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 [SWEETVAMP96]Jagger Nightstalker

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Jagger Nightstalker

Jagger Nightstalker




Allegiance to House:

Role to House:
The Apothecary


Jagger is just the opposite of her sister, she is a kind caring girl. Jagger is just the type of girl who would always put other people first, always does the most she can to help others. She is a great healer, actually a lot better than most other Sorcerers. Usually a happy go lucky girl, she is one of the most opportunistic people known to others. She is attractive in the fact of who she is, she is always a nice person.

Physical Description:

Jagger has very light hair, so blond it is nearly white. She has a very nice, slim body and she is always one to say she is not that good looking. Her skin is light pail as well, with a small tan, but not as bad as a vampire. It is smooth and flawless, never harmed or anything from any form of weapon or magic.

Powers and Abilities:

Jagger has very limited powers other than what powers she has as a Sorcerer. She can control the elements, but that is so limited because she never uses them. Jagger also is actually a lot better at healing than most, she never cares much for anything else.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Jagger's area of strength is the fact that she is very heavily influenced with white magic. Her strength is her ability to heal others, herself, and even make small barriers for a little while. Another strength she has is her beauty that she does not believe she has, along with her sweet personality. One last thing she is really strong in is the fact she can run really fast when fleeing.

Her weaknesses is the fact she can not fight. It is against her moral code to even raise a hand in violence against another being. She never has weapons on her, she never uses her magic unless it is for good. Her strength of being purely good is also a major weakness for her as a person. Also the dark magic she can face.

Weapons and Armour of Choice:

Weapons: N/A

Armor: Light cloth

Background History:
Jagger was the best of everything in her old realm. Nice, hard working, caring and sweet. That is the reason why Zeheal tortured her so much when they grew up together. Along with the help of Zander, they escaped one day and killed her. Then she went to the Over World to live with the other Angles.

After who knows how long, she feels something off in the delicate balance of good and evil. She descends herself down to the Above World and sees a plan going on. It’s Zeheal's plan to take over. Being worried, she ruses back to the Over World to tell the People of Ultimate Power. They hear her pleas start to work on it.

The day of the supposed invasion, they send Jagger with her own army to stop it. It didn't take much time at all for her to stop it and see Zeheal get banished to the new realm. But the celebration was bitter-sweet, for she saw Zander go with her. Then soon after, she was told to fallow her, to make sure this does not happen in the new realm. Unable to disobey the Ultimate Power, she goes.

When Jagger comes here, she could feel her dark sister here as well. That set her uneasy at the very moment, until she found out about this place, this beautiful land. Jagger could feel all of the beautiful white magic surrounding it, and it was a land full of mostly good people. When someone asks her what house she is of, like her sister, she had no idea what she was to do. Looking around, she found a trio of houses that seemed to be good. One was a warrior type of, another magic, and another that just seemed to be in the middle of them all. So she went with the magic, to be a healer.

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[SWEETVAMP96]Jagger Nightstalker
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