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Just because someone is ladylike doesn’t make her weak…

Emphyria Lilliana Vance

Golden Lilly
Lady of Rivers
Effie (by Vance’s)




Allegiance to House:
House Tully
Houses Vance

Role to House:
Lady of Wayfarer’s Rest

Emphyria or Effie as she personally prefers is a cheerful daughter of the Riverlands who was privileged by the name of her birth; born a Vance meant she grew up with all her heart could ever desire from the finest dresses to the most glamorous of jewelry. Being raised in wealth surely led her to become somewhat preoccupied with the vanities in life including physical beauty, earthly possessions and fancy honorable titles to be added to a person. In life she’s grown awfully fond of the shallow trinkets that come with wealth and beauty having falling in love with all that is golden, silver or embedded with wondrous shiny gemstones. Others are expected to show a similar fondness to the lifestyle filled with glamour and prestige as she’s been known to love the affections of men who come bearing presents to woo her or to feel her heart quicken when a gallant knight makes his appearance to his father’s court. Towards those without money or title Effie does tend to curl up her nose in distaste, not because she feels better than them but simply because they don’t hold that regal appeal she cherishes in life…

Effie is not as shallow as most expect for in life she’s learnt to be picky and selective in the company she surrounds herself with as her grandfather demands it so; when young she was kept hidden within the walls of Wayfarer’s Rest, seldom presented to nobles or visitors whom crossed to their keep. This left her dreaming away to the world beyond the Wayfarer’s Zwin and for that creativity and inspiration are key to her timid lifestyle; she wrote sonnets and poems based on the stories that were told to her by bards and jesters and she drew skilful hand the most beautiful of sceneries and portraits. She loves to sing, to dance and to celebrate in glamorous banquets where all eyes then fall on her as a lady worthy of the affection of even the most respected men of the greatest Houses. Her father always bred her to become the most desirable bride of the Riverlands who’d make River Knights long for her blessing in tournaments and princes yearn for her hand in marriage. Still what her father might have wanted turned out not so easy to achieve for on every given opportunity did Effie rebel against the traditional role of lady she was expected to play; she played games with handsome suitors that left their heads spinning with desire and lust never to find their affections answered, only further stirred…

Effie does however remain a lady with a smile despite the events that occurred on her doorstep for optimism and generosity will forever stay within her heart; she has seen mothers burry their children slain by the hands of invading raiders and comforted them in those moments of tears; she’d embraced wives who were given the news their loved ones died on the battlefield and offered them a moment of warmth; she even sat there when word of her two sisters raped and killed by the Mountain reached court and remained strong so the people would falter their hope. She’s strong, honorable and kind with a pure heart which gives her that iconic image of being a Lady of Rivers; folks however often mockingly will refer to Effie as the Golden Lilly of Wayfarer’s Rest as the result of her appetite for gold. Dresses weaved in golden silk from Dorne, jewelry crafted by talented masters Across the Narrow Sea and ribbons gold strung through her hair are the distinct signatures of her daily attire as she walks through the cobblestone streets of her father’s Keep…

Physical Description:
Emphyria is the most beautiful girl ever to be born in House Vance, perhaps even the most attractive lady in the Riverlands of this generation for; she inherited the finest traits from both her parents, from the charismatic charm of her father to the stunning appeal of her mother. The same wavy brown hair, long and shiny like the finest of silks that runs in the Vance family returns in her presence while a smile able of warming even the coldest of hearts in the signature of her mother, a lady from House Ruthermont of the Vale. She has eyes sparkling and radiant like the purest of diamonds in that loving shade of sapphire blue which can gaze into the depths a man’s soul and haunt their dreams forevermore. Lips naturally full and soft leave you hanging on her every word, simply longing for a heavenly kiss that will forever stain your cheek scarlet in infatuation. With such astonishing beauty does comes a certain godly flair that veils her, leaving most knights in the Riverlands to worship her in a distance as they dread the moment their hearts are rejected this rare lady’s approval…

Physically speaking she does show more prominent traits of House Ruthermont with her petite body that only stands 4 ft 11 in above the ground yet so perfectly in proportion. Barely the weight of a feather with a figure that seems to dance rather than walk in the playful bounce of her step, Effie is known to truly prance and strut around her father’s castle especially when she feels those eyes turning her way. With a gentle sway of the hips that leaves that slender waist to follow in a hypnotic rhythm she walks around and behaves – as is to be expected of a lady – with pristine manners and etiquette that truly adds to her angelic appeal. But most of all does she enjoy the attention of an audience who’ll always be given a charming nearly irresistible performance of ladylike conduct and subtle tempting provocation that hints of possible sinful delights…

