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 [LidaLou] Lyra Stronghold

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Lyra Stronghold

Lyra Stronghold




Allegiance to House:
House Stark

Role to House:

Lyra is very kind hearted and friendly. She always looks for the good in people rather than the bad, and likes to please others. Lyra is very giving, and is generally an incredibly happy person. Lyra enjoys talking to people in the North, and is very kind to travelers, even sometimes allowing visitors to stay in her home with her. Many people compare her to her parents, her mother was kind, as was her father. Something that Lyra doesn't like is disorder and chaos, she likes when things are running smoothly, and doesn't handle stress well. She is incredibly patient and will fight for what she believes in, everything has to be done in her own pace and exactly how she wants it.

On the other side of her personality, she is very sensual and intimate; though she rarely lets it show. She is private when it comes to things like that, but she has never been intimate with another person.

Physical Description:
Lyra is very flighty and small. She's light weight, but very fit and toned. Her eyes are a bright blue, and very round. Her cheekbones are higher and the ends of her mouth point downward. Her skin is pale like porcelain and smooth with no blemishes. She is small in stature, but strands tall with pride.

Powers and Abilities:
Lyra has no magical abilities, nor is she skilled in combat. Her special abilities are cooking and cleaning, basically the normal jobs for a baker. She is very skilled at cooking sweets and pasties, as well as special occasion bread. She cooks not only bread items, but also meat and vegtables, and makes pies and such.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths: cooking, cleaning, singing, smiling, she is very friendly, so she can easily manipulate those to do what she wants if that is her intentions.
Weakness:nieve, not skilled in combat, no weapons, no armor, small

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
The only weapon that Lyra has ever used was a small dagger that her father gave her before he died. Other than that she has had no use for any weapons or armor.

Background History:
Lyra's mother's name was Lorena and her father Thor. They were both from the North, her mother family though had formerly lived in King's Landing, but her mother moved here at a very young age. Thor, Lyra's father has lived in the North his entire life, and taking up the armoer lifestyle just as his father before him. His parents met when Thor's mother asked him to run an errand to the Bakery, and Lorena was there. From that very first day, they were in love. It wasn't soon before they were married and starting a family. Lyra is the only daughter of Lorena and Thor, and she is now working in the Bakery, as head baker since her mother is ill, and her father has since then passed. Lyra is very kind to everyone that comes in her store, and is often known to give food to younger children. Despite her independence, Lyra longs for a man to come and sweep her off of her feet, and to start a family because she enjoys children. Lyra spends most of her time taking care of her mother though.

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[LidaLou] Lyra Stronghold
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