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 [GhostSunShadow] Yin Qu Yuanjia

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PostSubject: [GhostSunShadow] Yin Qu Yuanjia   Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:10 am


Yin Qu Yuanjia


The Obsidian Basilisk







Allegiance to House:

House Lannister

Role to House:

To be determined


Much like the legendary beast he was expected to be by the lands he resided in, Yin Qu is a treacherous and savage individual with a vile brutal nature matching to those beasts of folklore. Wrathful, vindictive and highly explosively tempered he’s an unpredictable force to reckon with especially when enraged by others that don’t walk on eggshells around him. Neither Friend nor foe is safe from these violent outbursts of random fury where he’s to unload all his pinned up energy and frustrations simply for the fun of it. Confrontation and provocation that makes opponents lose their calm is his most favored strategy where Yin Qu simply waits like a wretched fiend for people to slip up. This being said that same aspect of his personality is also his greatest weakness for those capable of withstanding the slithering ways that dare one to make that first errored move could eventually trigger a vicious ire from this young atrocity of Lannister…

Next to anger and bottled up rage, Yin Qu is perhaps the most treacherous and villainous of individuals to be found in Westeros and the lands beyond those borders; deception and deceit are art forms mastered by the young lad even to the point it dominates his entire existence. His words are like a corrupting poison that riddles the bravest of souls and spreads a heinous doubt amidst enemy ranks but so are his actions; from the vile talents he developed over the years Yin Qu can truly betray an individual in a single hand’s touch. Being this wicked, even rotten to the core has left a black stain on his person for in people he sees those same features as he displays; none are to be trusted, none are to be shown any hint of weakness for deep down he understands a knife can easily be lodged in his back for actions in the past. There’s this rooted skepticism in his person towards others, especially those closest …

Anger and deception aside Yin Qu is a complex individual with an incredible sense of personal pride and confidence that accompanies him through life; everything he does, everything he works towards is all in his pursuit of perfection. He strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of his life through his own unique methods which leave people to perceive his confidence more than often for arrogance. To measure his success he doesn’t take in account the respect of folks rather their fear of him and all the ominous fables revolving his existence; the name whispered by common folk to be the Obsidian Basilisk, a wingless dragon of the olden days is a reputation he deems to be his greatest success. Being associated with such an atrocity of legend, a monster of myth and folklore with great honor on his part even while this was never intended by those taking the term to mouth…

Physical Description:

The first thing all notice of Yin Qu is that sickly albino complexion of his that grants his skin that ghost-like appearance; pale as the moon’s glow without the slightest hint of pigment or imperfections he’s viewed as a strange almost necrotic form of life who’s presence alone embodies fear in the hearts of many. Ghastly like the silk webs of spiders his body is deprived of any type of hair. Neither eyebrows, eyelashes nor even the most faded hint of facial hair can be detected on his youthful frame with the exception of one long braid like strand of hair growing at the lowest section of his otherwise bald head…

There are various reasons that added to his grim reputation as the Obsidian Basilisk yet none are as prominent as the physical trademarks that lend him this sinister handle in the first place; the exploration of dark forbidden magic has manifested itself visually throughout his body for the summoning of his black art will bring that deep obsidian network of veins to rise to his skin’s surface. Black lines born from the palm of his hands and spreading like an infectious disease all through his body are shown whenever this wretched curse is conjured…

The second visual features to thrive his reputation on are the dragon-like scales that have grown on his body; mostly focused on his torso and shoulder like an external armor his explorations in the forsaken grimoires have made him to develop these scales harder than most castle steel. The pattern complex and unfathomed by any living creature show the similarities with the beast they’ve named him after while at the same time giving peasants reason to believe he’s one of these legendary creatures from the folklore tales. This however is untrue for the scales are but the result of dark magic corruption slowly taking hold of the young man…