One wouldn’t call Emphyria the Golden Lilly if it wasn’t for her expensive and golden color dominated wardrobe for none has ever seen the Lady of Wayfarer’s Rest walk the city not fully lavished by the color of wealth and fortune. Her taste is rich often to the great dismay of her father who needs to supply the coin for her extravagant preference but not simply to sooth her vanity; Effie goes dressed in golden dresses and gowns of the finest silks and shiniest fabrics to remind the people of the Riverlands that not all of beauty in these last is lost yet. Fancy jewelry embedded with gemstones like brilliant diamonds, flawless sapphires and rare emeralds accentuate those subtle details of her irresistible appeal while the gold simply brings out the complexion of her skin and the color of her eyes so brilliantly sapphire blue. Her father is known though for spending vast fortunes on his daughter never able to deny her another piece of fine jewelry or one of those magnificent dresses of Dornish design that Effie so favors. In life every coin to have been placed in her purse either was spent on the purchase of worthy possessions or handed out to those who are less fortunate than her. …

Powers and Abilities:
After the grim defeat the Riverlands’ army that claimed her grandfather’s life, Lady Emphyria was the one who tended to the injuries of her cousin Kirth Vance; she cleaned his wounds and stitched his cuts shut by through the contact with his blood, the bane of the Atranta sons infected her. Sanguinare Vampiris commonly known as Vampirism blesses her with unnaturally long life that permits her beauty to remain untouched as the years go idly by. Years going by might as well be mere seconds now forever letting her be the Golden Lily of Wayfarer’s Rest; when cuts she heals more quickly and without leaving a scar, when shot, the arrow hole mends and seals forever to disappear without a mark left. Healing more swiftly indeed presents certain advantages though also one rather unfortunate issue that will forever haunt her; the maidenhead, the one thing speaking of a girl having been pure and untouched that gets broken on the first time intimate with man also heals upon each breach forever making her a virgin lady in the physical manner. It would mean her husband could have her every night like her first night and she’d continue to experience that initial harm that comes with her flower being plucked…

Like all Vance’s infected with the Sanguinare Vampiris bane, Effie developed an abnormality unique to her person in this situation. When coming in contact of those with abilities, her own blood will temporary mimic what it is that granted the other such powers and for a brief period of time make them available for her. If she comes in contact with druid’s blood the talents of said person will for just a moment be accessible to her and the same goes for most folks in this world. Haemopotent Replication Maester Jon Vance calls it though to use the many applications that this skill might offer her is a long and strenuous process over time. Her cousin has tried to teach her how to control it, how to wield this gift but Effie has never been one to sit down and study so the efforts were in vain. To tell the truth Effie didn’t want to learn to control it as she remains frightened and hesitant to accept what she’s made to be because of the ailment spread in her blood…

• Seduction
• Writing
• Poetry

• Brutality
• Poverty
• Famine

Weapons of Choice:
Most who made the mistake of viewing Emphyria as just another defenseless lady may sooner find an arrow in their necks than seeing her shed a tear. After his journey to Highgarden Kirth brought a golden bow home for his niece, and ever since she’s been practicing with it. With her silken glove on to draw the string and arrows with golden feathers she lets go of a shot accurate enough across three hundred yards to pierce the wings of a fly without killing the animal in the process…

Her father is unaware of her training with a bow and should he find out, he’ll never approve of it but Emphyria doesn’t care. She’s a Vance and that means to uphold peace and defend the folks of her beloved Riverlands and that she can do best with bow and arrow. In a way she can be considered as a master marksman, capable of shooting three arrows at the same time each striking a different target accurately and swift. So far only Kirth and ser Ronald know of her recent discovery in the field of archery though more might come to teach her about the deathly arts…

Armor of Choice:
In the Riverlands there’s not a blacksmith or armorer who’ll be caught death crafting a suit of armor for the Lady of Rivers from Wayfarer’s Rest and beyond their borders she’ll never find a craftsman whose work can satisfy her acquired taste, so till then Emphyria will continue unprotected by armor. Usually when war does present itself at the walls of Wayfarer’s Rest, Effie will wear the smallest chainmail available in her father’s armory beneath her dress but that will offer little protection. Now she is looking for a armorer willing to risk his neck to craft her an suit of armor or at least fit an old set to her measurements. (if interested, feel free to contact)…

