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 [LIDALOU] Leighana Rayne

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Hear Me Roar.

Her name is Leighana Rayne, but in the brothel she goes by Rayne. She says that she doesn’t want her name getting planted within the Brothel walls, because eventually she plans to leave.
Leighana has seen twenty summers.
She is female.
As far as she knows it, Leighana is human.
Allegiance to House: Leighana is pledged to House Lannister
Role to House:
Her current role to the Lannister house is being a brothel worker, although one day she plans to change her occupation.
Leighana is and has always been a very mentally strong woman, as well as intelligent and being strong willed, she is a woman who knows her own mind quite well and is not afraid to show it. Leighana is a firm believer that no one should ever judge someone on the first meeting and she follows this example, she always give someone a first chance, however cross her or a member of her family she will not hesitate end you. Leighana has always been extremely strong minded and opinionated, she knows her own mind and likes to speak it not matter what which can sometimes get her into a bit of trouble. Leighana does not like things to get her down and she often doesn't let anything get to her, she's aware that this can come across as arrogant, but as she sees it fit that she is a woman, and every woman should be dignified even if her occupation is anything by dignified.

She is a very flirtatious woman and often finds herself in the company of men, even when she is not on duty at the brothel, she finds them far more humorous than other women and will often join in with their jokes, indeed, Leighana's humor is trait quite cherished by her friends, something that greatly surprises people upon first meeting with her. Leighana is liked by many, except women who are often envious of her beauty and her personality.

Leighana also has a wild side, she enjoys having fun and doing dangerous things, something that often gets her into tangles of trouble, but she doesn’t care. Sometimes, Leighana gets so carefree and she doesn’t really care what anyone else things of her. She enjoys doing things just for the thought that she may get into trouble.

Leighana is extremely beautiful, intelligent, and sweet yet can be extremely manipulative and is by no means unaware of her charm and grace, where she can often leave behind a string of broken hearts and necks to get where she wants in life. She is an extremely stubborn woman and hates it when she's wrong; and will in no means apologize. Brazen and brave, Leighana is strong and determined, much like her mother once was . She is extremely loyal and protective of her friends, and she has a sensitive, and loving nature towards her fellow women that occupy the brothel. Despite having a confident exterior, underneath it all, Leighana can be quite insecure and this his tends to make her an overachiever at times, creating flaws and complexities in her character as she tries to live up to peoples expectations and in the shadow of family but also out of fear of being alone. It has often been said that Leighana is exactly like her mother, beautiful, smart, powerful she will always remember a phrase her mother said to her a few years ago "Knowledge is Power" and it is something she will take with her to the grave.

Physical Description: Many men have heard of Rayne across the lands of Westeros, she’s often described as a sweet and subtle beauty. Leighana never really thought that she held any memorable beauty, she’s always thought that she was pretty, but it wasn’t until she started working at the Brothel that she thought she was beautiful. Maybe it was men always telling her that they loved her ashen blonde hair, or her crystalline eyes. Leighana has subtle features that make her beautiful, the corners of her lips point downward, creating a natural pout, and round mouth. Her nose is rounded at the end, not coming to a complete point but it made her face look softer and prettier. The eyes that captivate many men are a fierce green.

Leighana stands five feet and four inches from the ground, but her stature is anything but stout. She reaches a maximum weight of one hundred and twenty five pounds, and she’s all curves. Her breasts are firm and perky, and her butt is muscular and lean.

Powers and Abilities:
Leighana has no special powers, other than the ability to manipulate man, she does it not by magic, but by intelligence and her body. She’s also not bad at basic combat incase she ever needs to defend herself by a man that gets a little too excited when she’s serving him.

Intelligence: She believes that everyone should be knowledgeable if they want to achieve anything in life.
Humor: Due the her humor, she gets on the good side of many people so that if she ever needs help with anything, any man would be willing to do so.
Cunning: Because of her manipulative nature, she if often known to get what she wants because she convinces men to buy her gifts and give them their gold in addition to paying her for her services.

Stubbornness: She is so stubborn that she will never take no for an answer, and that will often get her into trouble.
Short Temper: Because of her short temper, she will often blow up on a man in the middle of servicing him because of something she says that bothers her.

