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 [LidaLou] Arwyn Simerian

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Arwyn Simerian

Arwyn Simerian




Allegiance to House:
She doesn’t very well agree with the houses of Westoros, and escaped Westeros at a very young age of 18 by sneaking on a boat, Arwyn’s allegiance is pledged to the House Targaryn, hoping the that Khalessi, Daenerys Targaryn shall claim the Iron Throne.

Role to House:
Having proven herself to the Khaleesi, and being very skilled with a bow and arrow, and having an eye very much like a hawk, Arwyn is a Horse Archer in the Khaleesi’s Khalasar. Arwyn has a strong arm and body, and does well as a Horse Archer.

Arwyn is willful, ambitious and cunning. She is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her own, such as herself and her Khalasar. Arwyn can be very arrogant and self-centered and that may be a down fall because she does think that she is much better than anyone that crosses her path as long as they are not the Khal nor the Khaleesi. One would often describe Arwyn as narsacist and short-sighted. Arwyn though, is very skilled in manipulating enemies with her beauty. Arwyn is not one to hold back her feelings on a certain subject if they do not please her, and will openly disagree with something. Arwyn can be very cruel to those who speak to her as though she is nothing. She takes great pride in her work, and would do anything to impress her Khaleesi. One of the main reasons that Arwyn fled Westeros was due to the fact that she openly disagreed with King Joffery Baratheon’s decisions.

Physical Description:
Arwyn’s skin is like porcelain, silky smooth, and snow white in color. Her cheeks are tinted a perfect pink, while her lips have a slightly darker shade. Arwyn possess such blue eyes, that many men seemlessly drown within the blue ponds that take form within her rounded face. Arwyn’s body is stern and strong, but still has a womanly curve to it. Her breasts are full, and her waist is small. She stands five feet and four inches from the ground, smaller than most women Across the Narrow Sea. Her hair is long and hangs down below her back and has a deep chesnut color to it, and is silky smooth.

Powers and Abilities:
Arwyn has the ability to manipulate and control natural elements of the world. Her specialty is fire, being able to bend fire at her will and transform it into magnificent creatures made of flame. Though she has the ability to manipulate the other elements, her weakest are water and light. She uses fire, earth, and air often because each are needed in the use of forming fires to warm her and others, as air feeds a fire, and earth gives it something to rest upon. Arwyn is not well trained in Sorcery, not discovering her gift until she traveled across the Narrow Sea and her small ship needed warmth formed a small fire within her hands.

Arwyn has telekinesis and communicated with other magical beings and sometimes even animals, though that ability is weak and only works if she completely wills herself to the power. She can summon object to herself in case of need, which has become quite useful when hunting within the woods or protecting the Khalasar from those who try to attack, or animals in the wild.

Arwyn’s power comes from a small moon stone that she received from a Dothraki Sorcerer that she met when she first traveled across the Narrow Sea. The moon stone is the size of a small piece of gold is is wrapped within a silver coil on a long strip of leather that she wears around her neck deep within the crevice of her young breasts.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Being a sorceress, Arwyn has not able to have the ability to revive the dead or heal large wounds. She is weakened when her moon stone is taken away from her, for she has no power source and cannot cast simple spells, or even use her manipulative energy for the elements. As stated, she has a weakness when it comes to using certain elements such as water, and light.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Being conditioned at a very young age, Arwyn practiced archery since her 4th name day after one of her elder brothers came home from a war and taught her the ways of a “warrior”. Being skilled in this area of expertice, she has always favored a strong bow and a sleek arrow over any sword. Arwyn has a keen eye, and not only is she skilled in archery, but she is also very well at throwing darts and hand to hand combat without any weapons.

Almost always adorned in leather clothing, she wears little armour other than what she makes from the hides of animals. Wearing soft leather on the inside and a much tougher leather on the outer shell, she is almost covered head to toe concealing herself from anyone on the outside world.