Background History:
The bells were chiming brightly over the Wayfarer’s Zwin for today was a joyous occasion to remember; the white ribbons had already been draped around the town in celebration of the event to take place and folks had been most cheerful on this day. When the bells continued their merry song the townsmen began to gather on the market square, dressed in their Sunday finest and for the first time since long with a true and warm smile upon their faces. Children came running across the cobblestone streets, musicians playing their melodies while dance began through spread amongst the people. Women were laughing and men were talking for today another child would arrive in their lord’s House; it was the third time in ten years that those bells chimed and the first two had not announced the news their lord had been dying to hear as his wife solely offered him girls. The first daughter ser Karyl Vance was blessed with bared the name Liane Vance and was still be become his heir; the second was named after the late lady of Lord Vance and would forever listen to Rhialta. Now the bells chimed again, their song heard far beyond the limits of those red bricked walls in the Wayfarer’s Zwin that summoned all followers to come gather for the great announcement to be made. The galloping beating of hooves upon the cobblestones echoed through the narrow streets of the holdfast as father and son came swiftly from their post by the Red Fork. Lord Vance and his son ser Karyl Vance had been just rulers of this town and notable allies to House Tully in wars past and wars to come though seldom did one see the two of them shoulder to shoulder riding through those gates. Lord Vance is a proud man with shoulders broad and the mask of his ancestors always at hand whereas his son was more a handsome chap of slender posture whose place seemed more appropriate in courts than on war horses. They had come fast and swift accompanied by nearly a dozen of the Vance’s elites whom were trained in the shallow waters of the Red Fork; folks quickly stepped aside in their approach, knowing they could not be stopped so easily as by a handful of peasants standing in their path. Lord Vance took the lead, quickly followed by his son whose wife was the one granting him another child. The balcony on the tower was decorated with flowers and banners, the House Sigil of Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest featured all throughout the city as the market square had filled entirely. The handmaiden of the Lady was the first to be seen on the balcony with her apron stained in blood and wet spots; then arrived the lady herself, complexion paled by fatigue and pain though her smile could melt even the coldest of hearts right now as she held onto the child. Below the crowd cheered at the sight of another Vance born even though they were still not told if it’s a young lord or lady to be with a name left unspoken on the winds of the Riverlands. All ceased their ruckus, sound seemed to escape from this world as all stood in awe and silence anxiously awaiting the announcement to be made…

Ser Karyl slipped from the saddle, boots struck with iron plates landing heavy and with a loud echo on the ground, soon to be followed by all the elites and his father to continue in his example. They bowed before the tower of Wayfarer’s Rest with one hand placed upon the heart and the other posed upon their back as silence conquered the city again. Somehow even the mice and birds paused their song for this child as the lady stepped towards the balcony and presented her daughter. By the name of Emphyria Lilliana Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest she’d grow up as the third daughter of this House and the last child to be raised in this household as it appeared ser Karyl would never receive the son he so desired. Her childhood however never suffered for being a girl rather than a son as Karyl grew most fond of his little Emphyria; every day she’d roam through the castle corridors playing on the flute, the harp or whatever other instrument her tiny hands could wrap her fingers on. She’d became the light in the house with her cheerful spirit and amusing dances always there to return a smile to the faces who’d given up on the joys of life. Where Liane had been the clever one, wise beyond her years for whatever books came through those gates, her nose would have examined, Emphyria had been the enchanting one whose whimsy made the people fall in love with her. Where Rhialta was the chubby industrious daughter who spend hours weaving tapestry of unmatched beauty, Emphyria was that beauty captured in those rich decorations for she’d soon become the girl all in the Riverlands desired. When growing up her father’s halls were frequented by lords and knights from distant corners of the Seven Kingdoms all seeking a glimpse of this last daughter of Ser Karyl though most never even laid eyes on her. As Vance traditions go, a daughter is equal to a son in that she may find herself a man to one day call her husband for only the choice made by the heart could ensure the happiness and good fortune of their noble bloodline. The older she got, the more often the Wayfarer Gates were crossed by outsiders seeking her affection and the more luxurious their presents became; some came with dresses, well most of them did because they wanted to see her for once in a color different from that noble gold. Others brought jewelry, gemstones and gold expansive enough to fund a small battalion of soldiers while some were more inventive in their gifts. One nobleman, a trader of fathomless wealth had brought her a unicorn, well not actually one but with an ivory horn glued on a pearly white stallion it was the closet one would ever get to the mythical creature. Another men brought dragons eggs, which were instantly destroyed on the same day for none in the Riverlands would approve of a reminder to the old Targaryen reign. Emphyria was sometimes amused by their attempt yet never did she answer with anything more than an apologetic kiss to their cheek and a ribbon to tie to their lance for tournaments to come…

