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 [SWEETVAMP96]Roose Bolton

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Roose Bolton

Roose Bolton




Allegiance to House:

Role to House:

Roose Bolton is a very mild-mannered type of man, he never raises his voice in order to make a point which tends to cause others to actually listen to his words very intently. Even if he is mild-mannered, Roose is also cold, calculating, and capable of great cruelty when one gets on his bad side. If someone does get on his bad side, they better hope for a swift death in which case that would be considered mercy from him. Although he did abandon the practice of flaying the enemies of the House of Bolton, he still takes minor pleasure in hunting those who have done wrong and watching Ramsay do it. He simply is a silver tongue of sorts and a great smooth talker, able to hide up some of the worse of stuff. Roose is patient, cold cunning, posses a strategic skill and has calculating nature.

Physical Description:

Roose is of average size and everything, about 6 foot tall and a light muscular build to him. The most striking thing about his appearance is the fact he has errie, pale blue eyes that look as if they are almost dead entirely. His skin is pasty white, most likely due to the leechings he gets.

Powers and Abilities:
As a human, he has no extra abilities really compared to that of other races. The only other thing he has that other races do not is that courage that many humans tend to have really.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
One strength that Roose has above all is the fact he can hide a lot of stuff that might not be good from the Stark's actually. He can hide stuff well, and has that silver tongue that can generally get him out of tough situations. Along with his sword skills and such, he is just almost like a normal human being. Which in that is his weakness, he is human if anything else really. Another weakness that he has that is not to much of a weakness is the fact he leaches himself a lot, and afterwards he gets weak and needs to rest. Catch him after that would be good for the person.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:
Lord Roose Bolton carries his own sword around with him as protection along with a single dagger. Because of the Bolton rep, he does not see battle by himself to often really. His armor is that of chain mail on top of leather.

Background History:

Roose Bolton was born to the former Lord of Dreadfort and a Lady of the Starks. He was the true born son of them, and was raised among the customs of the House Bolton. Roose did take a very small liking to the custom of flaying the enemies of the House, alive or dead and hanging of the skin in front of the fort. Yet even as a small child, he saw this all as a way to get those to fear them, but at the same time make the Stark's and other Houses of the North to revolt against them. They are a powerful house, and a powerful ally to have among the allies of the North. Yet none wanted to be with them all because of Roose's fathers trinical behavior, and near physiologic warfare upon the others and would fear that he would ether betray them or if vise versa happened that the entire House would be under Bolton control.

When Roose was only 12, his father went out to battle himself to instill fear into the enemies of the place. The thing was, he never came back. With Roose being still so young at the time started to develop the way he was today. Up until then, he just had a very small routine of training and learning the ways of House of Bolton and the ways of the North. When his father was reported missing, and a few days later ravaged by beasts of the wolf kind, he had to take up as much leadership as a 12 year old could have taken. Being that he could not take full control until he was at least 16 years of age, so he started to plan everything he could have for when he did. The flaying of their enemies would have to stop being put on display for fear, or it had to stop completely. This was when he was starting to come into a slow form of what he is now, a close to silent, mild-mannered man that was a calculating war battle man. It was instead of twice a week now to five times a week that Roose had to train in the combat of sword like any Lord and Noble should know. Or at least any Sword Noble really. In time he has become well known to many of the nobles, and on his sixteenth birthday he was granted the title of Lord of Dreadfort.

It was two years later, at age of eighteen Roose took the hand of Bethany Ryswell in marriage. It was only just nine months later that their son, Domeric Bolton was born. Many might have called him young to have a son, but for the time frame it was a good time due to the fact that he needed an heir as quickly as he needed. As well Roose did not want what happened to him to happen to his son as well, he actually did love his son. Though at the same time, being a Bolton and having the power he had and how he grew up, he went off into a town and found a beautiful woman who's name is unknown. She was married, and he wanted her for one night in his bed. But she would not have it because she was married. So Roose took him and hung him under a high tree and forced her to look upon his swinging body as he raped her under that body. It was only a nine months later that his bastard son, Ramsay Snow was born. No one knew of Ramsay except him and the woman. It was also at the age of eighteen that he allied the Bolton House along with that of the Starks, and stopped the flaying of enemies in order to appease them all. Though many of the Bolton and under the house still do it all in secret without the Stark's knowing. He himself did not practice the act, and did at times enforce that part of the alliance strictly to show that they were all for the alliance they have with the Stark's.

Roose Bolton has fought in many battles during his days. He fought at the Battle of the Trident during Robert's Rebellion. When Ser Barristan Selmy, seriously wounded, was brought before Robert Baratheon, he counseled that they should kill him. Robert ignored Roose's concerns and spared Ser Barristan's life, sending his own maester to tend to his wounds. In a way he was not a major person in that battle, but he was a psychological ally against the Royal Army sense they were of the Rebel Army. Against his own wishes, his son sought out Ramsay and he was poisoned. Just before the War of the Five Kings, Roose's trueborn son Domeric Bolton died of a "bad belly." Roose then brought his bastard son Ramsay Snow to the Dreadfort and made him his unofficial heir because Roose had no other sons. Roose does hate Ramsay for killing his only true son, and for openly flaying their enemies making the alliance even shaker than it already was. His first wife died of a fever a few years after Domeric making him remarry to Walda Frey. Now he holds an alliance towards the Stark's in the North, and tries his best to keep his bastard under control. An important ally to call upon for the Bolton's old reputation still hanging over many.

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[SWEETVAMP96]Roose Bolton
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