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 [SWEETVAMP96]Zeheal Nightstalker

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Zeheal Nightstalker

Zeheal Nightstalker




Allegiance to House:

Role to House:

Zeheal simply is the type of girl who despises everybody around her. She hates people in general, is the type of girl who wants power and as much as she could get of it. Zeheal hates women more than men, they are just annoying and winy to her. Zeheal is the type to use, minulpate, and stab people in the back just for her own good. To her, people are like puppets on strings. Her silver tongue can usually get herself out of a tight situation, even tricked some of the most skilled of warriors. She is one of the more independent of everybody, only took an alliance to a house because it was needed to survive. Zeheal does pride herself on being what many would just call a bitch, because this world is not nice and nether is she.

Physical Description:

Zeheal is one who takes really good care of herself and loves to show it off. She is always found usually trying to make herself better. She always tries to keep up a good appearance for others, because she knows it can help her along in life as well. She has delicate curves, very smooth, light skin but not of a vampires. Her hair is long and flowing like onyx silk, it is usually free and flowing unless braided back down her back.

What it the most striking area of her body is mainly her face. Zeheal has high, sharp cheekbones of the skull that give her an elegant appearance. Her lips are full and eyes are light. Yet one thing that makes people wonder about her is that her eye color changes every time she blinks. It could be a light blue one color, and a dark purple the next. The two colors they do not change are blood red and black. They only become those colors when she is pissed, and ready to fight for the death of a person.

Her body is tall, about 6'0" which is tall for a woman. It is actually learn too, but despite on how much she looks like she weighs she is only 110 lbs. Which helps her sneak around the place and allows no one to hear her ether.

Powers and Abilities:
Zeheal has a number of powers to chose from, yet she has also specialized in many areas of these forms of magic. She has control over the darker side of the elements, much like many Warlocks like her. Yet unlike the rest she prefers not to use to much of her elemental side, but the pure dark magic that she possesses. Zeheal can control the shadows on the walls around her, and use those shadows as something of a weapon. She too can simply walk along the shadows, mold her body into them to be unknown that she is there. The down side is that in this way she is more acute to light and white magic. It harms her more than it would usually. Her second best ability is something odd in a way, which is a minor type of blood magic. The most she can do with that power is simply take her own blood and use it as a weapon, or take anthers blood and heal her own. Yet it is very draining so she hardly uses it. The next power she specialized in is, of course, the black/dark fire magic.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Zeheal's strengths are that of natural to a warlock. Of course the dark arts and aide her in the fact that she knows how to have fun with it. She can minulpate dark fire and the shadows to form a little minion aside from the hell cat that she keeps around her. Zeheal always loved these arts, and magic is always been her strong point, even more strong point is the fact of dark magic.

Zeheal's other strengths is the fact she is so light and her body. It is very flexible, she can put both of her legs behind her head and even jump rope with her arms if she wanted to. She can dislocate her arms easily and cram her body into small areas. If need be she will use her shadow magic to get where not many other creatures can get into. Zeheal can jump far with her powerful legs, "flying" about 15 feet from one beam to the next. At the same time be so silent from these and be unseen she is the perfect information gatherer.

Zeheal has her sort meant of weakness as well like everybody else. Her magic weakness simply is that of white magic like any other warlock. Another weakness she has that deals with magic, the ever draining and killing Phoenix Stone. More weakness she has that deals with magic is the "lighter" elements, sense she uses the darker sides. Cast any normal light on her eyes, she could be blinded really for a few seconds.

The physical weakness she has is that sense her arms can dislocate and relocate easily, people can knock them out and attack her for a few seconds as she gets it back in socket. With her ability as well to jump long distances, if she is not careful enough she can be caught off guard in mid leap. Her eyes can be blinded quickly with a bright enough light, like many people who are dark. Even those of light can be blinded by light at times, she knows that all to well.

Emotional is where she is the weakest. Zeheal is one who can get angry really easily too. Once angry, Zeheal can hardly be stopped until she actually clams down which is easier said than done. If she is angry at a person, she wants the blood of the person, or that person to be dead by her hand. Also Zeheal tends to hide many of her emotions, bottling them up deep inside of her. The only emotions she really shows outside is happiness, anger, content, and jealously (though she wont admit it).

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Hand Held

  • Yuyu- A blood stone dagger than when it cuts another being, it drinks the blood of the creature and stores it in the lining and blade itself. When it has enough, Zeheal can use it with her blood magic, or send it in a slash as sharp as any blade towards the person.
  • Normal 5 inch dagger

    Short Range

  • A small sword about a foot long

    Mid Range

  • Two cross swords that are on her back. They are about two feet long and she can handle them both by dual wielding them well.

    Long Range

  • A 8 foot barbed whip that rests on her left hip. It holds poisons in those barbs that can paralyze a person to an extend maybe kill a person.

    Throughing Weapons

  • Poisoned Needles: They are in a necklace around her neck, the poison they are coated in does not harm her in any way.

  • Ninja Stars: They are in a pouch on her right side, they are nothing special. Not coated in poison or anything, just really sharp knives.


  • Leather mostly over chain mail. Gloves over her her hands, and no head protection. Never wears shoes, but protects everything else. When not suit up, robes or nothing.

    Background History:

    Zeheal is not from this realm, she is from another. One with their own rules, magic, and language. She got banished here, from the Upper-World's gods.

    When growing up, Zeheal was the one to torture all the time. She tortured her other three siblings, Jagger, Avion, and Zander. Jagger got the worse of it, being what is called an Angel-like thing in her realm. Being skinned, wings ripped, everything. Blood was always over her, and Zeheal.

    Then it came to the day that Zeheal got banished to what there is a similar to Hell. There for who knows how long down there, for time was nothing to anybody there. Except the human slave owners. She has spent more than any numbers of lifetimes there. Enough for many worlds to be destroyed and recreated.

    During that time though, she didn't just sit down and listen and let time go by. She studied the underworld ruler’s weaknesses and everything about the place. Then one day she formed a plan, to take it over. It would take extremely careful planning, but it could work out well.

    Then that day came, where she would, no will take over this place. Gathering a close army of demons and dark creatures, she started the revolution of a lifetime. And yet no one knows how she did it entirely, but she did and enslaved the King of the Underworld. Everybody was at her feet, and she could use every one of them.

    Then after many centuries, Zeheal hatched the plan to take over the Upper World and the Above World. This plan was fool proof to nearly anything. So long no one started against the plan before her. To have a bigger army than her is even harder.

    The day came to where Zeheal came to start her plan. She led her army to the Upper World and started her attack. Yet within the first 5 hours of the invasion, the Above World came to help the Middle World. That is something that she hoped would not happen. She did plan, for that however, yet even the most careful of planning can fail. Driving her army back, she ran in defeat to her secret place. The Lords eventually found her banished her to this realm, never to return to her home realm.

    As she has discovered in the land she has been banished to, there is much magic to discover here. This could be perfect to take over from the shadows if she could, maybe even get her back to her home realm. Zeheal came to the land in robes over her head and then someone stopped her to ask of what house she is from. Well where was she to not know what they were talking about actually. Many of the houses she discovered were not to her taste, she went to the darkest of them all. The one with the three headed Dragon as their symbol, and now this is her story from that point on.
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