Garments wise Yin Qu is a man favoring the theatrical and dramatic wardrobe to suit his illusive renown with treasures robes that once more establish bonds to the exiled lands of Targaryens across the Narrow Sea. Complex silken robes, light and delicate to the point of almost feminine are carefully layered across his features; images of serpents, dragons and other dreaded beasts of myths are sown by his own hand on scarlet and lavender garments from the Free Cities to once more strengthen the already spread rumors about his lineage…

Powers and Abilities:

The Obsidian Hand:
Yin Qu Yuanjia is foremost a lethal warrior practiced in a wide array of combat styles not to be found in Westeros; arts of war developed entirely for battle he has perfected a distinct form of his own sinisterly called the Obsidian Hand. His style, wriggly and quick, is a nice blend of defensive and offensive posturing. The strikes are so fast that it is almost as if he has a hundred arms and legs while representing a double threat. In the similarities with several fiendish animals he displays an understanding of anatomy and physics that combine the treacherous kicks like the scorpion’s stinging tail able of stunning and paralyzing his opponents; on the other side there are the strong pincer-style attacks with precise finger motor control that debilitate his opponent with lethal acupressure applications. His exploration of dark sorcery only strengthened this twisted style yet there are weaknesses once could explore…

The Basilisk’s Bite:
Within the Obsidian Hand technique there’s a more vicious black magic shrouded in those deathly blows; notice how his veins turn nightmarish obsidian after a stance is taken while his fingers and palms grow black. This is a sinister curse hone to the Obsidian Basilisk for his attacks of hand are turned into perhaps the most deathly of weapons in Yin Qu’s arsenal. Like the mythical bite of a Basilisk when his bare hands make contact with another’s flesh a wretched venom is spread on impact. Skin on skin interaction with him will let this poison rapidly spread turning his victims just as obsidian black as his own while the flesh beneath withers like an accelerated process of decay. This grim form of corrupted magic however is limited in use for to sustain the amount of basilisk venom produced will demand a grave toll on his person; in order to conjure this fatal enigma he needs to first contain all that vile toxic within his own hands which when held to long threatens to injure him physically by the aftershock…

The Dragon’s Scales:
A direct manifestation of his experimentation with various dark arts and sinister forbidden grimoires, Yin Qu has bestowed himself with an encumbering curse; with the black magic taking hold of him through sacrilegious rituals his skin began to transform into dragon-like scales that spread across the majority of his torso. All across his chest and back these scales had shaped a menacing armor that features similarities with the legendary skin of dragons including the astonishing details that went into this corrupted armor. Thick and hard as steel, innate to temperature and impregnable to common means such as castle forged steel this magical encasing is notorious for splintering blades on and shattering arrows. A crossbow bolt otherwise capable of penetrating through armored plating simply gets ripped apart on impact without even scratching the surface while swords and sledgehammers are able of breaching this shield. It does have various vulnerabilities for Valyrian steel could perhaps strike through but without a doubt something just as thin as a needle could slip through and hit the organs beneath…

A visual display of his abilities:


• His vindictive nature
• His fiendish view on life
• His pursuit of perfection


• His own explosive temper
• His lack of personal restraint
• His instinctive distrust for others

Weapons of Choice:

Beside of being a master of hand to hand combat Yin Qu is no stranger to the average means of civilized warfare for at a young age he was educated in the ways of the sword. Titled Mithrodin Yin Qu carries a uniquely shaped sword that’s elegantly curved with distinctive designer features. Two teeth like tips are fixed on the blunted rear edge while the front is sharpened without equals. Mithrodin wasn’t crafted from Valyrian steel nor even castle steel yet its lineage is just as illusive and mysterious as the individual carrying it as some stories go it was forged in the flames of a dragon’s breathe while others believe the blade to be polished fang of an actual Basilisk. Not even Yin Qu knows the true history of his sword as he simply collected it upon his coming of age…

Armor of Choice:

