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 [BILLXNAMI13]Bodil Bera

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Winter is Coming.

Name: Bodil Bera
Age: 21
Gender: female
Species: human
Alliegence to House: the North (Stark)
Role to House: desires to be Cook, but for now Arts and Crafts
Personality: She may be small but hear her roar! She is loud, proud and bold, always speaking her mind. Strong-willed and stubborn, Bodil will always stick up sure what she believes in, making it hard to change get mind once it has been set. Compassionate and caring, she will always give get lunch to the beggar boy, no matter how hungry she is. She has a soft spot for animals, children, the wounded, the hungry, and Thea the Oracle. Loyal and strong, this is one human not to underestimate when it comes to a fight. Fast and skilled, she is not someone to take lightly, especially if she is defending someone. Her love of good good and wine is one not easily rivaled. Just as she is a mean fighter, she makes a mean meal. Romantic and passionate, she can't help but fall for sappy lines and gifts. Nothing like a shy handsome warrior to get her started. And no matter how much she is afraid of the Dark Creatures, she will not go down without a fight. And if she does go down, she will do it with her head held high. She loves mending, sewing, cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking, helping, and handsome warriors. She can't song, but she can dance as good as any Exotic Dancer.
Physical Discription:
Bodil hates it when her hair gets in her face, so her dark hair is cut short. Her blue eyes are as deep as the ocean and her skin as pretty as a rose. Her small frame is lean and athletic. She has a birthmark on her back that looks like a bear's paw, next to a few sword scratches. Her hands are tough and her arms are covered in small faint scratches and burns from working. Her movements are always certain, lethal and even warrior-like, her walk a mirror of strength and female pride. She has a fondness for beautiful things to dress other people in, such as headdresses, necklaces, dresses and jewelry. Normally though she just wears a faded blue and white dress with brown boots, a leather pack and a furry hood. She isn't bother by the cool very much.
Powers and Abilities:
She has no special powers or abilities, but her fighting skills make her a bit faster and stronger than she looks. She is a great dancer and a miracle worker in the kitchen.
Strengths: sight, taste, smell, dancing, fighting, talking to others, advice giving, cooking, sewing, mending, cleaning, her fashion sense
Weaknesses: fear of Thea being kidnapped or worse, fear of the other kingdoms invading, she hates war, her temper, a shy and romantic warrior, good wine, her fear of Dark Creatures, sickness, her blunt nature and loud mouth
Weapons and Armour of Choice: her two strong hands, a dagger hidden under her dress, a short sword in plain sight around her waist, her furry leather hood, her strong leather bodice, her thick boots, sometimes a white bear fur cloak, a bow and arrow if available, can use a sword
She was born to a great warrior and his wife on Bear Island, but with the constant threats of the Others, her father wasn't there for her own birth. With the first name of a lady and a last name that means "bear", he father was period to come home to find a strong baby girl. Youngest daughter to a family with three elder boys, Bodil was always following her mother.

Her mother taught her how to fight from a very young age, so she grew up skilled and strong. Her mother also taught her all the qualities of being a good wife, but none more enjoyable than cooking. It was when a traveling dancer came to get island that she learned her love of dancing and finery. It was all in all a very happy childhood. A strong and proud father, and and equally strong and skilled mother, carted her into being a woman of morality and skill. It was the dancer who took lodging in their home that taught her the rewards of compassion and of the wonderful city of Winterfell.

One day she told her family that she wished to strike out on her own. Bodil was of age and skill to travel and live on her own. Her brothers and father roared with laughter when they first heard her. A joke! It had to be! No woman traveled on her own! And their little Bodil? Ha!

It was her mother who sat serenely with a from face that broke the laughter. Then the Bera men began to turn red, some with shame and some with rage. Her beloved father and eldest brother roared in rage filled refusal at her plan. They yelled themselves to tears, hugging her and begging her not to go into such a harsh lonely world where they couldn't protect her.
"Let the girl grow up," her mother's own stern voice rang out, silencing their sobbing, "Let her find her own future and make her own life, instead of you silly dunderheads doing everything for her!"
With that her brothers soberly helped her pack, while her loving father strongly held back tears with her mother.

The next day at the harbor her father set everything up, making sure she would have a safe journey. Her furry leather hoods, thick armor-like bodices, and durable boots were gifts from her brothers. Her silver weapons great heirloom gifts from her mother. Last and loving not least, her father gifted her his mighty bear fur cloak, which had belonged to his great-grandfather. The white fur was from a bear on the mainland of the North.
"Most likely extinct now," her father said turning red from holding in tears. He posted her head then held put a hand for her to shake. When she took it he shook it once, but pulled her into a bear-like hug. Her brothers each had their turn as well, so emotionally driven by her father's display of affection and strength.
In the end it was a merry set-off. Her mother shouting things for her not to forget to do, the Bera men laughing at such a worry-filled mother. It was Bodil who was laughing as her mother hit each man smartly over the head. And as the ship drew the image of her family far from her eyes, her laugh melted into tears.
A loving family is never easy to part from.

When she got to the mainland, she traveled to the capital, determined to find get own path in the vast winter wonderland of the North. It was at the capital that she got work, hard but honest, and found the little blind Thea, wearing her dress backwards. Thea was odd and not very talkitive, but sweet company. Bodil took her in, treating her with all the Bera family compassion. Bodil works hard, with Thea fortune telling, but sometimes the blind woman is like a second job. But most times she is just like the sister she always wanted, dressing Thea up in oak leaf-patterened, sun set colored dresses, and oak leaf jewelry. Brushing the woman's long dark hair as they sit by the fire, listening to What Happened Today by Bodil. It is a simple life, and maybe a hard one, but for Bodil it is her life.

And if any Dark Creature tries to mess with it, they will have to face the wrath of the Bera Woman, Bodil.

When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
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[BILLXNAMI13]Bodil Bera
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