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Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
Scholar & Arts and Crafts & Herbalist

Auron is opposite of his sister Zuni really, nearly in every way almost to the point they might not be able to stand one another. He is very soft spoken when it comes to confrontations, and rather have the security of others around him to being off on his own. He is kind of shy and not really open to speaking his mind, though he is very open minded about many things. Auron is a man of smarts, and might say stuff that no one would truly understand unless they too were a scholar. He can not fight, the most he can do is stab with a knife with his eyes closed. Auron is shaky, almost like if you were to touch him in fear he would just crumble under the touch. At times it is like he is paranoid a lot just because of everything that goes on around him. He is more of a flight in the fight or flight response. He is a peace lover, not a fighter in the least bit, and is extremely hard to anger.

Physical Description:

Animal Form 1:

Animal Form 2:

In his human form he is a little leaner than most, and he is also very tall. He is actually about 6'5" tall, 190 lbs, but just a bit sweetheart really. He is not well built really, more of a thin person but not entirely a twig, on the borderline between area. Though he does have powerful legs when running and large lungs to breath. His eyes are a striking blue, unnatural almost really.

Powers and Abilities:
Like many shape-shifters, Auron can turn into animals that he prefers and at any time he wishes. With that he is also faster than many humans in his human form, and he is a more of flight than fight person. Another ability he has is that he has photographic memory, he can remember everything he has ever seen, recall the day he has seen it and where to the most minor detail. At the same thing he can recall anything anyone has ever said and say it back to them to the exact words, which is auto-graphic memory. Many find it weird but it does come in handy.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Auron main strength is his mind, and his memory. With the fact he can remember everything from his first real memory to where he is now is amazing, he could be a walking history book if he could live long enough. Another strength is the fact that he can run, very fast, far, with a lot of kick ass endurance. It was as if he could run a marathon like it was nothing, maybe even three in a row before he actually got really tired. Unlike his sister Zuni, he can not fight to save his life at all which might not be a good thing. A weakness is the fact he can not fight at all, and her personality and what he is really is that during a fight he is actually a deer trapped in headlights. He just stands still and backs away when he knew there was no way to run out of the situation. Auron is not a fighter, that much has been proven.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
He has no weapon other than a small dagger that he carries around but hardly uses. What he usually wears as "armor" is old, worn leather.

Background History:

Auron was born a few years after his sister, Zuni. Yet the thing was that their mother died after she gave birth to him, but she did a spell that transferred all of her knowledge into the babies body. When he grew up it scared him to know all of this, a little kid with memories of his dead mother. At times he would run screaming to Zuni's room in order for her to comfort him until he fell asleep. He knew his father, or rather Zuni's father his father figure sense he was a bastard in a sense he did not know his dad, never approved of him as a son. Who would? A shape-shifter that does not fight. As he grew older, the wisdom from his mother rooted into his mind and he knew everything there was to know about nature, plants, how to pure water without having to boil it and all. He wanted to help people with it, but being from the Wildlings he knew that he would never be truly accepted into the society of the Seven Kingdoms. Maybe that would not be true, he would never know because he as never been there in his life. Auron sticks by Zuni, because ever sense their mother died they have been really close. She knew what he wanted, to be a Scholar and an Herbalist to help the Starks, or any House of the North on the other side of the Wall. Maybe one day they shall go there together and actually live there to help out others, or maybe he would have to go alone by himself.
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