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 [DARKESTANGEL17] Lana Lencell

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Lana Lencell


Gender: Female

Species: Human

Allegiance to House: Tyrell

Role to House: Bed Maid(To Margaery Tyrell)

Lana is a intelligent young woman who knows what she needs to to survive, but yet there is something about her that is helpless in many sense's. She is sweet and shy and often a wild flower, she is timid when meeting new people for the first time. And often has her walls up due to her fear of meeting new people or being judged by saying something one would consider silly. Lana is a smart young woman, she knows how to sew, to cook to read and write and dance. But in many ways she has the purity of a childs heart inside herself in many ways she is innocent. But she can also be very joyful and sweet a tender soul, and a bit willful in many way's. She is thoughtful and sweet brave yet loving, sweet yet a bit of a strength runs inside her as any she has a survival need burning inside herself when faced with danger.

Physical Description:
Lana is a stunning young woman, her beauty is something the young woman hardly notices or even accept's. Though many have told her, she does not think herself beautiful. Lana stand's at a modest 5 foot 5 inches tall and rounds off at a light 120 pound's. Her skin is a soft fair, but slightly olvie tinted from her days in the sun outside in the Reach. Her long dark chocolate brown hair, hangs loosely down her back, she bears almond shaped dary brown eyes though in certain light they seem nearly golden. Ample C cup breast's and long shaped leg's, make her set apat from the older bed maid's, within service to the Tyrell's. She is a beautiful young creatuee but she does not see this about herself.

Powers and Abilities:
None shes a Human

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Lanas strengths are simple her good heart, and her depth make her a strong willed young woman. She sees good in other's, and is always willing to help others even if sometimes her help is not needed. Her good nature however can also be her downfall if she meets the wrong person. Or someone ill of heart, she is a sweet young woman but being innocent and trusting can get her into trouble often. However her main weakness is her species, a human is a fragile creature and Lana is as fragile as any of them. She fears the dark, and fears being judged she fears many things and often gets scared to the point she cry's.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
No Armour
No Weapons she doesnt believe in violence

Background History:
During one of the hottest months of the summer, a woman laid in labor nearly a day and a half, as her young child tore free of her womb and welcomed herself within the world. The babe girl was small, and frail she was a newborn child, et she was so much smaller then her sister had been upon her birth. The baby girl was soon given a name Lana, the first and only of her name, as she grew she soon found herself curious of the world. Around herself and whom she was, but things didnt last happy for the young child, she was a sickly little thing offten getting colds. Or always needing her mother, her mother soon grew tired of this Imperfect child, and turned on her unwilling to love her, and showering her love and attention on the little girls sister. Lana was heart broken, she tried everything but her mother would not love her, she gave her the basics but not what a child needed love. At age 12 the little girl soon found a new man, within her home her mothers new boyfriend who took a shine more.

Then he should have to the young, small brown haired little girl, her health had finally settled its self but now the young child had more to face. Then here mothers unloving attitude or sickly condition, when all were from the home, he soon found Lana within her room, drunken and staggering toward her she felt fear for the first time ine her entire life-time. As she dove out her bedroom window, and heard him coming behind her she ran and forced her young legs to carry her toward the road as she ran into the sight of a carriage, who stopped and picked her up. She became a run away, doing what she could to survive, she saw the way men looked at her, and how they treated her telling her how beautiful she was and how pretty she was. The young girl decided then and there she would use them, for once she would be selfish, she sarted selling herself for food for clothing for Inn rooms to stay warm anything. Even for a ride to the next town, as she grew so did her beauty, now at age 14 Lana didnt know it but her young life was about to change forever.

Her young years had not been her best, but they were the forming tool into whom she now is. For year's it seemed as if Lana would never find a place to call home for herself a place to fully belong. It took her year but after 6 long years and almost non stop travel through out the land's, the young maiden found herself within the relam of Westeros. She ventured through the stormlands for a short time, but found the reach to be her new home, Lana soon found herself living within the reach, but unsure as to where she would belong. It wasnt long before she found herself in service to the known Tyrell family's daughter Margaery Tyrell as a bed maid. Beneath her bright smile, lays a need to become someone, to be known and famous but her dreams are merely one to be delayed until the young woman sees where her future is to be within Westeros.

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[DARKESTANGEL17] Lana Lencell
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