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 [GhostSunShadow] Beric Dondarrion

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I Defend the Weak and to Uphold Justice…

Lord Beric Dondarrion

The Lightning Lord
The Lord of Corpses



High Elf

Allegiance to House:
House Dondarrion
Brotherhood without Banners

Role to House:
Leader without Banners


With the following words of the sacred oath of a True Knight that Lord Eddard Stark bestowed on him, Lord Beric Dondarrion has ridden out to the Riverlands to become the man he is today:

… with a touch on the right shoulder with the blade, "In the name of the Warrior I charge you to be brave."
The sword moves from right shoulder to left. "In the name of the Father I charge you to be just."
Right shoulder, "In the name of the Mother I charge you to defend the young and innocent.
The left, "In the name of the Maid I charge you to protect all women...

Beric is a knight bound by the strongest of moral codes of conduct for he’s an aristocrat from birth, raised in the higher circles of society yet always staying true to the standards of being a guardian in the Seven Kingdoms. He’s a protector of the weak and innocent with a glorified picture in his head of what a knight should mean within the Westeros’ society; he’s a defender of women vowed to never raise a hand to a lady no matter what the reasons for such actions would have been. To protect and serve are the key traits of his personality as he’s the honor-bound individual whose word is a golden promise that shall never be broken unless death takes him from this world…

The first promise he ever made was to the girl he was betrothed to Lady Allyria Dayne, as he told he’d never come to desire or lay with any woman different that set maiden promised to him; the second promise he’s bound to is a solemn oath he made to Lord Eddard Stark to protect the people of the Riverlands from raiders and bring Ser Gregor Clegane to justice. This has recently become the sole reason why he remains breathing and stepped up to the responsibility of founding the Brotherhood without Banners. Another peculiar side to Beric is that he cannot lie, and this is a literal mentioning for he’s physically unable to lie; as a child he was drilled to always speak the truth and whenever he spoke a lie he was lashed and ever since the telling of a lie was associated the pain he used to experience in his childhood training…

Physical Description:
His youth and noble background has granted him the appearance that many would describe as handsome; a healthy complexion give his skin that subtle tanned glow from having lived outside more often than he resides between four walls while deep brown eyes with just a lick of honey amber give him that charming gaze. Hair like ripe grain, just that faint hint of copper is let to flow freely in the wind with just some boyish stubble that stands on his cheek in a neatly trimmed manner. He’s average build man with a narrow waist, strong though not overbearing shoulders without grotesque bulks of muscles; on the other side one does notice the underline of trained muscular definitions that hints to an unexpected physical aptitude in both performance and endurance. Everything else body wise is quite as most describe ordinary for so far he’s without any distinct markings…

Fashion wise Beric used to be an elegant man dressed in the finest tunics and garments available to a man of his positions but lately with the oath vouched to the late Lord Eddard Stark there’s very few time to invest in wearing silk and satins. These days the Lightning Lord goes dressed in a very thick and durable gambeson with sleeves that can be taken off. Rivets grants some protections against incoming attacks like arrows or a close encounter with a sword’s cold steel yet maneuverability is more crucial than sturdy protection. Most of his garments are damaged in some way with earthy tones and the strains of wear clearly visible; mud stains, leaves caught in the weave and the occasional rip in the fabric as Beric is currently engaged in a harsh guerrilla war against the raiders of House Lannister and House Clegane…

Over the years still to come and the events that will unfold Beric Dondarrion’s appearance will undergo a gruesome serious of changes each caused by a time that he gets killed in service to bring ser Gregor Clegane to justice; seven times shall he endure a painful death and with each of those he’ll begin to wither more and more till all but an empty hush remains baring the scars of each death. In the next two years he’ll sustain the following fatal injuries becoming part of the bleak canvas of his existence; he’ll be pierced with a lance through the gut by ser Gregor Clegane; his head will get smashed by the mace of ser Burton Crakehall; he’ll be hung resulting in a broken neck at Rushing Falls by ser Amory Lorch; he’ll get stabbed in the eye with a dirk by Ser Gregor Clegane again; shot in the chest by an archer of the Brave Companions; killed in trail by combat at the hands of Sandor Clegane till he’ll lay down his life to resurrect Catelyn Stark…

Powers and Abilities:
The most distinct ability that Lord Beric Dondarrion possesses is the unique talent to survive multiple resurrections and maintain a significant amount of his soul; to bring a life back from the world beyond is a grievous process that is considered dark forbidden magic for it rips apart the very soul that’s intended to be brought back. Beric however looses little of his person as his oath made to Lord Eddard Stark seems to be a thriving force guiding him in life even after six times getting killed. Some say it’s because of his earnest personality to serve and protect the people of the Riverlands, others believe it’s his reluctance to break his promise to bring ser Gregor Clegane to justice yet the explanation is far simpler; as a High Elf though only few now this fact about the Dondarrion family his spirit is far more resilient to the gruesome influences of magic…

