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Is There No Purpose Beyond the Blood You Spill…

Avoch Mzirah

The Champion of Daznak's Pit
The Dragon of the Sands



Dragon Shifter

Allegiance to House:
House Targaryen

Role to House:
Fighting Pit Champion

To call Avoch arrogant would be the understatement of the ages for off all men bred upon the sands of the arena none could match the ego this man harbors; convinced of himself being the son of the Old Gods, Avoch deems himself a god amongst men invincible and undefeatable. The ground upon which he sets foot becomes sanctified in blood by his presence and condemned with the lives spilled in his path for each victory only strengthens his ideas of grandeur. To the common man he’s a legend, to the knights he’s a menace and towards the women he’s the beast they can’t help but want between their legs. He spends his days with the knowledge of being unmatched in battle and for that he’s even convinced his shit doesn’t smell. Avoch is arrogantly convinced of his immortality and shall not tolerate anyone telling him otherwise as the corpses in the sands can be the evidence of this fact. To deny him this disillusion is a death sentence to those foolish enough to speak such perilous thoughts out loud yet to agree with this lie will gain you his favor…

Courage and bravery are words that have been redefined by Avoch when he first stepped into the sands of the fighting pits and now all he lives for is the life of Honor and Glory that comes from being the champion. To face an army on his own is but a simple task he’s proven successful at in several occasions yet it’s not for honor or glory that he stands upon those sands. What brings Avoch to face death everyday is a promise he’d made to himself, a sacred oath pledged upon his undying soul after the first and only time he was ever defeated. To never be defeated ever again, that’s the reason why he so boldly accepts every challenge no matter how bleak the odds stand in his favor. It’s personal pride that dominates his actions, that insatiable hunger to prove his power to the world that guides his actions in and out of the arena. This pride is his greatest weakness, a vulnerability open for a woman to exploit when they find a way to appeal to the vanity that comes with his unmatched skill in battle…

Though seldom seen as anything other than the Champion of Daznak's Pit beneath the arrogance of Avoch goes a man whose word is the golden standard by which life gets judged; whenever a promise is made by this man one can rest assured the oath will be kept and all pledged acts will be fulfilled. Much like the Lannisters Avoch always pays his debts and those who’ve earned his favor can be guaranteed safety and protection from whatever harms this world may have planned for you. Towards women he has always shown a remarkable fondness having charmed hundreds and bedded dozens celebrating each tournament victory in the pits with a feast of the flesh. He cannot be considered a one-woman man yet the charming manners are still shown towards the weaker gender. With gifts and flattering he’s known to get under women’s skirts with the greatest ease…

Physical Description:
Avoch Mzirah is a man of the rough warrior’s appeal with those features that grant both strength and a handsome charm; tanned by the sun his natural olive skin to this day remains absent of flaws including the wounds one were to expect upon a man born in the violence of the sands. His physique is dominated by large muscular arms and strong heavy shoulders needed to help him carry the weight of his shield and sword. Heavy muscular his body is chiseled like the sculptures of the Old Gods with certain definitions most strongly accentuated as others, most prominent being his torso and abdomen. Hair dark like the midnight’s sky is roughly cut short so it doesn’t hinder him in his many battles while the darkness in his eyes betrays the true strength that goes beneath that broad frame of his. Most distinct however are the markings Avoch carries all across his body, from those most obvious upon his face to those subtly hidden underneath his armor. Drawn underneath his skin with henna ink hollow needles designed these pictures and symbols that were added to commemorate each of his victories in the sands of Meereen; most cannot read this foreign tongue etched beneath his skin for it’s a language said to have disappeared from this world after the fall of dragons yet here it stands, like blood upon his hands, every name he’d ever stricken from the books of arena history…