Emphyria however grew bored in the protected life her father had limited her to, starting to make her dream what more resides beyond their red bricked walls; she dreamt off sailing across the Rivers and riding through the meadows like her cousins from Atranta did. Often the five sons of Lord Norbert Vance were seen in Wayfarer’s Rest, the eldest three spending their days discussing politics and strategy, the youngest wandering the market in pursuit of knowledge but in the fourth son she found a true friend. Emphyria and Kirth grew close for proper manners and chivalry she taught him as Kirth spoke of the lands he’d visited on his many adventures; every evening afterwards she’d dream of his tales, placing herself in the world she was introduced to by Kirth’s telling. Once she dreamt of learning to water dance on the wobbly deck of a Braavosi ship where steel did not kill but sing with each haul; then she dreamt of the White Keep of Atranta where the walls were clean like fresh snow no matter how many enemies had fallen before their gates. Emphyria was drawn to the life her father denied her, the life no lady should have for her place was at the hearth tending to the children and standing at her husband’s side or so her father told her. Kirth however brought tales of women who’d chosen different paths that none had walked before; he spoke of Brienne of Tarth, the womanly knight whom could defeat even the bravest of men. He told her about the Red priestess, mistress to the King himself who could summon flame and shadow at her beckoning and with every tale she dreamt beyond the reach of her own footsteps. Emphyria wanted to have adventures not the violent or brave kind but simply stories of exploration to be added to her name; she wanted to visit the cities and villages from every kingdom but unless she’d approve of a man’s betrothal her father was still the one to determine her faith. Only the hand of a man could let a lady free from her father’s command and then she’d be able to do as she pleases but then again what man would allow such privileges to his possession. The world was filled with oppressive thoughts that could not see beyond the old traditions where woman was not more than a man’s possession to bear their children. She’d needed to find someone of noble title for only such a man her father would approve off who’d allow her to be whom she’d dreamt of being since those stories were first told of her: a lady of the world, not just of the Riverlands. But even that would not be enough for Emphyria. She wanted to marry a man who’d love her for who she was, who’d love and even stimulate her desires to being different. She wanted a husband who’d show her every city from Casterly Rock to King’s Landing, who’d make love to her from Dorne to the North and eventually gave her the family her heart so longed for since the day she learned her title…

As the years went by and none of her suitors either gained her father’s approval or her own, her chances for the happiness she wishes began to slim with every turn of the moon. The balance of Houses had recently been upset by the passing of late king Baratheon, who then left the Seven Kingdoms to fall into ruins. Joffrey brought war upon Westeros with his childish follies and sickened manners which left the Houses to be divided and the alliances to disband into total chaos; first had been the Baratheon siblings to rebel over who should rightfully be king, Stannis and Renly taking up arms against one another over a simple throne. Then the head of Lord Eddard Stark rolled off the steps of King’s Landing bringing forth the fury of the North that now rode to war against the lions while Lannister continue to plunder and pillage at their will in the lands she cherishes. First her grandfather and all other men of House Vance had made haste to the Golden Tooth where war soon erupted between Trout and Lion. Her grandfather did not make it against the overwhelming invasion force of Lannister and Clegane bannermen but with surgeon blows the River Knights struck vicious blows in their opponents’ ranks. Her father became Lord of Wayfarer’s Rest and continued the duties of her grandfather by protecting the folks of the Riverlands but that only sealed the gates of the keep even stronger and more restrictive for Emphyria. Fugitives and wounded men poured through the gates, first only a handful of survivors from the burnt villages along the Red Fork but then entire settlements evacuated by Vance men were to find sanctuary in Wayfarer’s Rest but for her it might as well have become a prison. When Ser Karyl returned as Lord Karyl by grandfather’s passing, the true misery of the war was presented to lady Emphyria for wounded men, some beyond far healing were carried in the city on wooden stretchers dragged behind the fatigued horses; others limbed by with fingers, hands, arms or legs abandoned on the battlefield whereas those sacrificed in their quest were brought back home for a funeral fitting of kings. House Vance would show to each man fallen on the battlefields the same respect as they’d shown towards knights, granting them burials on sacred ground just beyond the city walls with their names forever etched in proper headstones all reading the same words of last respects: Here lies a hero of the Riverlands, who fought bravely to save others. May you find better fortune in the next life, Brother…