The only real ability that Lord Beric Dondarrion possesses would become the source to his nickname as the Lightning Lord; hand him a steel sword or any weapon that would permit lightning getting conducted and Beric can bend the mighty force of thunder and electricity as an extension of his own weapon. Sparks have been known to dance across his sword in the heat of battle, making each hit of his blade sound like the vicious clash of thunder. Beric prefers to avoid this trait coming from his elfish legacy though when justice calls for such means being wielded, he’ll gladly turn towards the abilities that course through his veins. Only the most trusted members from the Brotherhood without Banners are entrusted with this secret for not all would understand this sinister gift…

• Honorable master of the sword
• Amazing motivational speaker
• Brilliant tactical mastermind

• Too compassionate
• Peaceful idealist
• Too forgiving

Weapons of Choice:

Lord Beric Dondarrion is a man of variations who constantly adjusts his equipment based on the circumstances he’s most likely to find himself in; for those unpredictable circumstances he’ll be always more properly equipped than the common knight enabling him to adapt more rapidly. He wields like most knights the familiar steel of the knightly greatsword along with a short dagger in case of getting disarmed; for a fight against cavalry he’ll turn towards the trustworthy flail to unsaddle the rider before turning towards a curved blade that’s more suited for swift agile swordsmanship. Each weapon strung to his belt has its purpose yet none enjoys Beric’s true preference as the Lightning Lord would much rather turn towards pacifist means of resolving conflict…

Armor of Choice:
In the type of war the Brotherhood without Banners is engaged in, there’s no room for shiny ceremonial suits of armor, heavy plate cuirasses or even encumbering steel shields; Lord Beric Dondarrion is forced to turn towards a more cutthroat method of warfare with sabotage, stealthy operations and nightly ambushes. In this situation he’s left to opt for a more appropriate choice of armor that comes in a very thick and durable gambeson, an earthy toned cloak and some leather protective gear for the vulnerable points of his body. It’s quite a difference from the magnificent armor all Dondarrion males were permitted to wear when they rode out for battle yet considering their situation Beric had found some comfort in now being just one soldier amongst the resistance against the Riverlands’ raiders, not some prestigious lord that watches the battle unfold on their horse overlooking the clash of arms. He does not show himself any bit superior to the men that joined the Brotherhood having even sold his glamorous ancestral armor to purchase swords for the new recruits…

Background History:
In Blackhaven, an old keep seated at the bottom of the Boneway as the last stop before one enters the passes of the Dornish Marches the House of Dondarrion has been honorably serving the Stormlands for many generations; a knightly house small yet loyal to the crown and the Iron Throne stands here since the day the first stone was laid to their tower and the first Dondarrion received his knightly title. Legend goes the Dondarrion line was founded when a messenger from the Storm King was ambushed by two Dornishmen while riding on a stormy night. An arrow killed his horse and his sword broke when he fell. When he thought he was doomed, a bright purple lightning bolt struck the Dornishmen killing both. The man was thus able to deliver his crucial message on time. For this, the Storm King raised him to lordship, and he became the first Dondarrion who’d make that purple double lightning strike on a star-spangled sky their House blazon. That is the story of House Dondarrion that would end when the last son of this brave family, Lord Beric Dondarrion’s first cry chimed in 276AL…

There is little worth mentioning of the childhood years of the young Beric, who lived the traditional life of any young son of noble descend; he was taught to read, write and speak properly in the many tongues known to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. A private tutor was hired to aid the boy’s mind expand as Beric was made to face difficult puzzles, riddles and problems to test his clever mind as he was expected to join knighthood just like every male ancestor of the Dondarrion family. He became a page first to commence his training in the way of the sword and the code of chivalrous conduct yet he never proved anything other but a brave soul. There was nothing exceptional to his hand, his technique with the blade crude and amateurish that left many wonder if he’d be worthy of the title each of the male before him had received. He became a squire eventually to some lowly hedge knight who’d been paid to oversee Beric’s further education but it wasn’t his strength in combat that surprised all people; at a young age he should and incredible ingenuity for tactical decisions and strategic planning that significantly compensated for his otherwise mundane talents as a knight. He proved countless of times how a small unit of men could debilitate and sabotage an entire army with precise tactical strikes and carefully planned ambushes which would prove most valuable in his future…

When his father died Beric became Lord of Blackhaven, a position he’d only reluctantly accepted for it was his solemn duty to guard his ancestor’s legacy; every morning he would set outside on the balcony of Blackhaven Keep to gaze upon that purple lightning on the House blazon and dream of finally seeking peace come to these lands. Decisions were being made by chancellors and stewards that exceeded his own wishes as his hand was betrothed to Lady Allyria Dayne in a political arrangement; love however struck young Beric when he first laid eyes on the girl they’d arrange for him in marriage making a holy vow never to desire or lay with another woman but the beautiful girl that was promised to him. He’d wished only to make her proud and gain her respect and favor by proving himself a knight worthy of her hand. It was this ambition that brought him to the Tourney of the King’s Hand where the celebration of Eddard Stark's appointment was to take place; to claim victory in such prestigious event would bestow fame and renown to his name along with plenty of coin to grant Lady Allyria Dayne a wedding worthy of a queen…