Avoch is seldom seen without the comfort of armor resting upon his broad shoulders yet everyday he portraits that victorious champion the people of Meereen have come to love. During the days where no fighting is asked off him, the Dragon of the Sands goes clad in ceremonial armor crafted from the finest bronze and silver a man could buy. The craftsmanship is absolutely superb with refined etchings of trees laid beautifully in the separate pieces that make the breastplate while subtle details give it that almost regal appeal. This ceremonial attire however serves only a prestigious role rather that offering genuine protection against the brutalities that await in the sands of the arena, therefore a second armor is found in Avoch’s possession. In the tradition of the Murmillo fighters, Avoch favors the asymmetrical protection of the Balteus and Manica. In his particular case the Balteus consists of the champion’s belt he’s earned and held for the past decade whereas the Manica consists of a heavy pauldron with scaled padding that guards his right arm from enemy attacks. The Cassis Crista helmet is however the true centerpiece of his attire for the plume crest out of black and golden features has become an iconic trademark of the Dragon of the Sands. Lately a third set of armor had been requested yet it remains partially unfinished with only the breastplate already completed. Entirely crafted out of the rare Dragonbone material this armor is promised to have the crowd going in a complete frenzy when they see their hero besting the latest series of challengers that seek victory on the sands of the arena…

Powers and Abilities:
Avoch was trained as a pit fighter in the form of the ancient Murmillo; depending on his superior strength and endurance to survive the battle against foes which were more suited to attacking, he’s become a warrior who combines defense with offense in a well balanced routine. In the arena clad in heavy armor, carrying sword in one hand, tower shield in the other, his fighting style greatly differed from the men he descended from and for that he remains undefeated in the sands. With brutish attacks with a strength that leaves men to sunder he’s known to cleave through armor and shield with the greatest ease, leaving all to wonder what fire grants him this cruel power. When his shield is raised in defense, it becomes a wall no man has yet been able to breach before their blood, guts and life was spilled upon the grounds where Avoch made his name. Like tradition goes for the Murmillo pit fighters, Avoch is skilled in kicking his enemies with such strength they’re thrown to the floor where sword greet them in hearts and necks. With strikes and blocks so rapidly exchanged entire hordes of enemies had met their demise by Avoch’s hands for it is said that if one were to make an army of the souls he vanquished in the arena one could conquer the Seven Kingdoms in a single day of campaign…

What gives Avoch this invincible strength that made him become a legend of the sands was something even the man himself did not discover until the morning when the fires of the funeral pyre of Khal Drogo revealed the birth of three dragons. It was at that moment he could feel the beast inside him awaken from its slumber as he stepped forth a new man. The sands of Daznak's Pit would see their first dragon rise that day for when the challengers entered and seemed to overwhelm their champion; Avoch felt the bones inside his body shift in position, a fire consuming his every fiber of his being when the transformation begun. The dragon Avoch became a reminder to the people of the stories of Balerion, the largest of all the Targaryen dragons to be reborn again here in Meereen. His teeth had grown long as swords yet jagged like a woodcutter’s saw all lined in jaws big enough to swallow a mammoth whole. The fire he breathes is pitch black like the dark of night just like the obsidian darkness that is found in his mighty scales far stronger than even the purest of steel. The men who aimed to slay this mighty beast on the day of his first awakening watched in terror how their spears and swords shatter upon those blackened scales before the fire consumed them alive. The gust of his wings alone is known to throw brave men off their feet while the claws this beast possesses cut through granite stones like they were but butter beneath a sword. His wingspan so vast that entire towns would fall under his shadow when he passed overhead. In battle it are not those claws or fire one must be weary off for Avoch tail is perhaps the feature that claimed most lives in battle for with the horned ends that tail crushes and destroys all that stands in his path. The most dangerous thing about Avoch in this dragon form though is his absence of control over this inner beast, making him a feral monster that only obeys its most primal of instincts. Perhaps it’s the Mother of Dragons who could tame this ferocious beast…

Avoch is a man bred for the glory that battle brings him and therein lays his true strength; in the art of war and duels he’s a true champion whose mastery of death is only spoken off in the most heroic of legends. Hand him a sword and Avoch shall bring forth a moment of triumph that shall be sung off by the bards for many years after the event’s passing. Hand him a shield and one can rest assured no man shall pass through the wall Avoch forms in your defense for only with his death will that iron curtain be lowered. Especially now when the ferocity of the dragon is running through his veins, its fire ever present in his heart and body, Avoch has become a victor who turns death in a spectacle that will excite the crowd and gain the favor of the people who’ve taken his name so generously upon their tongues…