Background History:

Just another bastard
Much like many citizens in Westeros, a whore woman gave birth to her third bastard. Each of her children bore different eyebrows, and each had their own distinction from one another, but there was a certain characteristic that they each had in common; pale skin, and their blue eyes

Arwyn’s father was very much like the rest of the men that visit the pleasure house that her mother was employed at, and they all asked for her. Her mother’s pale skin, bright blue eyes, and raven colored hair was exotic to most men. Her mother thought of herself as no more important than any other girl in the brothel, but she was wrong. A soldier from the King’s Army wanted to see what this woman had in store for her. He was tall, and handsome and had heavy set eyebrows, and grey eyes. His shoulder’s were broad and he stood in a way that made it seem that he were more important than he actually were. When he met Arwyn’s mother, Alaina, he might have thought he were in love, but then again most men thought that they were when they laid eyes on her.

Alaina did her duty, and the man paid her well, maybe more than what was actually asked of her. It wasn’t long before her flowering ceased to arrive each month, and her small belly began to swell. Already having two other children, she knew what it was like to give birth but it was nothing like she knew when she gave birth to Arwyn. Alaina knew herself that she was a sorceress and all of her children had not been born with the power only the characteristic of the glowing pale skin and the bright blue eyes, but she had known that this one. This very child held a gift within her, and she feared the worst when she held her bright eyed child within her protective arms. At the time, sorceress’ were still feared, the humans not knowing exactly what multitude of power that the magic people might possess. At that time, Alaina promised not to reveal her only daughter’s gift, and keep it from her, hoping that one day the power might just drain from her very soul.

Growing Pains
Growing up as a bastard, and being the only daughter within her family was a difficult time. She tried playing with some of the girls of the villiage but none wanted to waste their time on a whore’s daughter. The boys though, they accepted her, maybe it was because her elder brothers had threatened them not to be cruel to the beautiful girl.

At age 4, Arwyn showed promise when it came the art of archery. Her elder brother Alaris, being the ripe age of seventeen and being able to be a soldier, came home from a war. And put a weapon in his young sister’s hands. It was not long before she shot the arrows with accuracy and was moving onto flame arrows. Many of the boys loathed her for her skill, not thinking that any girl of any family should not have the right to hold a bow and pull back the string.

As she aged, Arwyn’s striking beauty only became more prominent. Though her personality was much like a boy, and she wore no dresses because they seemed uncomfortable for her, the girls in the villiage of which she lived always shot her dirty looks. None seemed to strike up the courage to say anything to her, in pure fear that she might raise her bow to them.

A New King and A Girl’s Escape
It was about the time of her seventeenth name day, that the King died and Prince Joffery, the teenager, became the new king of Westeros. And at that age, Arwyn was just learning what it was like to make her own decisions and though some of them weren’t always best, this opinion on the new king was nothing kind about him. Arwyn completely disagreed the way she heard that the king treated people, and that is when she started to plan her escape.

Arwyn was swift, more swift than both of her brother’s put together. And she could always seem to get her way when it came to anyone, and they never knew why but they were always jealous. She didn’t dress like a female, nor did she act like it, but she managed to seduce a man into letting her get on his fleet of ships off across the Narrow Sea. It took a lot of negotiating and a lot of trading in food for a ride, Arwyn managed to leave by the time she was eighteen.

Arwyn decided against telling her mother and brother goodbye, she wanted to spare them the heartbreak that they might not ever see her ever again. It was tough for Arwyn even, but she mustered up the strength and took her steps onto the ship. The sea thrashed the boat to and fro, but she started to become part of the ship's crew. Helping with simple tasks and also cooking food for all those that were in need of it.

Across The Narrow Sea
Eighteen years old, alone in a place that she knew nothing about, Arwyn arrived in Pentos. Arwyn heard the great stories of the free-cities across the Narrow Sea and she was amazed when she arrived. Wonderous people, each of different skin colors, shapes, and sizes. It was the polar opposite of life in Westeros. The clothing they wore was extravagant and made of fine material and rich dyes.