Amongst the wounded and survivors Emphyria spotted familiar faces from her place on the tower balcony, some were once guards to this keep or young squires now hardened by the horrors they’d witnessed, others were local farmers and blacksmiths who’d volunteered for the mission though none of those faces meant to Effie what those last two did. Seated in the saddle of a black Destrier she knew as Kholstomer she watched Kirth enter Wayfarer’s Rest with a deep crimson stain growing in his flank while the gilded armor of his brother glistened in the pale light of the sun as ser Ronald appeared unharmed. In a hurry almost falling down the steps of the tower she sprinted to Kirth’s aid only to find his injury to be only minor, simply a lowly cut of a stray sword swing that bit in his side. With needle, thread and the limited seamstress skills she’d picked up from her mother, she closed the wound with the utmost care; once she pricked her finger, a tiny drop of blood welling up from where the needle had broken string but that would not guard her of the bane of Atranta. Kirth had noticed it too late for his cautious attitude that had prevented his affliction from spreading would otherwise never have permitted her to help. Emphyria didn’t mind though what now lingered in her blood and she so told Kirth whose guilt was eased a bit more by her understanding attitude. All she cherished was now to know what more roads had opened for her by this condition and which had been closed forever but just like Kirth she believed the advantages far outweighed the disadvantages. Forever would she remain beautiful and desirable allowing her to wait for the right man to sweep her off her delicate feet while the thirst could easily be savored in the shrouded darkness of the night; she could forever remain young watching others wither in the passing of time while she’d remain her strong and magnificent self though it would mean she’d outlive all those she loved and that brought some sadness to her heart. Because of this, Kirth and Emphyria grew even closer together, one daughter of Wayfarer’s Rest and one son of Atranta becoming confidants, sharing secrets and stories that others wouldn’t understand. Kirth told her of his love for Lady Margaery Tyrell and Emphyria entrusted him with her love for a free life of adventure. Most could not grasp the bond they shared nor did they comprehend the meaning of the presents Kirth gave his niece with every visit to Wayfarer’s Rest but those two had secretly been clearing the roads to their dreams. Kirth taught her how to read maps, how to navigate and how to wield a bow efficiently while the ways to the heart of a lady were uncovered by Emphyria so Kirth would stand a chance in courting the Rose of Tyrell…

In the past weeks Wayfarer’s Rest fell under a series of attacks and sieges all led by Lannister men or Clegane raiders, all feeble attempts to break the walls though but the atmosphere within the wall grew bleaker with each passing day. Outside the Zwin was filling up with the bodies of fallen lions and slaughtered hounds, their stench carried across the walls where the Vance army stood strong and unyielding to their attacks. Every time their enemies marched towards their gates, arrows, stones and even fire rained down on their heads as the River Knights held this stronghold like none other. Their gates had never been breached since the day the first stone was laid on the foundations of this keep and never would fall unless the last of Vance men had fainted from this world. Emphyria watched proudly how her father and Ser Ronald continued to fend off every attack chipping away at the numbers of the Lannister invaders who’d eventually retreated to the opposite riverbank that carried them to the cursed ruins of Harrenhall. Peace returned to their holdfast on the Red Fork and with such times of standstill upon them the Vance’s begun the recruitment of an elite army. Everyday more men volunteered to endure training so they might become a Vance elite ready to reclaim what the Lions had stolen from them. Blacksmiths were drafted to the city, striking their anvils to provide the recently added numbers with brand new steel armor and swords of the finest quality but it was Emphyria who put the finishing touches to their army. In the legend telling the origins of House Vance she discovered the truth about the ancestral mask which was believed to ward off even the hottest of dragon’s breath; that same fact she’d bring to life when in secrecy she begun to have those masks made in large numbers, one for each elite. With those masks their army would bring fear and doubt in enemy ranks while breaking the Lannister spirits who’d be left to fight against faceless men. She’d see to it that the Riverlands would be free once more even if it meant sacrificing her own freedom to gather alliances by being wedded off to some noble with a massive army to be borrowed for the cause. But first she’d attend Kirth’s wedding, her day to shine amidst the noble circles where hopefully she as well might find the same love as her cousin had; she’d play the Game of Thrones if necessary to guarantee the safety and liberty of her beloved Riverlands for now was her time to play her part in the War of Five Kings…

Additional Pics:

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