Weapon of Choice: Women are often not supposed to carry weapons, especially brothel workers, because men do not like to see sword wielding women, and would much rather see soft hearted creatures to toy with. Leighana though, because of her rebelliousness, she likes to be equipt with a weapon, she also believes that any woman in her type of business should carry a weapon for their own self defense. With that, Leighana has a small dagger that she brought from a marketer in town, it was said to come across the Narrow Sea from one of the free cities. The dagger is small and light, and has green emeralds on the handles, it is razor sharp, luckily Leighana has never had to use it, though she has threatened a couple men.

Backround and History:
It was twenty years ago that a stablewoman was giving birth, her husband clutching her hand as she squeezed so tightly that the blood had drained from his fingers. “Push Melinda,” he whispered into his wife’s ear as he watched the tears roll down his beloved’s cheek. The midwife who was Gabriel’s sister came into their home to deliver their first child. Gabriel had long been hoping that his first born would be a boy, was still happy when his wife had given birth to Leighana, a strong blonde headed baby girl. It was said that the Rayne’s were once part of the Household Reyne, that was destroyed due to rebellion against Lord Tytos Lannister, Twyin Lannister was said to be the one to destroy the entire house to extinction. Many people have their beliefs but if that were true, Gabriel said that they would not be living in Casterly Rock.

Leighana grew up on a farm, her father tended to the farms, and her mother tended to the stable. The stable was where many knights left their horses for a small fee, which had kept the family afloat more than the farming that her father did. Leighana was six years old when her mother had another child, a boy, but lost her mother while she was giving birth to her brother. Her brother was a bustling blonde as well, getting into trouble where ever he went. Leighana at that time, tried helping her father as much as she could, until he had remarried.

Gabriel married a witch, as she had put it. Annalee was cruel, like a cobra, and sneaky like a fox. Leighana hated her step mother, she hated her more than anything. Annalee was not only cruel to Leighana and Arin, but her own father as well. Gabriel decided that he stopped loving her when he found out that she had cheated on him with another man, Leighana was twelve when that happened, and he had tossed her step mother out of the house. Arin, Leighana’s brother, was six when the fever hit him. It came like a plague, attacking his immune system, and making it hard for him to breath. His skin was hot as fire, and sweat constantly poured from his face. It took a week for the fever to take him, her father was completely upset. It took everything that it was in him to pull himself up from the ground and get back to work. He had to for his daughter, she was becoming a woman, and soon he realized that more men were interested in his young beauty than he even imagined.

Leighana took over the stables, since she was now thirteen. Her father and her both needed more money, food was rash, and clothing was anything but up to Leighana’s standards. Leighana soon took on the role of cooking and cleaning her household as well, always making sure that her father had food on his plate when he walked in the door from the farm, and that he had clean socks to wear when he left.

Three years later, Leighana lost her father. It wasn’t due to any sickness or disease, just the fact that he was getting old, and his bones couldn’t handle the farm life anymore. He passed peacefully in his sleep. Not long after that, times began to get tougher and tougher for Leighana. Men would come to her home, and would pay her for food and a place to sleep, mainly because her home was cheaper than most inns.

One evening, Leighana had four men in her home at once, three were asleep and one was awake in the kitchen. Leighana believed that she could not sleep unless everyone else in the house was sleeping. She continued to pour wine into the man’s cup. He was a knight, she could tell from his iron plated across his chest, and the sigil on armor. As she leaned over the table to pour wine in his glass, her reached over and grabbed her by her hair, and covering her mouth with his. Leighana tried to yell, but he only forced himself on her more, covering her mouth with his hand. She was his for the taking, and she had no strength but to do as he wished. When it was all finished, he reached into his bag and gave her three gold pieces. It was the first gold that Leighana had ever seen in her life, the first gold that had ever really meant anything to her. She knew of women that would give their bodies away for money, but she never thought she would ever see gold. Gold was her motive, and that was when she decided to be a brothel woman, in hopes of making enough Gold to get away from Casterly Rock, and settle in her own place and be at peace.

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[LIDALOU] Leighana Rayne
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