsive way's.

I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against cold.
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[DARKESTANGEL17] Damien Galahad
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