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 [LidaLou] Vala Mal

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Vala Mal

Vala Mal




Allegiance to House:
The Night's Watch.

Role to House:
Tavern Owner in the small town on the Edge of the Gift.

Val is very strong willed and has no problem standing up for herself. She is independent and can take of herself if she ys needs be. Being the owner of a tavern has made her outgoing and friendly, always being kind to those in need. Many of those that come to the Tavern always consider her to be one of the most kind hearted women in all the town, but do say that she has a fiery temper when angry. Val enjoys the company of others, and will always welcome someone into her home.

Physical Description:
Val is a taller woman, standing at a whopping 5'11. She has high cheek bones, a slender nose, and piercing blue eyes. Her lips are directed downwards, and she has a square shaped jaw line. Vala has a sort of muscular frame, but still feminine. Her hair is a deep dark brown, and her skin is palish sort of like porcelain. due to her species, she is also marked with a tribal tattoo on her lower abdominal area.

Powers and Abilities:
Though Vala is a druid, she does not keep up much with her heritage or her race, but that does not mean that she doens't have any powers or abilities. Vala is a healer, which most know that she is a Druid and respect her, some come to her to heal their wounds or their loved ones wounds. Vala also has slight power of elements such as earth and fire.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Since she is a druid, she must live closer to nature so that she may live a balanced life and get power from her elements so that she may perform specific tasks.A Druid cannot summon the powers of nature; he has to be exposed to them in order to harness their energy. Another current weakness is that she is currently 5 months pregnant with a bastard child. Some strengths that she possesses, is her wits and her intelligence.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
One of Vala's weapon of choice would be her hand carved Druid's Bow, blessed by those of the old druids before her time. It is one of the only connections that she truly shares with her species fully. Her bow is made of a light wood, with live plants wrapped around the bow. She takes pride in this bow and the plants that engulf it also help her stay close to nature at all times.

Armour wise, she doesn't really wear much armor other than occasionally she'll wear a leather vest or some sort of chain mail but only when she travels. Being a druid doesn't require much because she can protect herself using her powers. Clothing wise, she generally wears long sleeves clothing that complement her figure, especially now that she is with child. Her clothing is normally plain, but every now and then she'll wear something extravagant in her eyes.

Background History:
Even though she is a druid, she was raised to act like a human. That is only due to the fact that her druid parents abandoned her, and left her for dead. She was found by an elderly human couple that instantly took her in despite her inhuman characteristics such as her tattooed abdomen and her pointed ears.

She lived a rather simple life, dwelling not in riches but rather working for what she wants. Her 'father' was a butcher and sometimes did blacksmith work, and her mother stayed home and took care of the household just like a good woman and a good wife should do. She had one brother, who was her parents natural born son, and by the time she was 5 he was already wed to another woman from a distant land. Her home life was rather lonely, since she was practically an only child, and the fact that she knew she wasn't her parents real child, which only concluded in her distancing herself from her parents even though they treated her no different than their own child.

Vala spent most of her childhood playing with the others in the town, and then she found a bow and arrow that was left in the woods. It had her name attatched to it on a small sliver of parchment. Vala had always knew that she had a connection with nature, but when the bow was planted in her hand she felt a surge of energy. Not soon after one of the children she was playing with fell out of a tree after playing concour the tree, and broke his arm. Vala not knowing what to do, walked to the boy and put her hand on his arm. The moment she did, she got the surge of energy and a small light shone through her hands and the boy looked at her strange and then ran away fearing her. When she went home, she asked her parents what was wrong with her, and what powers did she posses. Soon she was told of her past, and the fact that not only was she a druid, but she had powers that she may or may not be able to control.

As she reached her teen years, she started to practice her healing powers, and became quite a successful healer. At age seventeen, she decided to leave her quaint little village and travel to a different town. Soon, she found herself in a small town near the gift and the Great Wall, where the Night's Watch watched over making sure no trespassers enter Westeros. Acquiring a house, she transformed it into a small tavern where she met many people and made many friends. Vala soon met a man, that she fell for and started to have a hot steamy affair. The affair went on for quite sometime, and no one was supposed to know about it, but now she is with child. Many people have their suspicions of who the father is, but no one is sure and no one would condemn Vala since she is liked within the town, and also one of the main healers for the Night's Watch.

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[LidaLou] Vala Mal
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