The Tourney of the King’s Hand was a significant event with dozens of important knights all collected on this single competition that tested the skill and bravery of all participants; having been new to these circles his expectations of victory were slim and knowledge of one’s self prevented him from being arrogant enough to dream otherwise. On the back of a beautiful chestnut stallion he entered his first round against a hedge knight in a checkered cloak that didn’t show the respect of sharing his name when the round commenced. Galloping both knights rode towards eachother, Beric firm in the saddle lance perfectly straightened as the young lord braced himself for the stress of that first impact; but his opponent had no honor and struck Beric’s horse instead, killing the poor animal in the process. The shame would not be forgiven for the hedge king as on a borrowed horse given to lord Beric Dondarrion the Lightning Lord struck him head-on at the chest claiming his first victory. The second round however would not be in his favor as the young lord met for the first time a man who’d play a vital role in the days to come for both Beric as the Seven Kingdoms…

Beric saw no shame in admitting defeat against a man as noble as Thoros of Myr as a certain friendship began to flourish between the Lightning Lord and the red priest; they’d debate politics and idealisms with one another between the tilts of the Tourney drawing the attention of lord Eddard Stark, the newly appointed King’s Hand. The three men remained in King’s Landing every day learning new things from one another’s believes and customs, teaching eachother to accept the strength that comes from being different in culture and nation. Thoros of Myr began to train with the young Lord Beric to educate him in the proper usage of the sword; the words were remembered by the Lightning Lord as if spoken only yesterday:

The sword does not kill, only defend those who can’t not fend for themselves,
The sword does not avenge, only show mercy to those who’ve forsaken life,
The sword does not rest, until its purpose has been fulfilled,
By bringing justice and peace to the people…

As the red priest educated lord Beric Dondarrion in the way of the sword, he also began dining with the King’s Hand Lord Eddard Stark who’d begun to put great faith in the Lord of Blackhaven; they met eachother on the grounds of similar believes, a glorified image of knighthood that swore to protect and serve the weak and innocent, women and children, land and king from injustice. Their debates would last till the early hours of night discussing political affairs and turmoil that seemed to hold the Seven Kingdoms captive when more plots and controversy was being uncovered in King’s Landing; Lord Eddard Stark admitted his suspicions to the Lannister sibling relations of Cersei and Jaimee along with the possibility that the true heir of King Baratheon wouldn’t be the young lion but a bastard son residing within the city. They’d discussed these matters at length having different opinions on the matter though no time would be granted for them to make a compromise. Word had reach Lord Eddard from the Riverlands that there had been attacks from raiders led by a man of monstrous size, whom Eddard realized could only be Ser Gregor Clegane. He decided to send out Lord Beric Dondarrion along with a small company of soldiers and nobles including Thoros of Myr whom all shared the goal to bring ser Gregor Clegane to justice…

Being appointed to lead an expedition to arrest Ser Gregor Clegane, who had been raiding the Riverlands after the capture of Tyrion Lannister, Beric Dondarrion rode out with his group with Thoros of Myr, Ser Raymun Darry, Ser Gladden Wylde and Lord Lothar Mallery along with Alyn and Harwin from Lord Eddard Stark’s own guard to fight alongside him. The force numbered 120 all tasked with the single responsibility to apprehend ser Gregor Clegane; little did Lord Beric know the raids on the Riverlands had been a strategic move on behalf of Lord Tywin Lannister hoping Ned Stark would lead the force and planned an ambush so he could obtain a hostage so he could trade for Tyrion. The force under Lord Beric were unfortunately intercepted at the Mummer's Ford by forces from House Lannister forcing the Lightning Lord to made a fighting retreat only to be taken in the rear by Ser Gregor Clegane and his men. The Battle of Mummer’s Ford was more a massacre than a battle where Lord Lothar, Ser Raymun and Ser Gladden were all killed, as were most of Lord Eddard's men. In the retreat Lord Beric Dondarrion died for the first time impaled by the lance of ser Gregor Clegane, leaving the Lightning Lord to fall into the river; the young Lord Edric Dayne participated as Lord Beric's squire however pulled the dying Lord Beric Dondarrion out of the river and stood over the body while the battle raged around them. When the fires of the massacre died out the survivors of Lord Beric retreated into hiding to Hollow Hill where Thoror of Myr performed a traditional burial ritual of his faith that inadvertently resurrected Lord Beric. This miracle led the two men to found an outlaw group they called the Brotherhood Without Banners to protect the smallfolk from soldiers foraging in the Riverlands and bring Ser Gregor Clegane to Justice…

The Faces of Beric Dondarrion:


… and not even Death can Stop me in this Oath!

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[GhostSunShadow] Beric Dondarrion
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