Yin Qu doesn’t wear any armor to protect his body from enemy attacks only ceremonial robes and kimono like garments that allow maneuverability and finesse rather than defensive means. This however has also a secondary reason for his exploration into the shadowed side of magic presented a protective feature that none others so far has displayed; conjured into existence by the darkest of grimoires Yin Qu brought forth a heinous curse onto his own body that made dragon-like scales arise from his flesh. Thick as steel and innate to castle forged steel and regular weapons forged at the blacksmiths of Westeros, these scales have been embedded in his skin turning the surface cold, hard and petrified. The average blade can’t scratch the surface of this mysterious armor, arrows often found shattering on impact while even fire and ice can penetrate this impregnable layer. This however doesn’t rend him invulnerable for the Dragon’s scales still have to develop further leaving thin spaces susceptible to attacks. Currently the scales are located all across his torso with but thin lines available while limbs and head remain exposed …

Background History:
A dying man once asked of me, Yin Qu where did the Obsidian Basilisk come from; what hole did he slither from with all his wretched abilities of legend for your kin have been deemed long lost to the lands of Westeros and before his last breathe slipped his lips I answered him with the black history of my past…

Years ago before the sun circled the world for the fifth time a child was abandoned on the cobblestone doorstep of the House of the Undying. Too young this child was to understand the gravity of his situation, all alone left at the dreaded doors of the Palace of Dust forsaken to a future branded by the presences of abilities of mystery and the corrupting ways of the Shade of the Evening draughts. The boy showed talent though; perhaps more than the elders of the council who all understood just why this child was discarded like last week’s fish on the steps of their shrouded halls for in each day passing the boy’s understanding grew. Without ever been taught he read and wrote in accordance to the most complex of grimoires in their possession seeking answers to a question none of them dared pose in his presence for like the scalding fires of the Red Waste the child showed a fury unstoppable by common means. Often he threw his raging tantrums, deathly events unfold as with each outburst of wrath the display of magical aptitude darkened and strengthened until not even the Undying Ones could hold him restraint. They knew something slumbered within like a ferocious basilisk of Yi Ti or an elusive fiend from the Jade Sea the Undying ones could tell more lurked beneath the surface than the eye could tell…

With each passing day the boy was trained in their ancient ways yet never viewed as one of their own when the Undying Ones granted him a name to fit his presence; Yin Qu Yuanjia chimed the three sections title the child would carry but all spoke of him as a dragon unleashed in human form. The other disciples and acolytes avoided him, masters rejected him from their teaching yet the boy didn’t forfeit his cause as within each night he studied. Books and scriptures, scrolls and grimoires were revealed to his eyes in the frigid gloom of a single candlestick as Yin Qu took the knowledge all to mind. He was looking for something to satisfy his thirst, something the Palace of Dust had guarded for generations in the forbidden crypts below their halls; the signs were interpreted, an opinion drawn for the plot began to thicken in the life of that young boy. During the day he often stood in meditation and practice of the inner courtyard sands performing rituals and techniques unknown to these lands. With open palm and claw-like grip he mastered combat, agile and swift with steps so rapidly followed by the next that two hands turned to one hundreds and each struck their mark accurate and relentless; the rugged walls of old served as practice, shattered and crumbled in his growing quest for more understanding when the eleventh turn of the sun graces his features. Unlike the residents of Qarth he didn’t color by the sun’s embrace remaining always that sickly pale boy left years ago in the hands of warlocks most feared in Essos regions but Yin didn’t care. Every day he spend practicing, developing methods of his own to astonish the Undying while experimenting in the shroud of night in arts and secrets most forbidden to be seen by the inexperienced eye; that eye however discovered what it needed, just a shred of information others had been eluded by for eras yet the child of foreign lands found in carefully hidden within the personal tome of Pyat Pree…