Another strength that comes from being raised upon the sands of the arena is the absolute absence of fear he shows in regards to his own life and those of others; hordes and entire legions facing him with not make his hand hesitate one moment to strike nor do wounds’ sting any longer when the fires of battle flare up around him. Like most dragons the presence of magic within an enemies arsenal possesses little worries for fires cannot harm those born from the flames and incantations cannot find window in the impregnable armor those scales have shaped. Spells can’t bind those of his kind who can spread their wings and cross the Narrow Sea whenever they so please for only the Mother of Dragons can summon his kin to kneel unconditionally to her commands...

His greatest weakness lies within the arrogance that thrives inside his heart and the boldness by which he faces the world; to deem oneself a god amongst men renders vulnerable to those who could exploit that trait in his character yet may as well leave them blind to the dangers that lay at hand. Avoch is a man of battle, though always in the honorable and brutal surroundings of the arena sands where strategy and tactics are off little worth. Too stubborn to accept help from others, too selfish to share his glory with them, Avoch cannot perform as a leader or follower in military ranks forever remaining the champion who stands alone. It wouldn’t be the first time his sword doesn’t differ between friend and foe, cutting down any whom stand in the path towards his victory having often spilled the blood of allies to gain the inevitable triumph…

Another weakness that only presented itself in the days of late is the fire that grows all-consuming within his heart; the fire of his inner dragon is a feat he can’t refuse, deny nor control for when the beast calls Avoch is bound to obey. What the dragon within him demands, he is to fulfill that which is asked off him for when the transformation takes place, the man he was is abandoned in the sands of the arena and from that moment onward it’s the beast’s instincts that guide him. Death has the tendency to follow him wherever he goes and when the scent of blood gets too strong, the dragon is awoken; unwanted and untamed it surfaces leaving Avoch without the control as the flames rise from embers to a blazing inferno that demands off him to be unleashed…

Weapons of Choice:

The weapons Avoch favors are simple in design yet proven in the practices of death, from the common short sword gladius wielded in the arenas to the brutality of an axe to split heads in half. His preference however goes to the first sword he wielded that brought him the first of many victories. In appearance nothing but a common gladius 30 inches in length and a bit more than two inches in width, Tenebrae however has become a weapon most feared amongst the pit fighters who face Avoch. Far more than meets the eye, this sword possesses features that only magic could had bestowed upon its steel as Tenebrae is stronger and sharper than any blade found in this continent. What the craftsmanship is lacking in detail is made up for in durability for since the start he stepped first onto those sands the sword has yet to undergo its first sharpening. Some dare say the sword is entrusted with dark magical powers embedded within the very core of the blade for Tenebrae has been seen cutting through stone, steel and even cut through a Valyrian axe…

Armor of Choice:

With the earnings Avoch has made in the pits in the years past, several suits of armor were purchased each reserved for a different occasion. For regular fights the ensemble of Balteus, Manica, Cassis Crista, Ocrea and Fasciae is all it takes for him to claim victory in the sands yet for special occasions a suit of armor of the rarest alloy will be worn in his days of triumph. Black like the night this breastplate costs a fortune as its made entirely out of the scarce Dragonbone seldom found in this world in this quantity. Stronger than castle forged steel yet much lighter this nightmarish set of protective gear has brought forth whispers of legendary feats he is still to accomplish while fueling the rumors of Avoch being one of the dragons amongst men. The Dragonbone is masterly crafted with an eye on grim details that bring fear in the hearts of brave men and nightmares to those who survived the day they stood before the legend of the Sands…

Background History:
Still to be written, using my Staff Privilege of Character without Bio on this one!

Additional Pics:

…Than Standing Victorious in the Sands of the Arena?

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