The free citizens of Pentos, the Pentoshi are all extremely kind and welcoming people. Despite the eclecticism of the Pentoshi, those still stared at her porcelain skin, and the flawlessness of her figure. It seemed as though the Pentoshi may be more educated and open than those of Westeros because they respected women and even if they were alone they didn’t treat her like she was a flea.

As she roamed the Market, she seen an interesting shop. It was an odd looking place, dark draperies around the entrance, and what looked like was bone hanged from the door way. As she entered, she looked around. Shelves of books, and items were sitting around, and then there was a small woman. She had dark skin, and dark eyes. Her hair was long, and she had symbols written in her skin that was something foreign to Arwyn. Almost instantly, the woman’s eyes shot to Arwyn, staring at her. It wasn’t uncommon so Arwyn just ignored it, until the woman stood and walked close to her, and placed her hand on Arwyn’s cheak and closed her eyes.

Though the Dothraki mostly think of witches as evil, they do have their own source of magic that they do believe in. Extremely superstitious, they have healers that use potions, spells, and herbs to heal someone in need of it. The woman who placed her hand on her face revealed herself as, Layama, a dothraki woman who was once part of a Khalasar that healed many warriors and birthed many children. None having the essence that Arwyn used. Layama was a sorceress as well, she could manipulate water, but had no use of it because in the desert there was no water. It was then that Arwyn learned what she was, at first she didn’t believe it, until the small moon stone was placed around her neck attached to a long strip of Dothraki leather.

Arwyn stayed with Layama for an entire year, learning the ways of a sorceress and building her power. Discovering herself and learning the ways of Dothraki and Pentoshi alike. For an entire year, she emersed herself in another culture, trying to forget all of hers. Yearning more, Arwyn heard stories of a Khaleesi who was ruthless like a Dothraki, but held kindness in her heart.. and a Targaryen. When she was a girl, she remembered the stories of the Targaryen's, and was more than interested in the girl and the stories that was told to her.

A Westeros Dothraki Horse Archer
Sending her fairwells, Arwyn decided to leave Pentos and look for the Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen. The mother of Dragons, is what was told of her. That she had three dragons that were alive and living. This story was unsual to her, dragons died over a thousand years ago, there was no way that there was more dragons.

Her search went unscathed for about seven long months in the heat. She had a black horse that traveled well and she rarely stopped only for water and sleep. Finally, she had something to look forward to. She seen foot prints, hundreds of foot prints. Following the foot prints, she came to one of the largest group of Dothraki that she had ever seen. When they spotted her it was nothing nice, they ripped her from her horse, ripped off her Pentoshi dress, and revealed her to the Khaleesi.

She was commanded to look up to Daenerys, she was amazed. The stories she heard about the Targaryen's and how beautiful, and how graceful they were, was nothing but true. The figure that stood before her wore traditional dothraki wear, and was no larger than Arwyn herself. Her hair was platinum, put in an intricate braid with only few hairs flying around her face. Her eyes were a rich lavender color, much like the amethyst crystals that she had seen in Pentos. She was cruel, just as people told her but she was merciful. Daenerys questioned Arwyn more than anyone, and Arwyn begged for her not to kill her. Arwyn explained her talent for old shooting, told her that she was a healer, and explained that she wished to escape the wrath of the king in Westeros. They took her horse, and searched the bags. Only finding things such as her bow and arrow, herbs, food and water. She was found to be harmless, and told that she would work the lowest of jobs.

Arwyn didn't do well being on the bottom, it wasn't condusive to her abilities, and she knew that she could do something more. Arwyn visited the Khaleesi, and begged that she would have her horse back and she would serve her until Arwyn's death. She begged to be a horse archer, and be a part of the Khalasar. She swore her honesty, and soon got a chance to prove herself.

Arwyn is now a loyal horse archer in Khaleesi Daenerys' Khalasar. She is one hundred percent loyal, and extremely happy and would not do anything to change. She misses her family quite a lot, but she has forgotten them. The Khalasar is her new family.

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[LidaLou] Arwyn Simerian
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