In secrecy it all began, dark rituals and experimentations that followed the guidelines of an obscured art long forsaken by even the foulest of warlocks yet many preparations needed to be made. He began collecting creatures of all venoms and poisons found throughout the lands as merchants and vendors coming trade through the Qarth port all aided his cause. In the centipedes of foreign jungles he discovered the perfect blend between offense and defense as those millions of tiny legs crawled wriggly and quick almost too fast for the eye to follow. The Snakes of different parts brought forth a vicious combination of fangs and rattling tails that even granted them aggressive means will lying on their backs on the floor. From the deserts he’d caught thousands of scorpions that with pincers took hold of their enemies and with stinger infected victims with poisons most vile and destructive. Toads and lizards from all corners of the world taught him of the combination between balance and acrobatics that eventually lead to an iron defense. Each of these five species carried venoms of their own that were taken to himself bringing forth a corruption seldom displayed so aggressively. It spread first through his own body, his hands turning black on the inside of their palms with the veins hardening to nightmarish obsidian black. It was almost as if his studies of these animals lend him insight into their abilities that now became his own for his fighting style became more defined and the Basilisk’s Bite was conjured to life…

Annually Qarth hosted a fabled event that brought fighters from across Essos and beyond that tested the skill in ways than more than the obvious; to the death and without rules to feature for the competitors the tournament was notorious for cutthroat battles, foul play and lethal sabotage that each year grew even tougher for fighters to endure. Only the toughest and most aggressive of warriors stood a chance and the participating party of warlocks from the House of the Undying always struck fear in the hearts of the bravest of soldiers for even steel and armor didn’t stand a chance against the arcane arts these Undying Ones had mastered. Yin Qu saw opportunity in this challenge to establish himself as the dominant force he deemed himself to be for he’d reached a level of perfection in a technique entirely his own. He entered those sands knowing his life depended on this victory for eighty enemies stood in his way to that ultimate goal but none would have placed money on the events to come. Pale as the ghost of the moon he entered in the arena against the champion of the years before who had the crowd all rallied up with dreadful a demeanor towards the newcomer from foreign lands. With his Mithrodin in hand against the Hammer of the Gods the clash began yet the sands were upset by the sinister ability of Yin Qu; one strike accurate and masterful cleaved through the hammer and reset the conditions of the ferocious battle to come. The gloves came off and the pale of his skin showed its true colors with a deep obsidian bane rising in hand; vicious the titan clashed with the youngling though the outcome was truly upsetting. On the first touch between the contenders the Basilisk surfaced without mercy; just the briefest of contacts ended the battle before the first body fell to the sand with the infection spread. In a second Yin Qu stood there before the champion that began to spew up bile and blood before the inevitable poison brought an institute of this land down to the eternal resting grounds…

With that first victory the tournament was turned into a hysteric riot for all competitors all at once rose from their seat and engaged the young victor in a gruesome battle with all odds against him. Swift and agile without a soul to match his skill Yin Qu hacked into the crowd with brief strokes of sinister brilliance; every touch brought forth the Basilisk’s Bite claiming another soul relentlessly with that dark obsidian curse spreading rapidly. The sands were littered with corpses and dying bodies, the myth born on these grounds as Yin Qu spared neither a single competitor nor spectator on that fiendish day giving rise to the legend of the Obsidian Basilisk. Word from that day spread fast and wide across Essos that already heard word of the rise of dragons. From the whispers of a Targaryen giving birth to three dragons in the Dothraki Sea to the rumors of a Basilisk raised from the sands of Qarth Essos faced a spree of hysteria and panic for the times to come but in this desolate continent Yin Qu felt his talents unappreciated. He sought bigger things in life, more glory, fame and feared renown that these humble commoners could offer so his journey continued towards the continent in the West. Westeros became his charted destination yet Yin Qu wished his arrival to be one of frightening magnitude; ordering the blacksmiths of Qarth to begin construction on a sarcophagus of gold and obsidian stone he demanded to be delivered to the seat of House Lannister in Casterly Rock while placing himself in a meditative state of trance. Months in a spiritual place that only dark magic could open, Yin Qu slumbered to the eventual day he arrived in Casterly Rock. There his journey begins in the lands of Westeros immediately standing before the stern eye of Lord Lannister…

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[GhostSunShadow] Yin Qu Yuanjia
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